How do I move during a pandemic? The challenges of moving are rigorous and stressful at any time, let alone when you are attempting to make it happen while a second wave of COVID-19 surges on. Through the winter no less! However differently, the world keeps spinning, and while it may seem ideal to avoid a move altogether, that is simply not an option for all people. Whether renting or buying, sometimes the timing of a move is completely out of our control. With that said, it definitely does not need to be all anxiety and chaos. Most importantly, professional assistance with packing and moving is widely considered to be an essential service. Meaning, regardless of lockdown stages, you should be able to secure an expert team to hire for your relocation. Of course, do check with local guidelines to be sure. Additionally, now that we are almost 10 months into this adapted life, there are some definite tips and tricks that can help you feel more comfortable about planning a move under these circumstances. Read through the following checklist to properly prepare and confidently feel safe and secure while moving, at least for the foreseeable future!

Book Early

While the Canadian Association of Movers assures all of its members are currently open for business, keep in mind that the likelihood your moving company of choice is now running with modified crew numbers, is high. In turn, this could mean that booking times are being blocked off for longer, and subsequently being filled faster. Scheduling your professionals as early as possible will almost never cause you, or your move, undue stress. This is certainly different than any other winter or ‘low’ season, when one of the strongest upsides to moving is generally that professional companies tend to have more flexible availability. If there is a specific day and time you are looking for, book now! Keeping your calendar organized is your first step to successfully moving during a pandemic.

Get And Stay Communicative With Your Movers Of Choice

Aside from the timetable, the most important thing to know about your professional moving team is how their ongoing/updated policies and procedures will affect how they provide your service. This is not the time to leave questions unasked or left until the last minute to cover. Get as much information upfront as you possibly can, and stay in touch with your team leader as your move approaches. Ask about a virtual walkthrough instead of an in-person one. Understand the expectations when it comes to social distancing, how many people will be in your home on the day, and PPE wearing (ie. masks, gloves, etc.). Discuss cancellation policy modifications if you, or anyone in your household, begin experiencing symptoms. Avoid assuming that having friends, or people not a part of your immediate household, are in the clear to provide additional help. Do everything in your power to ensure your hired team feels safe and comfortable, and be vocal about receiving that same courtesy in return. If at any point you feel like your concerns or inquiries are not being taken seriously, it might be time to look for new professionals! Moving in a pandemic means doing your diligence to stay informed.

Limit Your Pre-Move Shopping Trips

If there is a silver lining to planning a COVID-19 move, it is that it will probably force you to be hyper coordinated when it comes to your shopping lists. Try to avoid roughly guessing how many boxes and rolls of packing tape you will need, and get specific! You can ask for your professional mover’s opinion here during your virtual consult. This may also be the perfect time to allow yourself an extra indulgence and go ahead and book professional packing as well. Further, to the best of your ability, take care of all of the above well in advance of your actual moving day. Scrambling to pull together materials, when lockdowns of all shapes and sizes are sporadically popping up everywhere, could be a whole new kind of moving nightmare. When it comes to arming yourself to get your house and personal belongings ready; think like Santa Claus. Make a list and check it twice! A pandemic move might just be the most well planned out and executed event of your entire life.

Bump Up Cleaning Your New Space

For lack of a better description, under ‘normal’ circumstances, it can be counterintuitive to deep clean your new home before moving day. Typically on this day, there is a lot more foot traffic, indoor shoe wearing, and rearranging furniture than normal. This can all turn a clean house dirty very quickly. Meaning, if you were looking to invest in a professional clean, your money might be better spent after the fact. Alas, pandemic life is akin to a never ending opposite day; what worked before just isn’t the same! If your date of possession allows, get in there and scrub as soon as you can. Gift yourself peace of mind, knowing that every corner of your new place has been touched by bleach and love. This way, when you and your movers are in and out, there will be no chance of wondering what status your surfaces are in. Taking extra cleaning care will help your pandemic moving day go a little more smoothly; every little bit helps.

Stock Up On Extra Hygiene Products

A great idea to help make your movers feel welcome and comfortable is to have extra, easy to access hygiene products on hand for them to use when needed. This will almost certainly not be any kind of expectation, which makes providing it even more special! Depending on what you discussed and corresponding local guidelines, any professional service provider should show up with required PPE. A few additional bottles of hand sanitizers however, never hurt anybody. Thinking ahead and thinking of others, will help you survive moving during COVID-19.

With forethought, consideration, and a few deep breaths in between, and you will get through moving in a pandemic. Good luck!

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