Today, we’ll be covering the safest neighbourhoods in Airdrie, Alberta. The city of Airdrie is located just slightly north of Calgary. Home to a population of over 70,000 people, Airdrie is known for being one of the nicest places in Alberta. This includes having a low crime rate and minimal violent crime.

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Cooper’s Crossing

Voted Airdrie’s Best Community for eight years in a row, Cooper’s Crossing is a community known for its green spaces and clean streets. A faster pace of life and a lack of traffic also make Cooper’s Crossing one of the safest neighbourhoods in Airdrie. It’s one of the finest places to live and has enjoyed continued growth ever since its inception. With a mixed population of people, from kids to older generations, Cooper’s Crossing is an inclusive neighbourhood with a welcoming atmosphere. Walking around the community you’ll be drawn to the green spaces which hold so many beautiful features. The neighbourhood has a rich character and well-manicured homes, along with luscious parks for residents to enjoy. Ultimately, Cooper’s Crossing is a great choice for those looking for a safe neighbourhood to call home.


Another one of the safest neighbourhoods in Airdrie is Thorburn. Situated in the eastern part of Airdrie, this neighbourhood is a quiet area. Thorburn is one of the oldest in Airdrie but still incorporates some newer additions. Some of the nicest homes in Airdrie are located in Thorburn. The neighbourhood is close to schools, shopping centres and East Lake Park. The convenience of the strip mall on your doorstep, located near the entrance to these neighbourhoods, means you may be able to service most of your needs with a very short commute. Within a few minutes of either walking or driving, residents in the neighbourhoods can find themselves exploring multiple shopping and dining options. The Thorburn community also has a number of parks throughout, which can be a lot of fun for children. In addition, these outdoor spaces can be great for unwinding after work and a place to exercise.

King’s Heights

Located in the southeastern part of Airdrie, King’s Heights is a popular neighbourhood for its scenic parks and trails. With buildings that showcase many decorative elements and amenities, this neighbourhood is a sight to see. Stone archways and fine architecture make this community stand out from the rest. A near-perfect balance of accessibility and space makes the King’s Heights neighbourhood one of the safest in Airdrie, Alberta. The neighbourhood also has access to beautiful nature as well. King’s Heights has many lakefront properties, giving residents a great view of nature and wildlife.

One of the main amenities in the area is Kingsview Market Square. Various restaurants, grocery outlets, and other stores are located in this shopping centre. In addition, the neighbourhood is close to a bunch of different schools. This makes King’s Heights a great community for families with children of any age. If safety and accessibility are important to you, then King’s Heights is a great place to check out.


Tucked away in the western side of Airdrie, Bayside is a neighbourhood that has a vibrant atmosphere and passionate residents. The neighbourhood is situated close to the water with many canals dispersed throughout. Having access to the water and various trails can result in a great deal of fun and relaxation for residents. Whether it’s playing ice hockey on the canal during the winter or cruising around the connected pathways, there are many things to do here. It also offers a number of walking and biking trails that give you the opportunity to explore nature without leaving your neighbourhood, while having scenic views!

Moreover, Bayside is a wonderful neighbourhood for young families in particular. Bayside offers five different schools nearby which helps make this neighbourhood one of the safest communities in Airdrie. Children in the area don’t have to travel too far to get to school, as many are all located within a few minute’s walk. Families living in the area say that it’s a great place for their children to roam freely and be close to nature.


As a safe and well-educated neighbourhood, Canals is situated in the northwest part of Airdrie. The name of this neighbourhood is derived from the many canals that run through it. With scenic walking and biking trails, its safe neighbourhoods are perfect for morning exercise. If you are looking for lakefront property, there is an abundant amount in the central area of Canals. The amenities in the area include a small shopping center, Bogey’s Pub, and a local pizzeria. There are also many other restaurants to choose from in addition to various fast food outlets. If you live in Canals, you will have safety, access to amenities, and be in close proximity to schools. This makes this neighbourhood one of the best communities in Airdrie!


The Sagewood neighbourhood is identical to the Canals in many ways and has many of the same benefits. Sagewood offers many outdoor spaces for recreation and facilities to grow in. Children are offered ample opportunities to play outside and explore their surroundings. The kid-friendly qualities of Sagewood make it one of the safest neighbourhoods in Airdrie. The friendly residents and laid-back atmosphere make this neighbourhood a comfortable place to live. One of the advantages of living in Sagewood is its distance from schools. If you need to take your children somewhere, they’ve only got a little way to travel. The convenience of that is great for kids and parents alike. Like many of the other neighbourhoods in Airdrie, Sagewood is great for families raising children.

Which neighbourhood is right for you?

In conclusion, there are a bunch of great neighbourhoods in Airdrie to choose from. Whether you want to live in a newer community or an older one, there is something for everyone. Neighbours are friendly and the community is tight-knit. Airdrie is ideal for families, professionals, and anyone looking for a safe and fun community. The wide variety of shopping, amenities, and services throughout the city means you won’t have to go far in order to get everything for your family. Most communities in the Airdrie region are around 25 minutes from the center of Calgary. If you need to go into the big city for a few errands, it’s easy to do. Airdrie is a great city to live in as it offers residents the best of both worlds.

We hope you enjoyed our list of some of the safest neighbourhoods in Airdrie. If you’re looking for a reliable team of movers to help you relocate, contact Sparta movers!

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