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Long Distance Moving

Introduction: Embrace Your Moving Adventure!

We’ve all been there — staring down the complex and often chaotic process of moving. Whether it’s within same town or across the country, the challenge can seem daunting. But worry not! With a solid plan and the right long-distance moving company, your transition can be as smooth as a scenic drive. Let’s dive into the essentials that make moving a breeze, not a burden.

Understanding Long-Distance Moving

What to Expect from Your Moving Journey

Long-distance moving isn’t just about relocating your possessions; it’s about moving your whole life. The first step is understanding what this big move entails:

Pre-move Surveys and Estimates: Get a clear idea of costs and timelines.

  • One of our professional moving consultants will meet with you to go over any concerns you may have and to explain how our Quality Assurance Certificate protects you.
  • They will prepare an in-home estimate by doing an item-by-item survey of your belongings to create a pricing estimate and custom moving plan for you. 
  • The consultant will present you with the estimate and answer any concerns or questions you may have about it. At Sparta Movers, we want to make sure you can make an informed decision when choosing your moving company.
  • You will also receive a transit time guide that includes the estimated pick-up and delivery date for your belongings. 

Packing Strategies: Whether you pack yourself or hire professionals, knowing the best practices is key.

  • Our trained professionals packing crews at Sparta Movers will ensure that all your items are adequately packed in order to arrive at your new home safely.
  • If you decide to self pack your boxes, give yourself plenty of time. We have plenty of packing tips for you if you don’t know where to start to help you use your time efficiently. 
  • Sparta Movers offer durable packing materials at competitive and reasonable cost. 

Moving Day Dynamics: From loading to logistics, be prepared for the big day.

  • Sparta Movers’ professional moving crew will load your belongings safely and carefully onto the moving truck. 
  • They know how to pivot, maneuver, wrap, drape and protect every item, as well as your walls, floors, stairs, handrails and doorways. Floors will be protected with neoprene floor runners to avoid marks or dents, and your furniture with quilted moving pads to prevent damage. If you have any light-coloured furniture, it will be wrapped in clear plastic first to prevent any marks or stains. 

Transit Tips: How your belongings will be transported matters.

  • Your moving truck will be weighed at a government-inspected weigh station before and after loading your belonging onto the truck to guarantee an accurate weight of your goods. This weight will be used to calculate your final shipment charges.
  • At Sparta Movers, we guarantee that, as long as items were not added to your shipment after we did the in-home survey, the estimated weight your professional moving consultant gave you won’t exceed 10%.
  • Your belongings will be protected in a specially equipped soft-air-ride Sparta Movers truck throughout the long-distance move. 
  • Your moving consultant will make sure that all necessary paperwork is ready to go if you will be crossing the border to/from the USA. 
  • Sparta Movers also offers two levels of transit protection plans:
  • Replacement Value Protection: your shipment valuation will be based on $10 per LB weight of your shipment actual weight.
  • Basic Released Value Protection: valued at $0.60 per pound.

Delivery and Unpacking: Settling into your new home with ease.

  • Our professional van operator will contact you at least 24 hours prior to delivery.
  • Upon arrival at your destination, our movers will place your furniture and your packed boxes with extreme care in your designated rooms (kitchen, bedrooms, basement, garage, storage, etc). Our movers will also reassemble furniture (beds, tables, etc), which they took apart at the time of pick up at Origin location.
  • If our moving crew packed any boxes for you, they will also unpack them and remove pack materials and debris before they leave. 

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Selecting a dependable moving company is crucial. Look for:

  • Professional accreditation and positive reviews.
  • Transparent pricing and clear communication.
  • Comprehensive services from packing to unpacking.

Pre-Move Preparations: Getting a Head Start

Inventory and Decluttering

Start by sorting through your belongings. An effective decluttering process can significantly ease your moving load:

  • Sell, Donate, or Dispose: Lighten your load and reduce moving costs.

Inventory Everything: Keep track of what’s coming with you and what’s staying behind.

Packing Smartly

Packing can be an art form when done right:

  • Use Quality Materials: Invest in sturdy boxes and protective wrapping.
  • Label Everything: Clearly mark boxes by room and contents for easy unpacking.

Things You Should Not Pack For Your Long Distance Move

There are items that you cannot or should not take with you when moving long-distance across Canada. Below is a comprehensive checklist of items that moving companies will ask you to exclude:

Hazardous materials: Moving companies are not licensed to carry dangerous goods on the moving trucks as there is a potential for them to explode and cause damage to your shipment and others around. These include dangerous and/or flammable items such as:

• lighter fluid
• paint
• oily rags
• matches
• charcoal
• pool chemicals
• bleach
• oven cleaner
• ammunition

Perishable items: moving trucks are not equipped with refrigeration units, so perishable foods will spoil quickly and risk causing damage due to mould, fungus and condensation. Plus, spoiled food leaves a very unpleasant odour. Plan to use up or give away the following items before moving:

• meats
• produce
• dairy products
• frozen foods
• any opened containers

Plants: plants do not travel well, especially long distances when they will be exposed to extreme temperature swings, lack of UV light and oxygen, resulting in their quick decay. If you are bringing your plants, plan to have them with you in a personal vehicle and not on the moving truck. You’ll be able to tend to them better. 

Here is an interesting article we wrote on Packing Indoor Plants.

The Moving Week: Countdown to Departure

Last-Minute Checks and Balances

As the moving day approaches, ensure everything is in order:

  • Confirm Details with Movers: Double-check arrangements and timings.
  • Prepare Essentials Kit: Pack a bag with necessities for the first few days post-move.

Taking Care of Logistics

  • Service Disconnections: Schedule the disconnection of utilities in your current home.
  • Address Updates: Notify banks, government agencies, and subscription services of your new address.

Moving Day: A Symphony of Efficiency

The Big Day Arrives

  • Early Start: Get an early jump on the day to maximize daylight hours.
  • Supervise the Load-in: Ensure items are handled carefully and loaded correctly.
  • Be helpful and NOT on the way. Ensure everything at your home is organized and accessible. Let movers know what items require special handling and separate items that are moving from those that are not, to avoid moving unwanted items.
  • Stay with the crew till the end. Do not leave early, not until crew loaded and left.

Smooth Sailing through Transit

  • Stay in Touch with Movers: Keep communications open for updates during the journey.
  • Prepare for Arrival: Know the estimated delivery schedule to plan your first day in the new home.
  • Check Inventory. At the destination, review your inventory to ensure all items were delivered and nothing is missing. Inspect your belongings while those are unloaded from the moving truck into your new home.

Settling In: Unpack and Unwind

Unpacking Strategies

Efficient unpacking can transform a house into a home overnight:

  • Prioritize Rooms: Start with the essentials like the bedroom and kitchen.
  • Organize as You Unpack: Place items thoughtfully to avoid reorganizing later.

Post-Move Reflections: Ensuring Satisfaction

Final Checks and Adjustments

  • Inspect Delivered Items: Check for damages or missing items.
  • Provide Feedback: Share your experience with the moving company to help them improve.

The Art of Long-Distance Moving

Moving long-distance is more than a physical move — it’s a transition in life. Embrace the journey with excitement and preparation, and you’ll find the process not just manageable, but enjoyable.

Conclusion: Your New Chapter Awaits

Congratulations! You’ve navigated the complexities of a long-distance move. Now, take a moment to enjoy the new surroundings as your new chapter begins. Remember, a smooth move is a launchpad for your new adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What should I look for in a long-distance moving company?
    • Look for reliability, services offered, and transparent pricing.
  2. How early should I start preparing for my move?
    • Ideally, start preparing 8-12 weeks before your moving date.
  3. What are the essentials I should keep with me during the move?
    • Keep personal documents, valuables, and a few days’ worth of clothes and personal items.
  4. How do I ensure my belongings are safe during the move?
    • Choose a moving company with good reviews for safety and reliability, and consider getting additional cargo protection coverage.
  5. Can I pack my household plants for a long-distance move?
    • It’s best to transport them with you if possible, as plants will most likely not survive the move in the moving truck.

About Sparta Movers

If you are reading this article, the chances are you are in the process of either renovating, upgrading your furnishings or moving to a new place.

Let Sparta Movers help you with planning as well as an execution of your project.

Sparta Movers is a trusted name in the moving industry, dedicated to providing top-notch services to individuals and businesses alike. Our experienced team prides itself on ensuring that each move is seamless, efficient, on time, on budget and stress-free. Whether you’re relocating within Calgary, moving across Canada, or anywhere around the world, Sparta Movers is here to assist you with every step of the way.

Sparta Movers is a full-service moving & storage company, which is certified by the Canadian Association of Movers, recommended by Bryan Baeumler, A+ rated by Better Business Bureau (BBB), and an active member of Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Sparta Movers is a Calgary agent of Atlas Van Lines, a major player in the moving industry in Canada. Atlas Van Lines has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality local, long-distance and International moving services since 1963.

Sparta Movers is a preferred moving & storage partner for CIR Realty as well as Royal LePage.

We understand the challenge of finding a reasonably priced moving company that operates with integrity, courtesy and honesty. We are proud to be that professional moving company! We are here to deliver uncompromising quality and excellent service at affordable rates!

To learn more about our services and how we can make your next move a success, visit our website https://spartamovers.com/ and get in touch with our dedicated team today!

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