Are you thinking of living in Victoria, BC? If so, continue reading!

Victoria is a beautiful city located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. With stunning scenery, a mild climate, and friendly people, Victoria is known as one of the best places to live in the country.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about moving to and living in Victoria, BC. So, read on for everything you need to know, whether moving for work, school, or just to experience all this amazing city has to offer!


What’s the weather like in Victoria?

Victoria’s weather is great

Do you enjoy a mild climate? If so, you’ll love Victoria! The city has the mildest winters in all of Canada, so you can forget about shovelling snow and dealing with freezing temperatures.

For those moving to Victoria from a colder climate, you’ll find that you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. This is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and walking around the city’s many parks and green spaces.


Are there jobs in Victoria?

Yes – In fact, Victoria has a lot of job opportunities!

Victoria is a growing city with many different industries. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities for those moving to the city. The city is home to a number of large businesses, as well as numerous small and medium-sized businesses.

Victoria’s biggest industries include tourism, education, government, and healthcare. So, whatever your skillset or desired field of work, you’re sure to find a job in Victoria.


What are the restaurants like in Victoria?

Victoria has a great food scene! If you enjoy good food, you’ll be happy to know that Victoria has a thriving restaurant scene. The city is home to many different types of restaurants, from upscale dining to casual cafes. There are also plenty of options for those with special dietary needs, such as vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

In addition to its great restaurants, Victoria is also home to a number of farmers’ markets. These markets are a great place to buy fresh, local produce, as well as other products like handmade crafts and natural beauty products.

Some of the most popular restaurants in Victoria include:

  • Pagliacci’s
  • Little Jumbo Restaurant & Bar
  • Fishhook
  • Tapa Bar
  • John’s Place

With so many great restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find a few that you love in Victoria. If you’re curious about Victoria’s nightlife, check out our other article here.


What is there to do in Victoria?

This is a big city, so there is always something to do!

Here are some highlights:


Visit the Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Do you love butterflies? If so, you’ll enjoy visiting the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. This tropical garden is home to over 3,000 butterflies you can walk among. This attraction is unique and is a must-see for any nature lover.


Take a walk or bike ride through one of Victoria’s many parks

From Beacon Hill Park to Mount Douglas Park, there are many beautiful parks to explore in Victoria. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or a vigorous hike, these parks are a great way to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.


Explore the Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens are a world-famous attraction located just outside of Victoria. These gardens are made up of 55 acres of flowers, plants, and sculptures. With so much to see, you could easily spend an entire day exploring these beautiful gardens.

These are just a few of the things you can do in Victoria. With so much to see and do, you’re sure to never be bored in this city!


What is the cost of living in Victoria?

The cost of living in Victoria is fairly expensive by Canadian standards. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to live here on a budget. The average cost of living here is $2500 per month, and this includes rent, food, transportation, and other necessary expenses.

Of course, the actual cost of living will depend on your individual lifestyle and needs. For example, if you choose to live in a more expensive neighbourhood, your monthly costs will be higher. However, there are many affordable neighbourhoods in Victoria that offer a good quality of life.

Housing is one of the biggest expenses in Victoria. However, there are a number of options to choose from, so you can find something that fits your budget.


How can I save money living in Victoria?

If you’re moving to Victoria, there are a few ways you can save money.


Consider looking for housing outside of the downtown core.

Downtown Victoria is one of the most expensive areas to live in the city, so you’ll save money by living in a more affordable neighbourhood.


Take advantage of public transportation.

Victoria has an excellent public transportation system, so you can save money on gas and parking by taking the bus.


Walk or ride your bike whenever possible.

Victoria is a very walkable and bike-friendly city, so take advantage of this by walking or riding your bike instead of driving whenever possible.


Shop at local farmers’ markets

Farmers’ markets are a great place to buy fresh, local produce at a fraction of the cost of grocery store prices.

Overall, the cost of living in Victoria is high but manageable. By making small changes like these, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save living in Victoria.


What’s the atmosphere like in Victoria?

Victoria is a laid-back city with a relaxed atmosphere. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and there’s a strong sense of community. This is a great place to live if you’re looking for a slower-paced lifestyle.

Named after Queen Victoria, this city has a rich history that is reflected in its architecture and culture. Victoria is also known for its beautiful natural surroundings. With the ocean, mountains, and forests all nearby, there are endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Ultimately, Victoria is a great place to live if you’re looking for a friendly community with a slower pace of life.


Are there good schools in Victoria?

Victoria is home to a number of excellent schools, both public and private. If you’re moving here with children, you’ll be able to find a school that meets their needs and your budget.

From elementary to high school, Victoria has a number of great schools to choose from. In addition, there are several post-secondary institutions located here, including the University of Victoria and Royal Roads University.


Is it easy to travel to and from Victoria?

Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, so it can be reached by ferry from Vancouver. Alternatively, you can fly to the Victoria International Airport. Once you’re in Victoria, getting around is easy as it’s a very walkable and bike-friendly city.

Overall, travelling to and from Victoria is fairly easy. There are a number of transportation options to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.


Enjoy moving to and living in Victoria!

We hope you enjoyed this article about everything you need to know before moving to Victoria. This beautiful city has a lot to offer in terms of lifestyle and job opportunities, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy living here.

Thanks for reading!


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