Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common FAQ’s are below, if you have more questions feel free to contact us. We enjoy being to able to help and answer your questions with honesty and transparency! We would also like to hear about suggestions in regards to what we can add to our FAQ’s section.

When does the time start for my move?2020-01-06T02:10:22-07:00

The time doesn’t start until we arrive at your property, and the time ends when you have confirmed we have unloaded everything.

What are the heaviest items you move? Is there a charge associated with heavy items?2020-01-06T02:06:04-07:00

The heaviest items we move include but aren’t limited to:

  • Upright pianos
  • Subzero/commercial appliances
  • Safes (including gun safes as long as they are empty)
  • Hot tubs (assuming it will fit inside the truck)
  • Excersie equipment

We do charge a premium for moving heavy items. We charge a $150 premium for moving upright pianos, and a $60 premium for moving anything over 250 pounds. No matter the weight of the item, our Spartans are up to the challenge!

Do you move plants?2020-01-06T02:01:41-07:00

Yes we do move plants. However, they can sometimes be tricky to handle. We recommend moving them beforehand to minimize the risk for damages.

Do you offer fixed rate quotes?2020-01-06T01:56:04-07:00

We typically do not offer fixed rate quotes as we are an hourly rate moving company. However, we do, on ocassion, offer fixed rate quotes for large residential and/office moves.

Do you move in the rain or snow? How are my belongings protected if you do?2020-01-06T00:31:46-07:00

Yes we move in all “non-severe” weather conditions.

All your belongings will be covered in shrink wrap and/or moving pads as they exit your home. They will also be wiped dry before entering your new home.

What if everything doesn’t fit on one truck load?2020-01-05T22:56:31-07:00

When our office staff quotes you for your move, they ensure that they ask all the relevant questions to provide you with the most accurate quote possible. This includes crew size and number of truck loads. If your move requires more than one full truck load to complete, the crew will happily make an additional trip or send an additional truck.

Are there hidden fees?2020-01-05T22:48:30-07:00

There are no hidden fees or expenses! We provide upfront pricing and believe in complete transparency and honesty. We provide you with a written quote that is all inclusive. All pricing is explained to you when you inquire about our moving services!

Is there anything you don’t move?2020-01-05T22:26:38-07:00

We have created a list of items that we do not usually move. However, we are always willing to accomodate all your moving needs. So if you have concerns about moving specific items feel free to contact us and we can dispatch a moving specialist to come on site and verify if we can move it for you or not!

  • Ammunition, firearms and explosives/combustibles
  • Items and/or appliances which contain gas and/or connect to gas
  • Grand pianos and baby grand pianos
  • Pets
  • Extremely valuable and/or fragile items such as: jewelry, chandeliers, fine wines and paintings
What are your payment terms?2020-01-05T02:59:37-07:00

When you have decided to book your move with Sparta Movers, we require a deposit to reserve your moving date. This deposit is in the amount of the travel time fee for your move. For example, if you are moving within Calgary and have been assigned a 2-man crew; the deposit required will be $110. The deposit amount is than taken off the final invoice once the move is completed.

Full payment is due upon the completion of the move. In the event of non-payment: the customer agrees to pay interest at the rate of 5% per month on any past due balance. The customer also agrees to pay expenses incurred by Sparta Movers in seeking payment, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.

Are your quotes no obligation?2020-01-05T03:05:15-07:00

Yes, all our quotes are no obligation. We believe in freedom of choice for all of our clients, and we are more than happy to be completely transparent with all of our pricing.

Our hope is that the individuals and families we quote will decide to book with a moving company that they believe best represents their needs and desires, and not feel trapped or forced into choosing one or the other.

Do you offer storage services?2020-01-05T03:12:54-07:00

Yes we do offer storage services! We believe the key to storage is security, convenience and variety. We hit the mark with all three of those, and more!

Contact us to inquire more about our storage services, and any promotions we may have!

How much notice do you need?2020-01-05T03:19:13-07:00

We would prefer at least a one week notice prior to booking your move. We prefer to have at least one weeks notice so that we can identify and allocate all necessary resources to ensure a high quality and efficient move.

However, we do not turn away last minute bookings! We understand life can be unpredictable, and there are many factors that may influence your decision to move as soon as possible. Life happens and Sparta Movers is here to help you move with ease!

Are my belongings safe? What happens if my belongings are damaged?2020-01-06T00:40:10-07:00

Yes, all of your belongings are safe!

All of our employees are vetted, trained and evaluated before being hired.

We offer Basic Value Cargo Protection with each move we complete. This mandates that we pay $0.60 per pound for any damaged item. Any damages that occur during a move are processed by our damage claims department. If the damage claims department concludes the damages occured as a result of undue care on behalf of the Sparta Movers team, we reserve the right to fix or replace the damaged item.

A more comprehensive coverage plan is also available for purchase. This additional coverage is called “Replacement Value Cargo Protection.” This coverage plan offers a replacement for any damaged item with a new one of similar quality and value. If you want to learn more about this coverage plan, feel free to contact us!

Do your crews have the proper equipment and tools?2020-01-05T22:12:09-07:00

Yes our crews are always prepared to tackle whatever may come up during your move! We keep the truck stocked with all necessary equipment, at all times.

For example, our trucks will always have at least 40 moving pads/blankets, at least five wardrobe boxes, at least five ratchet straps, at least two bungee cords, a tool box, at least two dollies, a shoulder dolly/body harness system, a mattress strap, at least two mattress bags and so on!

You can rest assured that when the Sparta team arrives to complete a move, we come prepared!

Are you fully licensed and insured?2020-01-05T22:57:15-07:00

Yes we are a fully licensed and insured moving company! We also provide WCB for all of our team members.

When choosing a moving company, it is very important you find one that is licensed, insured and has WCB. It it always worth paying the extra dollar for higher quality service!

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