1. A job estimate issued by Sparta Movers is always prepared as carefully as possible, considering all the information provided by Customer. It is based on the assumption
      that the Customer’s place of residence/business will be properly packed and ready to move upon Sparta Movers crew arrival.
    2. Minimum charge is 3 hours includes 2 hours of labor (service time) and 1 hour one-time travel fee (for moves within Calgary city limits). After initial 2 hours, service time will be rounded up in 15 minute increments.
    3. Full payment is due prior to completion of truck unloading of the truck at Customer’s “TO” location (destination).
    4. There are no additional fees for moving oversized and/or heavy items such as pool tables, air hockey tables, safes, etc. except for pianos.
    5. An additional piano fee of 150 CAD will apply when moving a piano. A minimum of 3 movers will be required to avoid property damages and personnel injuries. We move all pianos except grand pianos.
    6. Sparta Movers will require NO deposit at the time of booking an appointment unless:
        1. Booking a long-distance move (a deposit in the amount of transportation fee will be required);
        2. Service is booked outside of Calgary city limits (a deposit in the amount of Travel Time fee will be required);
        3. Original appointment is rescheduled (a deposit in the amount of 2 hours minimum service time will be required);


      Deposit will be applied in full against the total bill upon completion of services. A deposit will not be refunded if/when:


        1. appointment is cancelled by customer;
        2. customer re-schedules appointment 2nd time with less than 2 weeks advance notice


  1. In the event of non-payment, Customer agrees to pay interest at the rate of 5% per month on any past due balance. Customer agrees to pay expenses incurred by Sparta Movers in seeking payment, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.

Cargo Protection

    1. Basic cargo protection coverage is included with all Sparta Movers services. It covers up to 0.60 CAD per pound weight of damaged items.
    2. Full Value Cargo Protection coverage is available upon request at additional fee. This coverage plan implies that if a damaged item cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a new one of like kind and quality at today’s market price. The protection is limited at valuation of $10 per pound weight of damaged item or $2,500 per
      item or $50,000 in case of the entire truck load damage, whichever is less.
    3. Items of extraordinary value – Items valued over $2,500 each must be listed separately and an inventory list (item, description, today’s fair market replacement value) emailed to info@spartamovers.com prior to moving. The replacement cost for these inventoried items will be determined based on rate of $5 per every $1,000 of
      declared value. For example, if total replacement value of an item is 10,000 CAD, an additional coverage fee of $50 will be due prior to moving.
    4. Deductibles – there are NO deductibles with Basic Cargo Protection plan. Full Value Cargo Protection coverage comes with $200 deductibles.
    5. Structurally Weak Items/Furniture – Movers cannot be held responsible for damages to items that are not built to last and are weak structurally, unless there are clear signs of physical damage caused by Sparta Movers as a result of undue care handling and/or moving that item. These items include but not limited to simulated wood furniture or particle board or pressed board furniture. These items/materials are structurally weak and are not repairable. If not contracted to pack prior to moving, Sparta Movers shall not be held liable for damages caused to items that needed to be disassembled prior to handling/moving to avoid damages.
    6. Electrical Goods – Movers are not liable to internal damages to electrical goods where no external damage has been caused. Some electrical goods may develop unavoidable faults no matter how carefully handled.
    7. Appliances – Movers cannot be responsible for dents or scratches on major appliances. They are covered by a thin metal that has an extreme affinity to dent and scratch..
    8. Items with Water – Freezers, refrigerators, waterbeds, aquariums must be emptied and drained prior to the move.
    9. Fragile Items – Dishware, porcelain, glasses, mirrors, framed pictures, lamp shades, specialty items are not covered if not packed by Sparta Movers using adequate packing materials. Floor lamp posts shall be detached from their heavy bases. Light bulbs shall be removed from all lighting fixtures and placed in a box marked “fragile”. No matter who packs your items, Sparta Movers staff will take great precautions and due care to ensure your breakables are moved as safely as possible..
    10. Boxed Items – All boxed items are moved under client/owner’s responsibility. The condition of the item(s) packed by client/owner is not covered by Sparta Movers, unless there is clear proof of physical damage to the box itself done by our movers. It is customer’s responsibility to inspect the boxes for physical damages upon
      delivery prior to movers’ departure. Sparta Movers will not accept any claim of physical damages to boxes after movers had left the delivery location..
    11. Self-inspection – It is customer’s responsibility, before signing off at the end of the job:
      1. to inspect their belongings for reassurance that they were delivered in good condition;
      2. to inspect the inside of the truck for reassurance that nothing was left behind
    12. Downtime – All downtime is billable (waiting for elevator setup, property key holder is late, traffic, customer inspecting his/her belongings upon delivery, etc.).
    13. Valuables – Sparta Movers shall not be responsible for loss or damage to accounts, bills, checks, evidence of debts, letters of credit, passports, tickets, documents, manuscripts, notes, engineering drawings, securities, currency, money, precious stones, jewelry, or other similar valuables. Customer shall take full responsibility for
      moving the above-mentioned valuables him/herself.
    14. Risky Tasks – Movers will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to standing pieces on end, sharp turns, over-crowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather.
    15. Unavoidable Damages – Damages occurring due to the size of the item compared to the size of a hallway, door frame, staircase, and elevators or similar. Movers will attempt to move the item, but damages may occur. Customer shall instruct movers to stop if deemed necessary to avoid damages. If movers are moving an item and there is a snag on a door frame or stairwell and it nicks or tears an item, Sparta Movers will not cover such damages. Sparta Movers shall not be held liable for items that are structurally weak and are prone to breaking/damages regardless how carefully and diligently those items are packed and/or handled.
    16. Absent Customers – We encourage our customers to be present throughout the entire move. Whenever we move item, we would like to be able to point out any scratches, marks, or dings that customer may not have noticed. If for some reason customer is not present to witness entire or part of the move, then customer
      automatically accepts all of the items in as-received condition. Sparta Movers will not be liable for any missing or damaged items. Sparta Movers will not be responsible for any of items that were left behind and not moved..
    17. Loss of Value – Sparta Movers does not cover, under any protection plan, any loss of value due to damage and subsequent repairs.
    18. Limits of Liability – Sparta Movers is not liable for damages to or loss of complete set or unit when only part of such set is damaged or lost, in which event Sparta Movers will only be liable for the damaged piece(s). Liability is limited up to $100 CAD total for damages to floors, walls, doors, and painted surfaces.
    19. No Liability – Sparta Movers shall assume no liability whatsoever if customer or others choose to assist or interfere in any part during the moving process.
    20. Disclaimer – Sparta Movers will not guarantee assembly of any item(s) that are new in box, unless agreed upon in advance. It is recommended that you consult with a company that specializes in assembly services for these items.
    21. Sparta Movers shall not be held liable:
      1. for risks associated with assembly/disassembly of baby cribs, water beds, tanning beds, gas appliances, pool tables or pianos.
      2. for risks associated with wall mounting flat screen TV’s or removing TV’s from the wall mount, bolting/unbolting items on/from walls and ceilings, connecting/disconnecting washing machines, drying machines, dish-washers, freezers and fridges. All appliances must be disconnected and drained prior
        to movers’ arrival.


Claims Process

  1. Walk through the premises will be conducted prior to moving as well as upon job completion to identify any/all major damages including but not limited to walls, floors, etc. This will be documented prior to crew departure..
  2. Claims for any/all minor damages, that are not that obvious and thus were missed during the walk through on the moving day, must be submitted to info@spartamovers.com within  96 hours (4 calendar days) after moving services. Claims must be presented along with photos, a detailed description of the damages and how those may have occurred. Claims will be thoroughly investigated and a resolution of claim issued via email within 5 business days.
  3. Unless payment is received in full on the moving day (when it is due), Sparta Movers will not attend to and/or process any claims. It is illegal to deduct the money from final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage.
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