Packing Tips

expert packing advice for a seamless move

These packing tips are for you to bring ease to your moving experience. Firstly our biggest recommendation would be hiring our expert team of Spartan packers. However, if you wish to do it yourself, you can cut the hassle by following some of our handy packing tips.


  1. Plan to start packing several weeks before your scheduled moving date. This will give you plenty of time to get things organized at your own pace, thus eliminating stress.
  2. Clean out your closets and storage rooms before you begin packing, that way you can pack more quickly when the time comes. Instead of interrupting the process to throw things away, you can focus on organizing how you want to pack your items.
  3. Get rid of the things you don’t really want or need. Take this move as an opportunity to start fresh! Eliminating clutter will not only give you more space in your new home, it will reduce the amount of things that need to be packed and transported.
  4. Don’t try to put as much as possible into the least amount of boxes possible. Keeping the weight of each box manageable will make the moving process safer and easier.
  5. Remember to place heavy, sturdy items on the bottom, and delicate, light items on the top. Provide enough padding and wrapping around objects to keep them safe from breaking and scratching.
  6. Wrap very small items in coloured paper or tissue so that you can easily notice them. It’s always unfortunate when something is accidentally thrown away because it just looked like a crumpled ball of packing paper!
  7. Don’t use furniture polish before packing. The padding from packing materials may leave permanent imprints on the surface.
  8. Clean big items like TV’s, refrigerators, and other appliances before loading them into the moving truck. Dust and grease on the surfaces of these items can make them hard to grip, therefore making them hard to move.
  9. One of the most important packing tips, ask yourself this question. Do you have valuable antiques and family heirlooms? Get them appraised before packing them. It is also wise to purchase an insurance policy for them, as standard mover’s insurance doesn’t typically cover item values.
  10. Try to pack items from the same room in the same set of boxes. Make sure you clearly label boxes according to what room they should go to in your new home.
  11. Pack an “essentials” box that is loaded last into the truck, and unloaded first. This should contain important items such as: a blanket, bottled water, some snacks, batteries, a flashlight, important documents/records, toiletries, a change of clothes, a small tool kit and some garbage bags.
  12. Don’t pack your most important documents and belongings in boxes that go into the moving truck. Keep them with you in your car to make sure you have access to them at all times. This goes for ID’s, passports, birth certificates, jewelry, etc.
  13. The best unpacking tip we can give comes from experience. If you have children, pack a bag that contains a few of their favourite toys, books, and snacks. Keep it with you in the car, and take it out once you arrive at your new home so that your kids can keep themselves occupied and happy while you’re unpacking.