Are you looking for the best daycares in Chestermere, Alberta? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about 3 great daycare centers in Chestermere.

Picking a daycare for your child is a rewarding yet daunting task. The last thing you want to do is trust your child with the wrong people. Although the criteria to look for in daycare may be slightly different amongst parents, there are some universal factors to consider. Things like location, cost, and hours are some of the most common things parents prioritize.

Later on, we’ll talk about tips and what else to look for in daycare after we dive into the 3 places on our list.

So, let’s go over the 3 best daycares in Chestermere and what you need to know about them.


BrightPath Chestermere

As the first daycare on our list, BrightPath has a spectacular reputation for being one of the best preschools in Chestermere. They provide a comprehensive range of physical and mental training to help kids live healthier lives. BrightPath seeks to keep youngsters active in both their bodies and minds through activities that are specifically constructed for them. Every kid learns at their own pace, which is why each activity is hands-on and child-guided. The BrightPath program is used by childhood educators to guarantee that each child develops in a well-rounded way.

When the children are not learning, they’re having fun playing in the safe and tidy play areas. BrightPath Chestermere offers both indoor and outdoor play spaces for the kids to use, so they can spend time outside if they choose. The indoor play area includes puzzles and games for preschoolers to enjoy. Meanwhile, the outdoor portion includes a playhouse, along with various other toys to keep them busy. Additionally, the daycare provides healthy meals that are overseen by a qualified nutritionist to maintain kids’ well-being.

Address: 100 Main St, Chestermere, AB T1X 1V3

Phone Number: (403) 248-6900


Summit Start

Another one of the best Chestermere daycares is Summit Start. This place has some of the hardest childcare workers you could meet. Summit Start has a wonderful staff of teachers and assistants that will ensure your child is comfortable, happy, and care for at all times. All of the childcare workers at the daycare are dedicated to making your child feel welcome and loved. Summit Start has many activities for children to take part in throughout their day at the early learning center. They place importance on hands-on learning so that children develop in a healthy and stimulating fashion.

Summit Start has a well-structured academic program to help prepare children for school. Children are encouraged to learn through play in the daycare’s fully accessible play area. The center takes an all-activities approach to learning by placing a strong emphasis on creative development, mathematics, science, literacy and socialization. Overall, Summit Start provides a very fulfilling manner of childcare which makes it one of the most notable daycares around.

Address: 100 Rainbow Rd #201, Chestermere, AB T1X 0V2

Phone Number: (403) 273-0662


Bright Futures Preschool & Daycare

Last on our list of best daycares in Chestermere is Bright Futures Preschool and Daycare. The instructors at this daycare share the burden with parents in helping their children grow as individuals every day. Furthermore, the daycare believes that the greatest gift we can give children is to provide them with an education that will enable them to grow into successful, happy people. Bright Futures also sees that children are our future, so they take their mission of giving children a solid foundation very seriously.

Bright Future’s school year is divided into monthly themes, so every month the children are presented with new experiences to expand their knowledge and growth. The themes include can sports, community helpers, feelings, exploration, Canada, animals, science and more. There are a wide variety of play stations and learning tools for children to let their imaginations run wild through exploration and creativity. All in all, Bright Futures has one of the best daycares in Chestermere.

Address: 104 Springmere Way, Chestermere, AB T1X 1N9

Phone Number: (403) 764-9292


What should you look for in a daycare?


These are many questions that parents ask themselves when they want to choose the best daycare in Chestermere for their child. Here’s a quick list of some things you might look for when choosing a daycare and how you can tell if the centre is well run:

Is this a safe place?

Ask how the daycare is set up and if there is supervision in each area of the centre. This includes outdoors as well as indoors, not just within the walls of their building. Daycares with outdoor play equipment such as swing sets and slides are usually more likely to have areas supervised while children play outside.

Does this daycare support early childhood learning?

Find out what the daycare’s goals are for their program and how it is meeting those goals. If you want your child to be reading before they start kindergarten, ask if the staff at their centre are trained in teaching early literacy skills.

Do they have an emergency plan?

Ensure that the director is aware of all the possible emergencies that could happen while children are at their daycare, including fire, severe weather, and other dangerous situations. Ask if there are plans for each of these types of emergencies and what the plan is. If you’re satisfied with their emergency plan, ask to see a copy of it and read it thoroughly.

Is this centre licensed?

Ask the director what types of licensing and certifications their daycare holds and if they can provide proof of these accolades. If you’re unsure about anything at all, contact your local by-law officer for assistance on how the rules apply to you.


Other nearby daycare options

Although we’ve covered some wonderful daycares in Chestermere, they aren’t the only options available to you. There a plenty of other daycares to consider just outside of Chestermere itself.

For example, some Chestermere parents who commute to Calgary for work have opted to send their children to daycares in the big city. There are a large number of daycares in Calgary, so finding a daycare that fits into your schedule might be easier than you think. If you frequently head there throughout the week anyway, it might be worth looking at some daycare options in Calgary too.

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Is Chestermere a good place to raise kids?

If you’re not already living in Chestermere, you may be wondering if it is kid-friendly. And the answer is yes, Chestermere is very kid-friendly. In fact, it is one of the most exciting places for families to live in the province. On top of having a handful of solid daycare facilities and schools, there happen to be many things to do with kids in Chestermere.

Nature is a big part of life in Chestermere, Alberta. One of the first spots you might take your kids to in Chestermere is, of course, Chestermere Lake. This lake has many activities to offer families with young children. One option is to pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at the park. If you’re just stopping by for a quick swim, there’s also a public beach where you can take advantage of Chestermere’s warm waters to cool off in.

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All things considered, what makes a daycare center the ideal place for your child to spend his or her days? Well, aside from a caring and friendly environment, there are several characteristics that the best daycares in Chestermere have that make them stand out from the rest. Wherever you end up taking your child, make sure they are taken care of and loved just the way you would treat them.

In addition to the wonderful daycares in Chestermere, there are many alternatives to consider throughout the Calgary area. Your child will be in good hands regardless of where they end up, but you should research the options available to see if one of these daycare centers will suit them best.

If you are looking for a daycare center in Chestermere, Alberta that will help your child grow and develop into the person they’re meant to be, please contact any one of these wonderful daycares today!


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