Living in a safe neighbourhood is incredibly important. You want to be able to take your kids out for strolls without worrying about what might happen. Safety is one of the most crucial things when looking for a home, but where are the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton?

If you’re looking to find out, you’ve come to the right place!

Today, we have compiled a list of some of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton that you should consider before you buy or rent your next place.

Although every city has some rough areas, Edmonton is considered by many to be a safe city. So, if you are worried about the safety of your family in Edmonton, here are some areas that are safest.



The first safest neighbourhood in Edmonton is McKernan. Its located close to the University of Alberta, which brings a lot of young people. The neighbourhood is great for students and recent graduates as it is close to grocery stores, coffee shops and bars. While McKernan is generally known to be safe, it can be a busy place to live during the weekend as it is close to the university campus.



Another Edmonton neighbourhood known for its safe streets is Hazeldean. This neighbourhood is popular with families and has a high percentage of single-family homes. Views of the Saskatchewan River Valley and access to all kinds of activities make Hazeldean a great place to live. If you’re looking for a child-friendly neighbourhood with low crime, look no further than Hazeldean.



Primarily residential, Cloverdale is a safe neighbourhood in Edmonton. It is also a very quiet neighbourhood due to its lack of commercial activity. Cloverdale is situated on the valley and happens to be home to the Edmonton Folk Musical Festival every year. If peace, quiet, and nature are what you’re looking for, look no further than Cloverdale. For people who enjoy a quaint atmosphere, Cloverdale is the place for them.



Next, Ambleside is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton with low crime. It has everything that a growing family will need, including healthcare and quick access to schools. There are also plenty of shops in Ambleside, so the neighbourhood is self-sustaining. Ultimately, Ambleside is a safe place to live in Edmonton without breaking the bank.


Windsor Park

Not only is Windsor Park of one the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, but it is also very popular. The community is intimate and friendly, making it an ideal place to raise a family. Many people also choose to settle down in the neighbourhood after graduating from university. The neighbourhood provides many opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds.



Summerside is another one of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton. The neighbourhood has a lower than average crime rate, making it a good place to raise a family or retire. The neighbourhood also sits near Lake Summerside which provides residents with many outdoor activities. The scenery is pleasant and the area is welcoming. If you’re looking for a safe neighbourhood in Edmonton with a great view, Summerside may be the place for you.


Terwillegar Towne

Known for its European vibes, Terwillegar Towne is one of Edmonton’s safest neighbourhoods. It has a small-town feel and there is no shortage of accessible amenities. There are many shops and restaurants along the main street. Furthermore, Towne Square is a central spot for community events. Terwillegar Towne is an interesting neighbourhood where you can explore and feel safe while doing so.


Bonnie Doon

Lastly, we come to Bonnie Doon, which is a residential neighbourhood in Edmonton. Boasting plenty of green spaces, this neighbourhood is great for families. Young children, parents, and seniors all will feel comfortable here. Bonnie Doon has a close-knit community vibe. Many people here look out for each other and are proud to call this neighbourhood home.


Things to Consider

Safety is an important factor, but it isn’t the only thing to consider when picking a neighbourhood in Edmonton. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding on the right neighbourhood for you:

  • Is the area close to public transportation? – Being close to public transportation can make it easier to get around and visit attractions in the city.
  • How close is the nearest supermarket? – While not something you would often consider when looking for a neighbourhood to live in, having access to a supermarket can be important if you plan on cooking at home and want to save money.
  • How clean is the area? – Crime and garbage can sometimes go hand in hand, so it’s good to consider how clean the streets are as well as the alleyways and walkways.
  • What type of housing is available in the area? – The type of housing can affect the price, and in turn your ability to purchase.
  • Is there access to education facilities like daycares and schools? – Having access to education facilities can make it easier to get back and forth to work, especially if you plan on having children.

These are just a few questions to consider when picking the right neighbourhood for you.


What do you think of the safest neighbourhoods in Edmonton?

No matter where you live in Edmonton, you are never truly isolated from the dangers of crime. While some places are typically safer than others, you should always be wary and take precautions when in public.

Despite this, the neighbourhoods mentioned on our list are, on average, safer than others in Edmonton. Crime rates do vary around the city, so always be aware of your surroundings. Regardless, many families call Edmonton their home, and so you’re sure to find a neighbourhood that is safe for you.

Once you have found a safe neighbourhood for yourself and your loved ones, it’s never too late to move!


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