How to save money on movers – there is a way! Without a doubt, moving is a financial investment. Even if you are thinking of going the rental truck route; there are miles being charged, insurance to be purchased, and gas that needs refilling – it all adds up. And oddly enough, although from the outside looking in, going the total solo route may seem more cost effective; forgoing any and all professional help can actually end up being more expensive in the long run. Booking off time away from work, combined with the stress and extensive personal labour involved doing everything yourself, is substantial and will definitely take its toll during an already weighted time.


So, how do you hire professional help and not break the bank? Check out these 5 tips to help minimize expenses and in turn, eliminate some stress, and make your moving day experience more enjoyable overall.




If you have a budget you would like to stick to, having a clear understanding of what to expect for final costs is going to be key. Nothing will sting harder than assuming your total bill will be one amount, only to be handed something significantly larger when all is said and done. First and foremost, you can save money by hiring a company with a clear, hourly charge layout. Reaching out to your potential moving team well in advance to request a quote (this should be free!), will allow you to fully disclose the distance of your move and offer an estimate of numbers in regards to furniture, boxes, miscellaneous items, etc. Professionals do this every single day, and the more information you give them – the better projection they will be able to provide you in return. Ask about the potential for additional charges and fees, how many crew members will be on your moving team the day of, and exactly what you are paying for each hour. Taking the onus to clarify the specific services you are looking to hire for will ultimately help you save money on moving day. 



Certain times of the year can be more expensive to move in than others (summer), and this can materialize in different ways on your closing bill. At the onset, it might seem cheaper to book a mover during “low season”, which is historically the winter months. However, if you do live in a colder city where in-climate weather is a likely occurrence; snowy moves can wreak havoc on that hourly charge ticker. Weigh the pros and cons seriously here. Moving into your new place on the 1st of the month? Yes, everyone else is too. Want to get your move done on a Saturday? Ditto. Not only will these be the most quickly booked up days on a moving company’s calendar (with sparse time availability), but rates could go up too. Rule of thumb is; although it might initially seem inconvenient, booking mid week and mid month is going to be your best shot at saving money on movers, schedule wise. 




It is time consuming, can be emotionally draining and is definitely easier being pushed into the back of your closet – but going through old junk and deciding what you really need/want can save you money when you move. Aside from distance traveled, the largest portion of time your movers will spend is packing and unpacking the truck. If they have less items to pack, they will take less time doing it – it’s that simple! Put Marie Kondo’s simple decluttering methods to the test and get tough on yourself with what is making the move with you to your new home. Planning in advance is invariably your greatest ally when moving, and the pregame to packing might be the most important step. Once you have cracked down on sorting, dive into the cathartic practice of rehoming your stuff! You can donate, put minimal effort in and take some pictures for Facebook Marketplace, challenge your creativity and prepare a social distancing friendly garage sale or, point and watch things just disappear with a professional service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK?




Your kitchen table, shelving, bed frame – no matter the design, all major furniture pieces are bulky when rammed into the back of your vehicle, assuming you can even fit them in there in the first place. These moments are exactly when you will wish that you had hired professionals to safely and securely transport your belongings. They have the appropriate wrapping materials, packing methods and expertise to deliver your things in one piece. If you want to save money on movers though, taking what you can will go a long way. Smaller loose items, your fridge and freezer contents, and boxes you can easily lift and move, are all great examples of what you can take yourself to your new home. Pack your car up ahead of time, maybe even do a few trips back and forth. The less your professional movers have to worry about fitting in the little stuff, the more they can focus on the big, hot ticket items. Even better? Passing larger furniture off to the experts can help you avoid completely preventable injuries



When moving day comes around, be ready! Do not leave final packing until the morning of and subsequently, your professional moving team waiting. The billing clock does not wait to start until you are finally good to go, it starts when your hired pros show up at your door. If there is a certain order you want rooms packed in, have that organized. If your furniture can be disassembled, do it the night before. Make sure your larger items are easily accessible; your movers should not have to push things out of the way to get to pieces one at a time. Are there clear, easy paths in and out of your home? If you live in an apartment, is the elevator booked off for the correct time? If your residence or neighbourhood has fob/security access, have you arranged for your movers to be allowed through? Without forthinking, all of these and more could cause delays and add cost. Cover all your bases and decisively save money on your movers.  


The common theme in regards to limiting your spending come moving day? Failing to plan is planning to fail. Seems dramatic, but ensuring you have thought everything out, and prepared in every way you possibly can, will undoubtedly save you money on movers, while still allowing you to benefit from the incredible service they provide.