You are getting ready for your big move. Now you have the daunting task of packing and preparing your household items for the day of moving.

First thing: Don’t Panic! This article was written just for YOU!

Needless to say that the main goal of packing is to simplify and facilitate loading and unloading of the moving truck, as well as to minimize and avoid damage to your household items and fragile pieces.

No matter how carefully your items are packed, damages can still occur. On the other hand, if you can learn from our experience of knowing which items commonly get damaged the most during a move; one can take the extra steps to minimize the chance for items getting damaged.

Main Pointers:

  • Identify all the fragile items that you are moving
  • Use proper packing materials (right sized boxes, packing peanuts, crumpled papers and bubble wraps)
  • Label boxes clearly with “Fragile” for movers to know where to be extra careful

What are those items that get damaged most commonly during a move?

Glassware, mirrors and frames

Any household items that are made with or have glass in it is automatically considered as fragile. These can break easily and might even cause accidents, that is why it is important to pack them carefully.

Wrap glassware individually with plain packing paper or bubble wrap. Do not use printed newspaper as the ink could stain your glass, and you will have to wash it by hand to get the stain off. To make sure that its wrapping stays in place, secure it with a small strip of scotch tape.

Picture frames should be packed in paper lined small to medium sized boxes with crumpled paper in between each piece. Wrap frames in packing paper or bubble wrap to protect them from scratches and breakage. Fill the box with more packing paper to ensure items won’t move and slide around in the box. Large frames should be secured with a moving blanket, plastic wrapped, secured with a packing tape and should be moved separately.

Mirrors should be packed in boxes with its same size. If there is none that fits, you can improvise and make one out of other boxes. Fill the bottom of the moving box with cushioning or packing papers to the edges, wrap the mirror with layers of bubble wrap or paper, then fill in the front and back of the mirror with more paper. Mirrors should be transferred vertically, not horizontally, and must be secured with moving blankets as their main cushion around the base when they are in motion. When mirrors are part of furniture (e.g. china cabinets) and cannot be removed for packing and transportation, ensure that furniture is lifted and handled evenly from both sides. Do not tilt that furniture when lifting to avoid chances of cracking the mirror.

China wares and plates

Packing china wares and plates is almost the same as packing your glassware. They should be wrapped individually with plain packing paper or bubble wrap and must be secured with more paper or packing peanuts to avoid movement around the box during transportation.

Bottle Collections

Check your wine inventory and determine what you really want to keep before you start packing. If you think that it will be more expensive in moving your wine collection, you may consider giving it away to your friends and neighbours and just start collecting again in your new house.
If you have a rare and expensive bottle collections, it is much better to have them insured before the move. Buy or get a divided/cell box from a specialty wine shop or liquor store, or purchase a cell kit from a moving store. Wrap each bottle with packing paper before placing each in the cells. These can properly hold the wine bottles and keep them safe during the move.


Framed canvases, paintings, statues and other valuable pieces of art are also very prone to damage. Precaution is essential, so pack them as described above, but also insure them. Unique artwork is irreplaceable – handle it with precision and alertness.


Use the original packing boxes of your electronics if you still have them. If not, find a similar box to put in our electronic devices and appliances. Remove and gather the cords of each devices, secure them with a zip tie or packing tape and wrap the main gadget in a moving blanket or bubble wrap, secure with tape and put it in the box. If needed, add padding to eliminate any movement.

Sport Equipment

Sports equipment is expensive to replace, that is why it should be packed properly to avoid damages. Find a separate moving box for your sporting equipment or stick them together and place them in one corner of the moving van. Avoid mixing them with the rest of your boxes so they won’t bump to other boxes and tear against other items.


Dismantle your furniture and carefully wrap each part with either furniture blankets or furniture moving pads. Make sure to secure them with a packing tape after.

If you prefer a fresh and modern atmosphere in your new home, you can just sell, donate, give away or dispose of all your used furniture instead of paying for its bulky and exhaustive transportation. Use the money to buy new and modern furniture that will also match your new house’s ambiance.

Pots and plants

Avoid watering your plants for a few days before the move. This will avoid leaks that can damage other boxes in the van. Tie the loose branches and provide support for the other high stems. Do not put them in boxes, place them in a spacious container where its leaves don’t touch too much of the other things in the van.


Once your movers arrive, be sure to let them know which boxes contain fragile items (even if you have already labeled the boxes). If you are uncertain about your packing skills, ask for help. Sparta Movers have specialized boxes for fragile items which will minimize the risks of damage to an absolute minimum. Be sure to call ahead and have a professional moving company help you.

Planning and preparation always pays dividends. The more time and effort you invest in planning and packing, the more likely you will have a successful and trouble-free relocation experience.

If you would like to learn more about the moving services we offer and the associated costs, please do not hesitate to contact Sparta Movers today at 855-360-6683.

Want more information on how to prepare for packing? Read our packing tips.

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