Tip your movers

Have you finished ever gotten to that awkward point after your move and wondered do you tip movers and how much? The overall gratuity landscape of 2020 can be confusing to say the least; full of grey areas as to what is assumed and/or appropriate. When you are dining out, your bill or payment device will come pre-programmed, telling you where to tip and sometimes even suggesting what that tip should be. When you are moving into a new home and paying the professionals you hired to help make it happen – not so much!

So…is there an expectation to give a bonus to the team helping you move? Officially, no. However, it is definitely appreciated and a universal way to show your gratitude for a job well done. Consider showing your moving team some love if:

  • They showed up on time or better yet, early!
  • The customer service was impeccable.
  • They navigated bulky furniture and tight, tough spaces with grace and no scratches.
  • They came in under time.

Before you get ahead of yourself and add yet another stressful element to moving day by worrying about the tipping specifics, rest assured – there are no set rules here. You have options and then some.

If I Want To Tip My Movers In Cash, What Is The Right Amount?

If you have the time to plan ahead, a cash tip is always appreciated. Typically, the standard percentage you would leave at any other service oriented business applies, ie. 10-20% of the total bill. However, you can also choose to break down your cash tipping with a half day/full day approach. The latter works nicely if you have a smaller moving team (usually 3 or less people) and can range from $20 to $25 per person for a half day and $40 to $50 for a full day. If a large crew shows up and you are not comfortable with tipping that much individually, passing along your decided amount to the crew leader for them to divide later, works too.

Tip your movers

Can I Tip My Movers By Providing Lunch?

If going the cash route seems impersonal or awkward, do not put pressure on yourself during what is an already hectic day. Providing lunch, drinks, refreshments or snacks is a fantastic route. If it’s delicious and fuels your moving squad, it will go a long way. Pro tip: contact the company in advance of your moving date to let them know you’d like to feed the crew, and ask if they have a favourite place! This way, no one will show up with a packed lunch that goes to waste and anyone with a food allergy won’t be left out. Bonus points? Knowing in advance that you are going the extra mile for them, might make the day even better, quicker, easier – you name it! Keeping cold water bottles on hand is great too, a simple kindness with no muss or fuss.


Money Is Tight, How Else Can I Show My Movers Appreciation?

No matter how you shake it, completely relocating your home and life is a large financial undertaking. If you are not in the position to purchase lunch for your movers or give a cash gratuity, but do still want to let them know how much they are valued – leave an awesome review! There is nothing more powerful than glowing feedback from a happy customer. Get online, get googling, facebooking, etc. and show the business all the stars you can. It is estimated that 90% of consumers check out a business’s online reviews before booking them for a job. What you have to say about your positive experience matters and you tipped your movers in a way that can keep giving.

Why should you Tip your Movers

What If I Don’t Want To Tip My Movers?

Did you experience less than satisfying customer service from the moving company you hired? Begrudgingly handing over a tip is not necessary. Showing up late, damaging items, or going over time due to inefficiency, are all more than understandable justification for not feeling inclined to be generous. Your move, your choice.

The only absolute – stay away from serving/tipping your professional movers alcohol. This blurs the lines of a business arrangement and threatens liability if any of your items or property do end up damaged. A few beers may seem harmless, but are not worth the potential hassle. Keep things non-alcoholic and as easy as possible.

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