If you are new to the city, you may be wondering about furniture donations in Calgary. Getting rid of your old furniture can clear up space in your house while also allowing you to give back to your local community. As it turns out, there are many charities in Calgary to donate your items to. If you’re in the city and looking to donate your furniture, the following options are definitely worth checking out.

Things to keep in mind before donating

It is always best to contact a charity before donating your used furniture. For the most part, similar donation requirements can be expected amongst charities. Sometimes donation policies differ slightly, so reach out in advance to be sure. If your items are too worn or damaged, the charity is likely to decline your donation offers.

A neat perk of donating your furniture is the chance to receive a tax credit for your donation. Be sure to contact each charity directly to find out more about their tax receipt policy so that you may take advantage of this cool incentive.

Goodwill Industries of Alberta

If you care about helping others in need, Goodwill is the perfect place for furniture donation in Calgary. About 89 cents from every dollar generated from their sales goes towards shaping employment programs for Albertans with disabilities.

Goodwill has a total of 8 drop-off centers throughout the city. You can view a complete list of the various Calgary Goodwill drop-off locations here.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Another place to donate to in Calgary is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. They use proceeds to fund building projects which help local families purchase their first home.

You can schedule donations and find out more on the store’s website. Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts all kinds of furniture and appliances. You can drop off your items or request a curbside pickup.

Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society

This charity donates household goods to those in need and is a popular spot for furniture donation in Calgary. They have been helping families get through rough patches for nearly two decades.

Kitchen tables and chairs happen to be the charity’s hottest items. The Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society offers residential donation pick-up as well.

Women in Need Society

A final choice for donating your furniture is WINS. Donations go towards aiding women who may be going through difficult times.

You can drop off donations at any of their locations in Calgary. WINS is a great place to donate furniture and household appliances of all kinds.

Enjoy donating!

Donating your furniture to a charity is a superb way to declutter your living space while transitioning to a new home. Giving away your unwanted possessions can also positively impact your community. You will be pleased to enjoy a more seamless move while giving some of your things away to those in need.

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