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Moving is a stressful and overwhelming process – stay organized and efficient by following our checklist! We’ve added a summary of the checklist as well as some tips and tricks in how to prepare for your move below.

Click HERE to download and print out our moving checklist!


When you approach any process, such as moving, having a detailed plan set in place to follow guarantees a streamlined process from start to finish. But we’re not asking YOU to create a plan – we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken down the plan into stages – easier to follow and easier to remain organized. The checklist covers everything that you need to do, and when for a stress-free move. However, we’ve added a sneak peek of some of the important tasks and when to do them below.


  • Book a moving company
  • Declutter! Get rid of everything that you do not require and don’t want moved to your new place of residence. To streamline this process contact us to see how we can help with junk removal services!
  • If you’re moving into an apartment or condo, ensure you can have the elevator reserved for the date and time of the move in and/or move out. This will save you time and money as moving furniture and boxes up and down stairs is a slow process!
  • Ensure you can save a parking spot large enough for a moving truck outside of the “moving from” and “moving to” locations
  • Purchase all your packing supplies!
    • Boxes
    • Bubble wrap
    • Packing paper
    • Packing tape
    • Markers for labeling all items
      • We sell all the above packing supplies and more! Call us to inquire
  • Check all walls and furniture for any damages – touch up on any you are able to prior to the move
  • Get insurance for your high valued items and antiques
    • Having verified values is an asset!
    • We also provide cargo protection coverages, call us to learn more!


  • Ensure all loose items are packing inside of boxes as well as smaller electronics (ex. DVD players, video game consoles, speakers)
  • Take all pictures, mirrors and/or artwork off of the walls and have them packed and ready before your move
  • Remove any and all heavy, delicate and bulky items from dressers and desks
    • It is preferred if dressers and desks are emptied completely however, these items MUST be removed prior to the move
  • Pack a box of all the essentials to keep with you for the night of the move
    • Important documents/records
    • Toiletries
    • Change of clothes
    • Snacks
    • Towel
    • Portable tool kit
    • Flashlight
    • Garbage bags
  • Unplug and clean out all freezers and refrigerators at least 24 hours prior to the day of your move
  • Pack the kitchen and washrooms last! These are the rooms that are used the MOST in any household


  • Remove any lingering items in all appliances
  • Remove all bedding and linens and pack them in boxes and/or bags
  • Check all cabinets, closets and storage areas for any items you may have missed packing, or the movers missed taking!
  • Swap all the appropriate contact information with your movers
    • Verify the moving to address is correct
    • They have the correct phone number(s)
  • When the movers finish unloading, unpack the kitchen and washrooms first! These are the rooms that are used the MOST in any household

As moving professionals, we’re happy to disclose all our moving and packing secrets for you to take full advantage of. As mentioned earlier, they fundamental aspect of a streamlined and efficient move is planning and organization. If you take the time to follow along our checklist, your move will be easy as pie!


Before you even start, the thought of packing can come off as scary, meticulous and long. If you’re looking to save yourself the hassle of packing all your household belongings, or even just to pack specific rooms/items, feel free to give us a call! We offer packing services in addition to moving.

  • Time management
    • Packing almost always ends up taking longer than you expect it to! There is always a lot more hiding in the corners than you can remember
    • Set smart goals such as packing a room per day in the weeks prior to your moving date
  • Don’t overpack boxes
    • Keep in mind with heavy items (ex. books), you don’t want to pack too many in one box. One way to work around this is to allot smaller boxes for heavier items – this way you don’t unintentionally end up packing some boxes heavier than expected!
  • Boxes that aren’t completely full can bend and break easier! To avoid this, use items like blankets, linen, clothing, to fill the empty spaces of your boxes, or use packing paper! This will also protect your belongings inside the box.
  • Remember to keep each box room specific!
    • Don’t cross pack boxes with items from multiple different rooms. This makes unpacking much harder and longer
  • Don’t procrastinate!
    • Don’t put off packing boxes till the day of the move. Boxes are often the first items taken into the truck by movers, and it is an easy way to lose track of things!


  • As mentioned before, movers often take boxes first. So, ensure that boxes are placed in accessible areas of your home
  • Clear out and/or point out anything that is not to be moved
  • Make sure all items are packed properly and labeled clearly
  • Disassemble beds, large tables and any other oversized furniture items
    • If you are unable to do so, let your movers know prior to their arrival so they can bring the appropriate tools for the job!
  • When your movers are unloading, be sure to direct them to the corresponding rooms with what they are unloading
  • Save a large enough parking spot as close as possible to your residence

If you follow the moving checklist, and follow all the tips and tricks provided above, your move should be a breeze! Still haven’t booked a mover? Give us a call! 403-402-7992.

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