The moving day is approaching faster than you anticipated, here are some packing and moving tips to get you prepared. Preparation is fundamental to ensuring a stress free and efficient move! If you take the time to organize ahead of time and plan out the days leading up to your move, the moving day itself will have a lot less stressors.

Where do we start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The Sparta Movers team compiled a list of some of the best packing and moving tips and tricks to help with your move! Follow the list below and it’s all smooth sailing from here!

  1. Order supplies in excess!
    • Instead of being forced to scramble last minute to procure more supplies, it’s always better to have extra on hand! As they always say – “better be safe than sorry.” It is highly likely you will end up using more boxes and tape than you originally anticipated. Better yet, order your packing supplies from Sparta and get them delivered right to your doorstep. On the moving day, we will take the left-over supplies, which you haven’t used, back and apply credit towards your moving bill!   
  2. Packing in all shapes and sizes
    • Variety matters! Especially when it comes to the size of your boxes when packing your household goods. Although large boxes can fit most your belongings, small and medium size boxes are better suited for heavier items, such as books, glassware, pictures, electronics etc. Don’t forget wardrobe boxes for your clothes (although if you move with Sparta , we provide those complimentary for you to use on the moving day)! Remember: packing is a delicate process. You want to pack smart so the items inside are safe and sound, as well as easy to find.
  3. Packing fragile boxes
    • Always pack fragile items together. This way the entire box can be marked as fragile, so the movers would know which boxes require extra care and attention – making sure to place them accordingly inside the truck.


REMEMBER: think of packing your belongings as an investment. If you invest time and effort to pack your belongings properly, the pay back will be huge! Firstly, there will be less likelihood for damages. Secondly, the moving process will be smoother, faster and thus less costly, as normally local moves are billed by the hour. And finally, unpacking at your new place will be a breeze, as you know precisely where everything is!

We have outlined all essential pro packing tips below:

  1. Labeling
    • This is such a small point but a very important one! Labeling boxes goes a long way not only for your movers, but especially for yourself! This way you know the contents of each box and its designated location in the new place. Make sure you put down detailed notes of what’s inside! P.S. all of Sparta boxes have allocations for labeling right on them! Contact us to learn more.
  2. Weight
    • As a general rule when packing: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. This ties into what we mentioned earlier about having an array of box sizes – some things fit better into smaller boxes, this is especially true for heavy items! It’s harder to overpack a smaller box and therefore smaller boxes packed with heavy items will be easier to carry. Save those larger boxes for light and hard to carry items.
  3. Moving day
    • NO PACKING. Moving day is going to be busy! Make sure you’re ready for it by having all your boxes pre-packed and ready to go. It takes a lot of unnecessary stress away for the day!
  4. Rooms
    • Remember: one box, one room. It makes unpacking much easier and organized if there is consistency among the content of each box.


Hiring movers is a smart choice to make! Choosing a reputable, licensed and insured company will alleviate a lot of the moving stress and make moving day go faster and easier! A professional team will have a “plan B” in any situation. Follow the moving tips below, so you could help movers helping you!

  1. Packing Order
    • If there are certain items you would like first at your new residence, let your movers know! They will load those at the back of the truck, so those items will be the first out of the truck.
  2. No packing on moving day
    • We thought we would just throw this in here again, so you and the movers are ready to go with least amount of distractions.
  3. Furniture prep
    • It always helps to disassemble bedroom sets ahead of time – so it saves time on moving day! If not completed in advance, professional movers will have the tools  and will assist with furniture disassembly and reassembly. don’t forget to remove contents from desks, china cabinets, dressers, etc. If you have any specialty items such as treadmills, pool tables etc. you should definitely strive to have those disassembled beforehand or give the movers a heads up so they could allocate adequate resources!
  4. Logistics
    • Sorting out all the details ahead of the move always helps. This includes finding out where the truck can be parked, letting the movers know of any time constraints, parking limitations, elevator hours etc.
  5. Keep valued items with you!
    • Try not to pack away your cash, medications, jewelry and sensitive documents. You might need to access them and this way the movers don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on your valued items.

We hope you enjoyed this article. With more planning and organization your move will be less stressful! Are you still feeling uneasy? Take a look at our Moving and Packing Tips Checklist or give Sparta Movers a call at 403-402-7992. Let our professional packers and movers help you with everything!

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