Should I move in the summer? On first thought, nothing may seem worse than freezing your hands (or entire body for that matter) while lugging things back and forth during a blistering, winter day. Not to mention driving more than necessary in the snow and ice. While we are keeping score, there is also always a greater risk of torrential downpour (or worse) in the fall or spring. So, the obvious choice for optimal moving timing appears to be during the summer. Keep in mind however that every single person looking to make a notoriously grating, exhausting experience (aka moving) easier – has got their eyes on the summer prize just like you. In fact, North American statistics show that 60% of all moves happen between May and August. As with any truth in life though, it turns out the grass is not always greener on the other side. You may be skipping a weather storm, but it is definitely still important to be prepared and know what you are getting into. Check out our straightforward tips to help make sure your move stays sweet and has you walking on sunshine!

Will I Pay More For A Move In The Summer?

The short answer, yes. Undoubtedly, this varies from company to company, but time is money and moving professionals are booked from dusk till dawn with moves in the summer (see below). Why are moving companies so busy in the summer? A fair assumption to make would be that the high season for moving is due in large part to it also being the busiest time of year for buying and selling homes. 40% of home sales and purchases take place between the months of May and August, with the peak time being in June. Add to this that people who have been away at school are returning home, tourists visiting for the summer are coming in, and of course as previously mentioned – no one wants to move in the snow. Be conscious of your moving budget and also remember to note long weekends and holidays – they can sneak up on you during the summer months. Just because the moving team you are working with does not change their rates during the warm weather season overall, does not mean they are not going to charge more on a long weekend.

Do I Need To Book Far In Advance For My Summer Move?

Absolutely. Do not mess around here. A running theme that appears in almost every single advice piece ever written about moving will tell you this – book your summer move in advance! As far in advance as possible. Having your move confirmed on the books, with professionals you trust, as soon as you can, will never fail to bring some peace of mind to a somewhat (inevitably) trying process. It goes without saying that the more diligent you are about scheduling your move, the more likely you will be to get a spot with your desired moving business. A small, but important, detail that should also be considered though is – the earlier you book your date, the more likely you will be able to select your preferred time of day to move. This may seem neither here nor there – but in the summer months, when things get seriously hot in the mid-late afternoon, a morning move can make all of the difference between comfort and sweaty stress.


By all means, if you book your move in the summer, there will be the awesome benefit of not having to do up and untie your winter boots 50 times in one day, or worry about having your massive jacket and gloves on hand so you do not freeze to death. Nonetheless, there are certainly key pieces to stock up on and keep on hand. Inarguably one of the most important: water! Water for you, your family, and of course – your moving team. Invest in a flat (or 2 to be safe) of water bottles and try to keep them as cold as possible (see cooler tips below). As the day goes on, nothing will inspire/power through a hot and tired crew more than icy, refreshing water. Moving in the summer can be ideal, but not if everyone feels faint from heat exhaustion. Stay hydrated.

Always Be Prepared

Sidestep being fooled by the ease of warm weather, you have to be just as diligently prepared for your summer move! Organization, no matter the season, will help you have a more comfortable and enjoyable moving experience 10/10 times. Just as important as having the heat ready to go when it is cold? Being able to have your new home nice and chilled with rolling AC for you and your movers! This will require you staying focused and allowing enough time for your utilities to be switched over/set up ahead of moving day. While everyone is sweating, it is not the greatest time to try and figure out how to operate your new cooling unit. If possible, get in there ahead of time and familiarize yourself. One more thing planned is one less thing to worry about and is always a gift you are giving to your future self. Print off this helpful checklist to make sure you do not miss a thing.

What Items Are Not Good To Move In The Heat?

In the vein of booking movers in advance, equipping yourself with essential items, and preparing/organizing your moving day to an obnoxious degree; is remembering to note what items travel/store well in the heat. All of your time and hard work spent planning the best summer move ever could easily (and quickly) be ruined by your phone shutting off because it gets too hot, or your fridge contents turning to mush in your trunk. Perishable food items are your biggest issue here. When it comes to storing food, you can simply grab a foam cooler from any grocery store or gas station and fill it up with bags of ice. Or, take the opportunity to purchase something you can keep and utilize again with reusable freezer packs too. The second most temperamental item – electronics. Keep tablets in your purse under the passenger seat and your phone in your pocket or glove compartment. This is not the day to leave anything out on the dash, getting its tan on. Your moving company will have you covered with whatever belongings they are taking, but avoid the temptation of throwing the rest willy nilly into your vehicle. If you are distracted delegating inside your home, things could be burning up inside your car. Keep a sticky note on your dash, or ask whomever is riding with you to act as a reminder – get things inside, into the fridge and/or air conditioning asap.

Although moving in the summer is universally popular and presents numerous pros, there is unfortunately no get out of jail free card. Moving, at least if you want it to go well, will always require forethought. Hopefully, if you can follow these tips, get enough sleep the night before, dress appropriately, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, drink enough water – your summertime move will go off without a hitch!

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