How do you make the most of a rainy summer? We know, this was supposed to be the greatest summer EVER. After years of only having a balcony as a backyard, and a single, potted plant as a garden, you had dreams and fantasies about letting loose on your very own deck, grass, patio loungers, the works. You went to great lengths to plan and execute the perfect weather move. You were excited to host your first ever late night s’mores fest, enjoy a new home freshly unpacked, and new, happy memories being made. Unfortunately, summer 2020 has been dampened in more ways than one. Not only has COVID-19 halted our gatherings, fiestas, BBQs, and pool parties –  but now it is actually raining too, a lot. No need to feel down on your luck though, a new home is still an incredible thing, and definitely worth celebrating! Check out our five tips on how to stay busy and vibrant in your space, even when it will just not stop pouring.


Splurge On Some New Furniture, The Lounging Kind

During any other year, if your summer days normally consisted of running out and about, tanning at the beach and lunching on a crowded, sunny patio, a couch investment might not have been high on the priority list. Well, wild storms appearing on the weather forecast for days on end have changed things! If you are staying in, you may as well make it comfortable and cozy. Does your adjusted budget/spending habits allow for something a little bit more exciting? Online furniture shopping has never been so popular and bonus points – most large retailers have annual clear out sales towards the end of the summer season. Measure your new space, take advantage of being stuck inside (aka don’t rush the selection process), and dedicate some time and energy to a deep clean so you are bringing home your new piece into pristine conditions. To move past incessant rain clouding your summer plans, although it is challenging, try and allow yourself to really get excited about the basics. A lake run may have been cancelled, but now that your beautiful couch has arrived – maybe it can inspire more new home decorating.


Can I Paint The Interior Of My Home?

Yes! Speaking of home decorating; rainy summer days are the perfect opportunity to tackle a skill that might have seemed intimidating in the past. Biting the bullet and learning how to paint the interior of your new home = bad weather activity perfection. Before you go swatch and brush shopping though; do some investigating to see what you are working with when it comes to your walls. The lucky ones will just have simple builders’ paint to go over, but with older homes there could be a mess of wallpaper, or drywall patching fiasco to fix. Keep in mind, if you are attempting to cover up a super bold/bright original paint job, a paint with primer already mixed in may not do the trick, unless you are into the idea of having to do three or more coats to get full coverage. After you have assessed what you are working with – prep your walls. Peel, patch, sand, dry and wash! Pro tip: regardless if they are dry or not, patched areas should not be washed. According to Go Clean Co, it is going to leave a streaky mess; the opposite of what you are aiming for. Now you can go ahead and shop for your materials, and be sure to make use of the resources in the paint department – ask lots of questions, that is what they are there for. You are ready to paint! Home Depot suggests moving through your masterpiece as follows:

#1 – Apply painter’s tape
#2 – Move furniture, cover valuables in plastic sheets, throw drop cloths
#3 – Prime and paint the ceiling (leave this out if you have a popcorn situation up there)
#4 – Prime your walls
#5 – Sand your primer
#6 – Paint the walls (!)
#7 – Wrap up and clean up


There Has Never Been A Better Time For A Movie Marathon

Reality raining all over your summer plans stinks. A great escape? The enchanting world of movies. There is no surprise here, we have all been neck deep in streaming services for months on end. However, instead of bingeing an entire season of something new; a marathon of classics that are tried, tested and true can check all of the comfort boxes on a dreary day. Furthermore, seeing as restarting production on movies, television and even professional sports for that matter, is somewhat up in the air – regaining a love for the oldies but goodies is probably going to be a boredom curing asset. Missing the theatre experience? You can have real movie popcorn (and other snacks) delivered right to your door. Craving a little bit more ambience? Host your very own movie marathon zoom! If you are still on the hunt for the perfect tv for your new home and living space, perhaps consider something outside of the norm in the interim. Projectors and screens can be purchased easily, but another fun rainy day challenge could be assembling one from scratch and transforming your new home into mini theatre magic. Make your way through the Marvel saga on Disney+, or revisit the many generations of Jurassic Park on Netflix. Getting lost in some great films, all while relaxing on your new couch (see above), is the perfect remedy for blustery days that should have been balmy.


Get To Know Your New Kitchen

It is not uncommon, after the hustle and bustle of moving and then unpacking, to feel a complete lack of motivation to get into the kitchen. In the aftermath of planning and executing the relocation to your new home, grocery lists, trips and making meals can understandably be unappealing. Nevertheless, firing up Grandma’s delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe to try for the first time in your new kitchen, will work wonders on turning your rainy day blues into summertime sunshine. This initial run of baking and cooking up a storm will also help you figure out if where you stored everything, is in fact the best place for it to stay. Oftentimes, it is not until we are actually moving within a space that we realize where everything should be. Missing an heirloom recipe? Try the self proclaimed best one ever here, and for extra summer vibe bonus points – squish some ice cream between two cookies once they are done. Voila, DIY ice cream sandwich!


Indoor Picnic Party

If storm clouds are rolling in, or wild winds are threatening to send your patio umbrella to Mars, it is probably best to reschedule your plans for a beach picnic. On the plus side, you will not be shaking sand out of every nook and cranny for the rest of the week (or dragging it into your new home). What is even better, you do not have to cancel anything, just simply switch locations. That’s right – it is time for an indoor picnic! A fun, impromptu meal, in an unlikely/unconventional spot, is a fantastic way to celebrate all of the unexplored space in your new home. For years to come you will most likely be eating at the table, kitchen counter or couch – making your rainy day adventure now, even more special. If you really want to commit, hanging twinkle lights can set a sweet, whimsical tone. If you have children, make it a teddy bears picnic! With a comfy blanket on the floor, throw pillows, some mood music and of course easy to eat, delicious food – you are set. Have everyone at home pick a room of their choice and do rock, paper, and scissor challenges until a winner/room is picked. Bring along a board game and you are looking at a sweet afternoon you will not soon forget. Making the most out of summertime showers has never been more fun.

High expectations for how life ‘should’ be in your new space can be stressful, and even more so when unforeseen weather or other outside circumstances throw you for a loop. Remember, although things may not go exactly as you had originally planned, your home is your sanctuary. Invest in building memories, think outside the box, and keep checking that forecast – the sun is bound to shine sometime!

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