Cochrane is a small town near Calgary, Alberta. It’s not too far away from the big city living, but it has all the amenities you need to feel at home. The people are friendly and welcoming, and there is a strong sense of community spirit. If you’re thinking of moving to Cochrane, read on to find out why it might be the right choice for you!


Popularity of Cochrane

Cochrane remains one of the most sought-after places to settle down in the province. Even though there has been an increase in population over recent years, Cochrane still retains a small-town feel. Many people have moved from Calgary and other larger cities to Cochrane, and the quality of life here has contributed to its popularity.


Location of Cochrane

Approximately 35 minutes from downtown Calgary, Cochrane is a city located in Alberta’s beautiful foothills. It has the benefits of living in a city, including easy access to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment facilities. However, living in Cochrane is also a great way to have a sense of living out in the country. The town offers beautiful views and easy access to nature.


Safety in Cochrane

In 2020 the RCMP recognized Cochrane as being the 25th safest city in Canada. That’s right, not just Alberta but the entire country! The population of Cochrane is just under 35,000 so it’s a pretty safe bet living here means living without the worry of violent crime or car accidents. The small-town vibe the community has allows for residents to feel safe living here at all times of day and night.

This is great news if you’re moving to Cochrane with your family or just starting out on your own.


Housing in Cochrane

With a majority of new developments, living in Cochrane has never been more popular. However, living in this town doesn’t mean you’re living out in the boonies. Cochrane is an easy commute to Calgary, making it a desirable option for people from surrounding communities too.

With increased popularity also comes increased housing prices. If you’re moving to this town from another area, you may have to budget yourself accordingly, but living in Cochrane is worth it. As the town continues to grow and develop, the homes are becoming more affordable too.


Weather and Climate in Cochrane

For many people, the climate of the area where they live is an important consideration when moving to a new place. After all, who wants to move somewhere that gets too hot or too cold?

Overall, Cochrane has a varied climate with warm summers and cold winters. Summers are short like in most places in Alberta, with a peak of hot weather throughout July and August. In the winter, however, Cochrane can get as cold as -17°C, which isn’t too bad compared to other Alberta cities.


Family Living in Cochrane

Cochrane has a low crime rate, a great community and rich living history. It is also a short commute from Calgary, making it an ideal place to raise a family. With many parks and schools to choose from, living here is all around a great choice for families.


Amenities and Services in Cochrane

As well as amenities such as shopping malls and grocery stores, Cochrane has various schools for families with children of all ages. There is also a sports centre and a library for those who like to stay active or enjoy reading.

Having access to all these things makes living in Cochrane very convenient. You can get everything you need without a long commute. If you’re living in Cochrane you’re living close to everything you need, which means you have more time to spend with your family or friends.


Business in Cochrane

Despite the size of the town, Cochrane is home to a number of successful businesses ranging from small boutiques and shops to large warehouses. The town has a prominent natural resources sector, with many companies employing hundreds of residents. Additionally, Cochrane’s arts and commercial sectors are notable, with many organizations promoting culture and commerce.


Things to Do in Cochrane

There’s always something fun to do in Cochrane. Here’s a short list of some local attractions:

  • Glenbow Ranch provincial park
  • Cochrane Public Library
  • Studio West Bronze Foundry and Art Gallery
  • Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
  • Cochrane Historical Museum
  • Big Hill Springs Provincial Park
  • and many more!

As you can see, Cochrane has all kinds of attractions to keep you entertained!


Cost of living in Cochrane

Sometimes, people are unsure if living in Cochrane is right for them. One of the biggest factors to consider is the cost of living. Fortunately, Cochrane is quite affordable!

Compared to a larger city like Calgary, living in Cochrane is less expensive. Things like housing and transportation costs are lower, and you’ll also pay less for basic necessities like groceries and utilities.


Does living in Cochrane sound right for you?

You may be wondering how to go about determining whether or not living in Cochrane is right for you. To help clear things up, here is a handful of questions to ask yourself before committing to living in Cochrane.


Are you a family person?

Cochrane has tons of great things to do with kids and is generally very welcoming of families. With the new aquatic centre opening this year, living in Cochrane will be even easier for those who have children!


Do you love the outdoors?

With the Rockies at your doorstep living in Cochrane is a great option for nature enthusiasts. You don’t have to go far from the city to find yourself hiking, biking, horseback riding and rock climbing!


Do your little ones make use of daycare?

Cochrane has several options for daycares and preschools making living in Cochrane a great option for parents!


Do you work from home?

If you decide to live downtown, Cochrane will be an excellent place to do business. With fast internet and plenty of workspace living in Cochrane is a great option for those looking to telecommute.


Do you love living near a big city?

Living in Cochrane gives you the comfort of living in a small town while still giving you great access to Calgary and other communities. Awesome living!


Is living downtown important to you?

With so many fun things to do living in Cochrane is an ideal option for those who want to live downtown. Whether it’s living in the heart of downtown or living downtown, living in Cochrane is a great option for those looking to live close to everything!


Are you thinking about trying out mountain living?

With so many amazing trails and beautiful parks living in Cochrane will give you the opportunity to experience all that we have to offer right on our doorsteps.


Summary of Living in Cochrane

Living in Cochrane is great for many reasons. You can enjoy living close to nature, you’ll be surrounded by friendly people and the cost of living is low. There are also plenty of opportunities for recreation if you’re an outdoor enthusiast with lots of choices in both summer and winter activities.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Cochrane living whether you’re living here already or thinking about moving here in the future!


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