Edmonton, Alberta is a beautiful place with lots to offer. The cost of living in Edmonton is much lower than in many other major cities in Canada, but it still isn’t cheap by any means. Edmonton offers a unique combination of low costs and large opportunities, so Edmontonians tend to find that they have more money than in most other major cities.

So can you afford Edmonton? Continue reading to find out!


Housing costs are Edmonton’s biggest expense, and they continue to rise. The average price for a single-family home in Edmonton is now over $450,000, while the average condo or townhome will set you back around $300,000. Edmontonians looking for more space should consider townhouses and large homes in the outskirts of Edmonton beyond the city’s downtown. The city also has several new condo developments going up all over to cater to younger singles and couples.

If you’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, Edmonton has you covered. The average downtown Edmonton rental sits around $1100, while a more suburban Edmonton rental averages $925. This happens to be more affordable than other large Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or even Calgary. So, if you can afford Edmonton’s average housing prices, you’ll be living much more cheaply than in other major Canadian cities.

Food & Drink

Food is relatively affordable in Edmonton, with groceries being slightly cheaper than most major cities in Canada. Edmonton is also home to a number of fast-food chains if you’re looking for something quick and cheap when on the go. Eating out isn’t too bad in Edmonton either, with an average meal costing around $15.

For groceries, the average cost comes to around $292 for a single person per month. Edmonton’s has a variety of popular grocery stores to choose from, such as Safeway, Sobeys, and Superstore. If you’re looking for organic or specialty items, Edmonton also has cultural pockets with lots of independent stores.


The cost of entertainment in Edmonton can be expensive, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re into going to the movies, Edmonton has a few theatres with regular-priced tickets. However, if you’re looking for something more unique, such as an IMAX theatre, the prices can be significantly higher.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Edmonton has a lot of options. The city has many parks, and most of them are free to enter. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, Edmonton also has a number of trails and paths for biking, running, or walking.

Finally, Edmonton is home to many restaurants and bars. While there are some cheaper places to eat, the cost of dining out can add up quickly. The same goes for drinks at a bar – the prices can be quite high.


Another component of the cost of living in Edmonton is transportation. Edmonton is a large city with many people owning cars and taking advantage of the roads and freeway system. Edmontonians pay taxes on gas to help maintain city roads and freeways, but Edmonton’s low fuel costs mean that Edmontonians often don’t feel it too much in their wallets when they need to fill up their tanks.

In terms of public transportation, the one-way fair on Edmonton Transit is about $3.50, and a monthly transit pass is around $97 a month. Edmonton also has an extensive bus system with over 150 bus routes.


The cost of utilities in Edmonton can vary depending on the size of your home, the age of your home, and the type of heating you have. Edmonton has a very cold winter, so it’s important to factor in the cost of heating your home into your budget.

The average cost for utilities, including gas and electricity, varies from $150-$250 per month. The Edmonton Utilities Service website offers an online cost estimator for electric and natural gas to give you a better idea of your monthly utility costs.

The cost of water, sewer, and garbage disposal services is generally around $30-$50 per month depending on the size of your home. Ultimately, the cost of your utilities will depend on your personal needs and usage.

Tips for Cost of Living in Edmonton

Are you wondering how you can budget for your lifestyle in Edmonton? Here are a few tips for saving money in Edmonton:

  • Use public transit or carpool – Edmonton has a great public transit system, which can help you save on transportation costs. You can also save money by carpooling with friends or coworkers.
  • Shop for groceries at farmers’ markets – Edmonton has several farmers’ markets where you can buy fresh, local produce. This is a great way to save money on your grocery bill.
  • Enjoy Edmonton’s cultural attractions – Edmonton has great art and culture scene, with many free or discounted events available. Take advantage of these events to enjoy Edmonton’s culture without breaking the bank.

All in all, living in Edmonton doesn’t have to be expensive – with a little bit of planning, you can live comfortably in Edmonton on a budget. For more tips on how to

Cost of Living in Edmonton: Can you afford it?

Edmonton, Alberta is one of the most exciting places that you can live in. Edmonton is a cultural center, home to major festivals and sports events. Considering all that the city has to offer, the cost of living in Edmonton is quite reasonable.

In other words, if you want to live here, you can. Edmonton has a wide variety of apartments, condos and houses to choose from. The cost of living in Edmonton is lower than in some other major Canadian cities. Regardless of your exact income, you will be able to find a place to live that is comfortable and affordable.

So, Edmonton is a great choice for anyone who wants to live in Canada, especially if they are looking for good career opportunities.

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