Taking the time to prepare all the different parts of moving in great detail will ensure that everything runs smoothly. One of the best tricks that will help you have a neat and clean relocation is using storage units. By doing so, you’ll free all the space that you’ll surely need along the way. If your space becomes too cluttered, everything else will be messy and disorganized as well. However, be wary that you cannot simply place everything in storage units and call it a day. There are rules, and they should, or rather must, be followed. In the spirit of keeping everything as concise as possible, let’s focus on the don’ts instead of the dos. Here are some items you should never keep in a storage unit for several valid reasons.

Why use storage in the first place?

Before we dig into the rules and regulations, you might be wondering why you should use a storage unit at all. Besides the fact that it’ll keep your move simple, it’ll also take the pressure and responsibility off you. If you’re lucky enough to find a moving company that offers to rent you a storage unit as a part of the standard package, they’ll mostly take care of everything. You’ll simply pack everything up and leave it in their hands. That’s to say that, even if you own a space in your home that’s suitable for storing your belongings, it’s better to keep them elsewhere. This way, they won’t be affected by moving, and you won’t have to worry about transportation as much as you would otherwise.

What are the items you should never keep in a storage unit?

There are certainly plenty of things that you could keep in a storage unit and leave there even after you’ve relocated. It’ll be safe and sound until you need them again. And then there are some items that you should never place in a storage unit, not even for a short time.

Any liquids

Some of the items that have no place in a storage unit are liquids. Better yet, you should try and do everything in your power to prevent moisture from getting into your storage. This means that you should avoid storing anything that even remotely tends to attract or draw in moisture. And liquids are moisture. Everything you store will sooner or later find its way back to your home, and you should keep it dry and safe for your health.

A woman pouring water in her water bottle.

Toxic materials and hazardous chemicals

Any hazardous or combustible materials have no place in your storage unit. Some of them are fuels, chemicals, acids, gases, pesticides, liquor, fireworks, and medical waste. Of course, you cannot always be certain about what this category entails. This is why you should always communicate your doubts and worries to the professionals you’ve hired. They will surely be familiar with all the rules that you’re expected to follow.

Anything living

Although this category mainly refers to plants, there have been cases when people have used storage units to keep their pets. In that spirit, we must advise you against any such attempts. On the other hand, if storing plants is something you must do, you must do enough research on the subject. Pay attention to all cautionary tips that could be helpful. Water your plants, give them enough light and air.


In the category of things that should never be kept in a storage unit, there’s also anything valuable. This, of course, doesn’t only apply to expensive items but also those that have sentimental value or are of importance for whatever reason. Here are some examples.

  • Artwork
  • Antique furniture
  • Electronics
  • Heirlooms
  • Sensitive documents
  • Anything irreplaceable

A woman looking at valuable paintings on a wall which shouldn't be kept in storage units.

Flammable items

For safety reasons, you should try to be quite cautious when it comes to storing flammable items and materials that can catch fire easily. Although you’ll do your best to choose a safe location and have your items under the best care possible, accidents happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


You should also avoid keeping food in your storage unit. Make sure to really follow this rule no matter how well packed it is. It spoils and becomes rotten incredibly quickly, and you don’t want to deal with the aftermath. However, you can keep canned foods in a storage unit.

Canned food that can be kept in a storage unit for longer periods of time.

Anything illegal

Although all the crime TV shows openly condone and promote keeping anything that’s not law-abiding inside your storage unit, we must claim otherwise. All jokes aside, if you do own anything that’s perhaps less exciting but still not really by the rules, such as an unregistered vehicle, make sure not to keep it in a storage unit. Even if you own something your state deems legal, for instance, a registered weapon, there are far better places for it.

Remember to ensure your belongings

Whatever you end up deciding to keep in a storage unit, make sure to ensure those items. These units, although usually in safe places, can be subdued to any number of hazardous situations. Not only that, but movers can accidentally damage your property as well. For these reasons and many more, insurance is a great idea. It really doesn’t cost much, but it can help a lot.

Items you should never keep in a storage unit – delivered

Now you know what items you should never keep in a storage unit, both for safety and legal reasons. Know that renting a storage unit can be handy in many situations, moving being only one of them. However, only if you respect the rules can the unit be really beneficial. What is the point if your belongings get damaged?

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