There is no shortage of dog parks in Edmonton, Alberta. But which ones are the best? It depends on what your needs are and what you want out of a park. Do you need a place for your dog to run around without being near traffic or other dogs? Or do you just want somewhere for them to hang out while you sit nearby reading a book or watching people walk by? Whatever it is that will make your pup happiest, there’s probably a perfect Edmonton dog park for both of you. Let’s talk about the best dogs parks in Edmonton, Alberta!


Mill Creek Ravine South

As the first dog park on our list, Mill Creek Ravine South offers many great trails. It’s a large area where your dog can run around without being near too many people or having to worry about cars. One of the nicest features of the park is the ravine where your dog can play and splash around in the water. The Mill Creek Ravine flows into the North Saskatchewan River. You can take your dog there to go swimming in the summer to cool off. It’s an easy place to get to, just a short drive from downtown Edmonton, and is sure to please any local pup!

Address: 96 Street and 76 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta


Hermitage Park

The next best dog park in Edmonton is Hermitage Park. Situated in the northeast end of Edmonton, Hermitage Park has all the amenities that you’ll need for a day out with your furry companion. Firstly, there is a nice paved path which is great for both walkers and runners. Families appreciate this park for its nice trails, picnic tables, and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the nearby pond also makes great scenery. The off-leash dog park section is a popular destination for dog lovers in Edmonton.

Address: 2115 Hermitage Rd NW, Edmonton


Terwillegar Park

As one of the biggest off-leash dog parks in Edmonton, Terwillegar Park has space for many canines. There are all kinds of grassy terrain here, including sloping fields and flatter areas. There is also a shaded stream if your dog enjoys water, and plenty of trees for your dog to sniff. Terwillegar Park also has a bunch of lovely trails, so you and your dog will never get tired of exploring the park! The wide array of features make Terwillegar Park one of the best dog parks in Edmonton.

Address: 10 Rabbit Hill Rd NW, Edmonton


Jackie Parker Park

Another awesome dog park in Edmonton is Jackie Parker Park. This spot is often a social meeting place for both furry friends and their families. A neat aspect of this park is the fire pit area that is available for public use. There is also a small lake which has a trail all around it, making it perfect for long walks! Footbridges in the woods are there for those who love to hike as well. All in all, Jackie Parker Park offers plenty of fun amenities for humans and canines alike.

Address: 4540 A 50 St NW, Edmonton


Lacombe Lake Dog Park

This park is fenced off, which means that your dog will be able to enjoy the freedom of running around without you having to worry about them running away! Lacombe Lake Dog Park is located – you guessed it – by a lake, so your pet can go for a swim on a hot day. The beach here is nice and clean, and there are many open areas for your pet to explore. While this park also has wonderful trails, keep in mind that they are on-leash only. Nonetheless, this is still a great place to go if you have an energetic dog who wants to run around.

Address: 151 McKenney Ave, St. Albert


Gold Bar Park

Amongst the best dog parks in Edmonton is Gold Bar Park. Here there are plenty of trails for humans and dogs alike to enjoy a nice day out in the sun. The park features a sturdy bridge that your dog can walk over to get a good look at the natural wildlife. Gold Bar Park also provides a beautiful view of the city, with a nice grassy field to sit in and relax. Families with dogs can enjoy a picnic on the grass or have a nice walk around. Gold Bar Park is a great area for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Address: 10955 50 St NW, Edmonton


Umbach Off-leash Dog Park

Unlike other dog parks on our list, this one happens to have an agility course. In fact, it’s the first park of its kind in Alberta. The course is free to use and is always open to dogs of all abilities. Umbach Park features various obstacles for furry friends to learn and develop their confidence. The agility course is great for dogs to socialize with each other, increase their physical fitness, and have a blast doing so! In addition, Umbach Park has open grassy spaces as well, so dogs can romp around and play with each other at their leisure.

Address: 969 Boulder Blvd, Stony Plain


Marlboro Off-Leash Park

Lastly, there is Marlboro Off-Leash Park, located near Heritage Grove Park to the west of the city. Offering an unfenced play space, this is a location for dogs who like to run free and socialize with other canines. There are many trails to explore here, as well as trees and benches for owners. Malboro Park is ideal for dogs who want to run free with no limitations, plus it helps them to get their daily exercise. Overall, Marlboro Off-Leash Park is a wonderful place for dogs and their owners to socialize and exercise.

Address: 49 Marlboro Dr, Spruce Grove


What best dog parks will you check out?

The best dog parks in Edmonton are not to be missed. From the scenic stretches of the river valley to the perfect off-leash areas that Edmonton has to offer, you’ll be amazed by what this city has in store for you and your pup.

From adventure time with friends to peaceful sunsets shared with your special companions, Edmonton’s dog parks have everything to offer. So, get outside and make some memories!