With buying, selling, and moving into a new home just coming out of its very busy, peak season – what are the benefits to moving in the fall? It can understandably be easy to get swept up into the summer moving hype. No matter where you live in the world, there seems to be an unspoken agreement that to have the least stressful, smoothest moving experience possible, you have to do it during the summer months. While there is definitely an upside to just being able to throw on shorts, a t-shirt, and runners to get your big day rolling – moving when literally every single other person on the planet is looking to move can be intense. If you were originally seeking a relocation during the warmer months and were not able to make it happen, do not be dismayed. An underrated moving season that can actually bring more pros than cons is upon us, and you are going to love some of the pluses that come along with it. Check out our top four reasons as to why moving in the fall might just be the best of all.

Last Minute Bookings Can Actually Happen

When a particular time of year to do anything becomes universally popular, the gap you need to schedule ahead grows larger and larger. Some moving companies and their services are completely full long before summertime comes around. This can be challenging to deal with when moving can oftentimes happen unexpectedly. If you are renting and get notice that your landlord has sold the property, if your dream house becomes available out of nowhere and you need to pounce immediately or risk losing it, or other unforeseen circumstances occur. Now, when you do not have months and months to prepare for your move, you of course did not have the capability to book your movers far in advance either. A massive upside to moving in the fall is that things have most likely slowed down considerably for your local moving companies, and they will have more open and flexible schedules for you to work with. Need a last minute Saturday move? In June, good luck. In early October, it could happen!

Flip The Script On Back To School

When initially thinking about ensuring the most efficient move possible, our minds can quickly assume that June, July, or August (aka when there is no school for the kids) will be optimal. Yes, you will probably have less day to day time restrictions, and extracurricular activities to work around throughout these months, but it also means that your children are always home. As important as it is to involve them in your upcoming move, every parent knows the amount of work you can power through when you are kid free for a few hours is tenfold. In the fall, when the little ones are occupied for most of the day, you will have more time to view houses, meet with your real estate agent, prepare your current home for showings, and most importantly – organize and pack! Wanting to pass the buck on the most tedious element to moving? Check out our packing services here. Although your seemingly busier schedule will be back in full swing, back to school for the kids can be used to your advantage when moving in the fall.

Spot Your Moderate Weather Window

Sweat. Heat stroke. Nonstop sunscreen application. Needing to ensure your moving crew has a steady supply of cold water; not just because you are super considerate, but also that they might collapse otherwise. From heat exhaustion. Yes, moving in the summer has its positives, but all of the above and then some can be collateral damage when you are hauling boxes and heavy furniture when it is thirty or more above. If nothing else, there will always be a level of risk and/or discomfort when moving in any kind of extreme weather; heat or otherwise. When the temperature begins to cool off come September, all of these potential moving day weather hazards can easily be avoided! You may need a light jacket, but in turn will hopefully be able to avoid sweltering heat or a chilling ice storm. No beating down from the sun, no slippery snow or daunting, dangling icicles – autumn weather is your perfect weather happy medium. Overall, slightly cooler temperatures are a definite bonus to a fall move.

Save Your Hard Earned Pennies

Like any other industry and its connected counterparts; that fact that moving companies are extremely busy throughout the summer is directly linked to the housing market typically having its highest sales at the same exact time. If you hold off on your plans to buy or rent until the fall, you can potentially save some big money. According to MoneyWise, “Sellers are more willing to cut their prices as back-to-school approaches, because they get nervous that they won’t be able to make a sale before the cold weather arrives and buyers go into hibernation.” If landlords were not able to secure new tenants ahead of the new school year starting, they too might also be more willing to negotiate a price drop in rent. Subsequently, moving companies are no different. Throughout the high season, you may notice moving companies increasing their costs. This can be accounted for by needing more staff, longer hours, etc. However, come fall, you may be able to score a sweeter deal. Additionally, because they tend to be slower all around, you could also look into comparing weekend to weekday pricing and see if your chosen moving company is willing to work with you there. In general, competing with less people looking to buy and move into new homes is a positive that comes along with fall moving.

If you have never moved before, it is always very important to do your research.. While from the outside looking in, aiming for a summer move seems like the traditional and obvious ideal – hidden gems can certainly be found when choosing to relocate in an ‘off’ season. Whether you are buying or renting, embarking on a move is a large financial undertaking. If there are ways to save, or put your money to better use, go for it! Ask for fall rates from your service providers and vendors, compare seasonal pricing, and take charge of empowering yourself with all of the information available to you. A new home and space is a big and exciting moment. Pairing that experience with an awareness of all your options, and how to make the most of your budget, is a sure fire way to have no regrets when all is said and done. Happy fall moving!

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