How do I make my new house feel like a home? An age old question. Now, many heartfelt,  sentimentally inclined folk will tell you that it is indeed not the things that make a home, but the people living there and the memories they make together. Although we most certainly do not disagree, some new swag for your new digs will also not hurt the cause! When you have gone through the epic, overwhelming, and demanding beast that is a big move (hopefully you hired help to make it as painless as possible) – you have earned the right to jazz the place up a bit.

After all the unpacking is complete and the inaugural cleaning has come and gone, you can jump in to designing and decorating your brand new space. If you have transitioned into something significantly larger, it can be easy to feel intimidated by the undertaking of furnishing the house from top to bottom, right away. Pro tip – do not. Focus on investment pieces (ie. the items you will get solid, daily use out of) and work out from there. Unsure of where to start? Follow our curated guide below for the top five items that can swiftly turn a new house you are just getting the feel for, into a welcoming, comforting, and known home.

#1 – Start The Whole Thing Right With A Good Sleep At Night

Of course there will be hustling and bustling in the kitchen, decorating the living room for the holidays and cleaning up toys in the playroom constantly. However, you will most likely never spend more time anywhere else than you do in the bedroom. Easily, the best and quickest way to have your new bedroom feel like home is by ensuring the centerpiece is up to snuff. First things first – get your mattress situation covered. Sleep experts currently recommend that mattresses be replaced every 8-10 years. If you calculate the total time logged over a decade of sleep – you will surely see why! That number is a culmination of many hours spent in one, specific area of our homes, so let’s make it worthwhile and comfortable.

Feeling like sifting through all of the different options of mattress styles is slightly confusing at best, ridiculous at worst? Check out how to go efficiently about choosing the right type of mattress for you here. Top it off with some new sheets and fluffy, fresh pillows and you will be counting sheep in no time.

#2 – Movie Night On Your Dream TV

New space, new toys. In different times, being outside of your home for the vast majority of the day was considered normal and commonplace. A new television then, may not have been on the ‘to purchase’ list immediately after moving in. As we know though, times have changed. Get cozy for movie night and throw on a classic – but look up at your big, bright, so clear it feels like you are there, flat screen. Out with the old, in with the new. Find the perfect make, model and size for your needs first, and then surround new furniture accordingly. Keep in mind that nothing will ruin a design vibe faster than attempting (forcing) to squeeze a 70 inch screen between bookshelves that just do not fit. Having an entertaining, central and focal point for high traffic and gathering areas will instantly help to turn your house from new, to comfortable and welcoming.

#3 – Excitable Plant Person

How can you breathe life into a new space? Quite literally by bringing something living inside! Houseplants are the perfect addition to anyone wanting to brighten and bolden a room (and mood while you are at it). Can they add colour and vibrancy? Check. Can they be central features to work around or small, decorative pieces bringing pops of colour? Yes, and yes. In addition to pulling a room together, houseplants can provide a wide range of health benefits too. They reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, can help to eliminate pollutants (like benzene and nitrogen dioxide), aid in clearing airborne dust and contribute to neutralizing room temperatures.

According to new research, incorporating houseplants into your new home can offer mental health benefits as well, particularly in regards to coping with stress. Become a plant parent, and you can clean your air, feel better mentally and physically, all while adding awesome character to your living space. Houseplants are an affordable, fantastic way to help shift your house to a home.

#4 – Should I Purchase Art For My New Home?

Yes, get brave and bold and take the plunge into purchasing art for your new home. You only live once! Adding a piece to your walls, shelves, display case, etc., that makes you feel happy is key in transitioning your house into your home. New art for a new home (once you really get a feel for the place and what will work well) can be an awesome and fun design activity too. With that said, there is something romantic and nostalgic about bringing artwork that has held space in your previous homes, into its own spot within your new home. A small piece of comfort from the past can keep happy memories fresh in your mind, and also warm up a space that you are excited to make new ones in.

A photo wall can work very well here. Interested in learning how to go about purchasing art and starting work on your own, curated collection? Prints for sale online are a great, intimidation free place to start. Feeling ready to have an original piece hanging on your wall? Check out an easy how-to here.

#5 – The Big Comfy Couch

When all else fails, if you have a comfortable place to throw your feet up on and sink down into after a long day – you will be well on your way to having your new house feel just like home. Online shopping has opened up an entire world of lounging possibilities, and you can safely read reviews from home, while keeping your distance and never having to actually step foot into a store. The ongoing growth of digital furniture shopping also means there is a lot of variety to choose from. A sectional or multiple pieces? Loveseat or recliner? Functional futon for future guests or trendy and cute to make your new space pop? Regardless of the direction you head in, having a place where you a) love to sit and b) looks great in your space, will be huge in regards to truly being able to relax and unwind in your new home.

Although at times daunting, one of the most exciting rituals to help make your new house purchase turn into a comfortable home, is adding fresh elements to it. Take measurements, look at paint swatches, dream up ideas on Pinterest and get excited about what a space has the potential to be. Once you can genuinely unwind and start planting roots, what was once an unknown house, will soon become your home sweet home.

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