The best churches in Canmore are a window into its rich history and diverse faith community.

Canmore is a quickly growing town just outside of Calgary, Alberta. With a population of about 14,000 people as of 2016, many new families are moving in daily and striving to make the best of their time in this beautiful mountain town.

What many newcomers to Canmore may not know is just how much its rich history has shaped the best churches in its community. There are a variety of churches in the area, and each of which offers something special and unique to its worshippers. In this article, we’ll be giving you some details about the various churches in the area so that you can pick the best church for you and your family.

So, what are the best churches in Canmore, Alberta?


Trinity Bible Church

First off, Trinity Bible Church is known as one of the best churches in Canmore. The church’s purpose is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, Trinity Bible Church aims to empower its members to go out into the world and enact change through their own lives.

Trinity Bible Church strives to inform people that they are the church themselves, and so the power of God is within each person. The church regularly hosts community dinners, youth services, and other special events.

Address: 1717 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1B8

Phone Number: (403) 678-5063


Crossway Community Church

Next, Crossway Community Church. This church is passionate about people experiencing the freedom of God.

Crossway Community Church is best-known for its welcoming atmosphere and acceptance of all people. They are happy to have people of all kinds check out their service. Even visitors to the area who may be travelling with different beliefs are very welcome at Crossway.

One unique facet of Crossway Community Church is its thrift store. Crossway Community Thrift is open 5 days a week and aids the community in having good, donated items for affordable prices.

Address: 117 Bow Meadows Crescent, Canmore, AB T1W 2W8

Phone Number: (403) 934-1251


The Cairn Church

Another one of the best churches in Canmore is the Cairn Church. It believes that everyone is a sojourner, meaning that everyone is a traveller on their own journey. The church makes it known that things are temporary and that the best things in life are relationships with others.

The Cairn Church knows that making a positive impact on the lives of others is one of the best things you can do. They hold themselves to the best of their abilities in this aspect, having community-building activities and trying to help people feel welcome and at home.

Address: 117 Bow Meadows Crescent, Canmore, AB T1W 2W8

Phone Number: (403) 493-9426


Lutheran Church Shepherd of the Valley

Lutheran Church Shepherd of the Valley is another great choice for those looking for a Christ-centred place of worship. As a Lutheran church, it states that humans are saved by God’s grace alone. At this church, you can expect a modern approach to worship set to traditional music.

This church focuses on forgiveness and acceptance while creating a sense of community. Because of the open and pleasant atmosphere, individuals who go to this church feel very welcome and at ease.

Address: 1205 1 Ave, Canmore, AB T1W 1M5

Phone Number: (403) 678-6700


Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness is best known for its inviting and amazing community. Located in Canmore, the church provides a space for followers of Jehovah to worship and learn about God. Through Bible studies, presentations with testimonies of people who have improved their lives through faith, and prayer sessions, Kingdom Hall enables members to grow closer to God.

It is best known for its open-door policy; anybody is welcome to attend any service without signing up ahead of time. All in all, the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness is a perfect place to be for a religious service.

Address: 122 15 St, Canmore, AB T1W 1M2

Phone Number: (403) 678-4121


St. Michael’s Anglican Church

St. Michael’s Anglican Church is located in the heart of Canmore. What makes it one of the best churches in Canmore is its amazing community and welcoming atmosphere. This church provides plenty of space for people to learn more about God and what he wants from his followers.

As well, St. Michael’s Anglican Church has a very relaxed ambience. As an Anglican church, St Michael’s encourages sharing stories, experiences, and insights with each other. The St Michael’s community is very close because of this aspect; they are like brothers and sisters in Christ.

Address: 709 7 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2C3

Phone Number: (403) 678-5191


Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

Next, the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church is one of Canmore’s oldest churches. Having opened in 1891, it is a Christian church where people from all walks of life can come together for a service. As a part of the largest protestant denomination in Canada, the United Church is an open and welcoming congregation.

The church itself is small in size, which helps creates an intimate setting where everyone becomes involved in the service. Ralph Connor United Church holds engaging services that are welcoming to both newcomers and regulars. With the perfect size, the church is able to provide its members with an accepting place of worship.

Address: 617 8 St, Canmore, AB T1W 2B1

Phone Number: (403) 678-5354


The Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies

Many people consider the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies to be one of the most visually stunning churches in Canmore. Large stained glass and beautiful sculptures make this church a place where people can be inspired through their art.

As well, the Shrine Church of Our Lady of the Rockies is open-minded and welcoming to any visitor. The Shrine Church welcomes everyone with a smile and has many parishioners who are happy to answer questions about their faith. Shrine tours are offered to visitors, and they provide a great source of information about the church. The tour takes place regularly throughout the week and features a lot of the church’s interior.

Address: 2 Silvertip Trail, Canmore, AB T1W 1P4

Phone Number: (403) 678-5022


Canmore Mountain Sanctuary Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Lastly, we have the Canmore Mountain Sanctuary Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The goal of the church is to improve people’s lives throughout the world and to let them know that Jesus will return soon. The church also seeks to maintain the right relationship with God, each other, and all of his creation.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling, emotionally uplifting and spiritually enlightening service, this church is an awesome contender.

Address: 1205 1 Ave, Canmore, AB T1W 1M5

Phone Number: (403) 678-2192


Things to Consider

Before committing to any particular church, you’ll want to reflect and do some research of your own. Here’s a list of things to consider when thinking about joining a church:

• The size of the church: Do you want a small and intimate service, or do you prefer something larger and more lively?

• Your needs: Is there anything specific that you’re looking for in a spiritual community? For example, do you need somewhere with wheelchair access?

• Location: Where would be easiest for you to access?

• Belonging: Do you want to feel like part of a group, or do you prefer to worship by yourself?

If you’re still not sure what church is best for you, ask your friends and family for their opinions. They may have been to other churches in Canmore and can give you their thoughts on which one is best for you.


What are the best churches in Canmore for you?

Ultimately, it depends on your needs, preferences, and beliefs.

Some people prefer to attend a traditional church with many members of the community, while others may enjoy more contemporary styles of worship. Some churches are best known for their sense of community, whereas others are best known for their services or programs. Ultimately it is up to you – which best fits your own personal beliefs and expectations?

All in all, you will most certainly find a church in Canmore that best suits you. The churches mentioned on this list are always open to visitors, so remember to keep them in mind when you are searching for a spiritual community.

To learn more about each one, we recommend visiting their respective websites and visiting in person if possible.

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