Many people often wonder what the safest neighborhoods in Calgary are. As it turns out, levels of safety vary within communities. Calgary is a big city containing nearly 185 neighborhoods. It may seem daunting to become familiar with the area. Providing that personal preference is important, data is crucial for gauging safety.

Fittingly, Calgary has been ranked amongst the top 5 most liveable cities in the world for 10 years. In that case, it’s not surprising the city is home to over a million people. If you’re looking to live somewhere especially safe, here’s our list of some of the safest neighborhoods in Calgary.

Although, remember that crime happens everywhere – even in safer places – so be sure to stay alert and exercise caution wherever you end up.

1. West Springs

  • Population: 10,758
  • Median Household Income: $172,358
  • Average Home Listing Price: $733,160.

Located about fifteen minutes from downtown, West Springs is amongst the safest and best neighborhoods in Calgary. You’ll find that most houses built in this area tend to be quite spacious and luxurious. West Springs is also becoming known as an up-and-coming foodie destination in Calgary. In this case, the bustling environment created by the dining and shopping scenes contributes to the neighborhood’s lower crime rate.  



2. Citadel

  • Population: 10,435
  • Median Household Income: $116,851
  • Average Home Listing Price: $436,194

Situated in Northwest Calgary, Citadel is ideal for families seeking a safe neighborhood. As such, there are many great schools in the region for children to attend. Citadel also has a large green space in the centre of it where many kid-friendly activities and events often take place. The neighborhood has a lot to offer to families looking for a secure community to live in. 

3. Aspen Woods

  • Population: 9060
  • Median Household Income: $199,759
  • Average Home Listing Price: $1,183,735

Aspen Woods is located in Southwest Calgary. The neighborhood mostly features single-family homes and a very low crime rate. Aspen Woods is twenty minutes from 17 Avenue, granting easy access to plenty of shops and services. One of the most enticing features of the community is recreational access. Mountains and the Westside Recreation Centre are just a couple of the nearby attractions for locals to frequent.  

4. Edgemont

  • Population: 15,950 
  • Median Household Income: $128,495
  • Average Home Listing Price: $599,612

Ideal for safety-conscious outdoorsy folks, Edgemont is known to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Calgary. The community is great for individuals who want to spend time outside and feel safe doing so. Nose Hill and several ravines nearby are just some of the natural features in Edgemont for you to explore.


5. Sherwood

  • Population: 5,080 
  • Median Household Income: $125,737
  • Average Home Listing Price: $637,164

Sherwood is one of the newer – and safer – neighborhoods in Calgary. Houses here tend to be modern with all the latest styles and amenities. Sherwood is also home to some amazing views of its own. There are various parks, ravines and trails in the area to enjoy, making Sherwood another great choice for nature-lovers who value safety.


6. Hawkwood

  • Population: 9,845
  • Median Household Income: $128,810
  • Average Home Listing Price: $594,581

Hawkwood is yet another safe neighborhood in Northwest Calgary. The community has awesome views of both the city and the Rocky Mountains. Also, Hawkwood has a large older population, making it an ideal pick for anyone over 50 to check out.

7. Cougar Ridge

  • Population: 7,110
  • Median Household Income: $158,306
  • Average Home Listing Price: $845,000

Despite its daunting name, Cougar Ridge is amongst the safest neighborhoods in Calgary. The area happens to have some of the lowest crime rates in the city. Boasting various schools and amenities, the neighborhood is great for families. Located in Southwest Calgary, Cougar Ridge has a solid variety of housing options, including some newer developments. 



8. Point McKay

  • Population: 1,275
  • Median Household Income: $91,098
  • Average Home Listing Price: $408,575

Lastly, Point Mckay is considered a hidden gem amongst the safest neighborhoods in Calgary. The community is quiet and ideally situated near the Trans-Canada Highway, Bowness Road, and Crowchild Trail. These traits make Point McKay great for families who value security while still being able to traverse the city with ease. 

Enjoy the Safest Neighborhoods in Calgary

In summary, there are many safe and secure communities in Calgary. As a result, it may be challenging to decide which one is ideal for your needs. So, if you happen to be moving to the city, give Sparta Movers a call today at (403)-402-7992 for all your moving needs! Alternatively, you may also book online or request a free quote for your moving estimate!