Nursing homes are the last resort for when an elderly person needs to go to a care facility. When it is time, many people in Edmonton choose home to be in one of these facilities. If you know someone who might need this type of help, then you should consider what factors make a nursing home great or not so great.

This article will give you some advice on things to look for in a best nursing home in Edmonton Alberta. After that, we’ll explore specific homes in Edmonton that are worth your attention.

But first…

What makes a good nursing home in Edmonton?

Well, the answer can vary depending on who is being asked – but there are some things that are agreed upon by most people seeking out senior care facilities.

Here’s a quick list of factors to consider when choosing the best centre for you or your loved ones.

  • Location – It’s important that the nursing home is accessible and easy to get to. This will save you and your loved one a lot of stress down the line.
  • Facility cleanliness – Nobody wants to be around dirt and grime, especially if they’re already feeling unwell. Make sure to check the cleanliness of the facility before you decide to send your relative there.
  • Staff members – You should feel comfortable with the staff members who work at the nursing home. Are they approachable? Do they seem like they care about your family member? If so, then that’s a good sign!

Now let’s get into some of Edmonton’s best nursing homes!

Revera Miller Crossing Long Term Care Home

First on our list of the best nursing homes in Edmonton is the Revera Miller Crossing Long Term Care Home. This home is perfect for those who are seeking a high level of care and assistance with their daily activities. The friendly and professional staff at Revera Miller Crossing are dedicated to providing residents with personalized care plans that meet their individual needs.

Rooms come furnished while also still leaving room for residents to bring in their own personal belongings to make the space feel like home. The comfortable common areas are perfect for spending time with friends and family, and the outdoor gardens are a wonderful place to relax on a sunny day. On top of all that, the management is great to work with and have a lot of experience within the long term care sector. Revera Miller Crossing is an ideal place for those who are looking to receive personalized services provided by friendly staff members.

Address: 14251 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 5J4

Phone Number: (780) 478-9212

CapitalCare Norwood

Another top nursing home in Edmonton is CapitalCare Norwood. This facility offers both long-term care for elderly Edmontonians. CapitalCare Norwood has a loving and caring atmosphere, best suited for people requiring high levels of care. When people come to live at this nursing home, they are given an individualized care plan based on their personal needs.

CapitalCare Norwood offers a variety of treatments and services. One of these is restorative care, which aims to bring back a person’s best level of function or to improve his or her existing quality of life. This facility also provides palliative care, which addresses pain and other uncomfortable symptoms that come with terminal illnesses.

Address: 10410 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 3A2

Phone Number: (780) 496-3200

Extendicare Holyrood

Amongst the best nursing homes in Edmonton is Extendicare Holyrood. This top-rated care home is located near the heart of Edmonton, providing easy access to all the city has to offer. Residents can enjoy plenty of amenities and activities right on site, while getting the best possible medical care.

Extendicare Holyrood has a reliable and diverse team, ensuring that all residents receive proper attention every day. The home offers a variety of floor plans and levels of care, so you can choose one that best suits your loved one’s needs. Their programs vary and include best-of-the-best care, for all levels of ability. If you’re considering another nursing home in Edmonton, you owe it to yourself to check out Extendicare Holyrood.

Address: 8008 95 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 2T1

Phone Number: (780) 469-1307

Revera Jasper Place Long Term Care Home

As one of the best nursing homes in Edmonton, Revera Jasper Place Long Term Care Home is dedicated to providing extensive levels of care for all people with different medical needs. This home is equipped with specialists who are committed to provide best-in-class services, comfort, and clinical excellence.

Like other best nursing homes in Edmonton, Revera Jasper Place is safe and accommodating. With best-in-class staff and family involvement, this facility places focus on each resident to meet his or her individual needs. 24/7 safety systems and nursing care also make this facility one of the best nursing homes in Edmonton.

Address: 8903 168 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 2V6

Phone Number: (780) 489-4931

Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home

Lastly, Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home is a great care facility for seniors in Edmonton. It has exceptional reviews, and is lauded by residents and families alike. The staff are friendly and efficient, the rooms clean and well maintained. They have a lovely foyer that’s warm and inviting which makes a great first impression.

The staff at Jubilee Lodge know that transitioning to a long-term care home can be hard on seniors. They take pride in their role in easing the transition and making new residents feel welcome. They. go above and beyond to make their residents feel at home, while providing excellent care, with friendly staff and comfortable rooms.

Address: 10333 76 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 3A8

Phone Number: (780) 469-4456

What do you think of the best nursing homes in Edmonton?

Choosing the best nursing home in Edmonton can be difficult. There are many factors that go into this decision, including location, services offered, and the level of care that is needed.

All in all, there are many spectacular nursing homes in Edmonton. We mentioned a few on our list, but there are more out there! We recommend reading up on each facility to see which may be the best fit for you or your loved one.

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