Now that moving is wrapped up and unpacking is finally complete, what are the best fall activities to do in my new home? September afternoons are still warm and filled with sunshine, but pool and tanning season have definitely come to an end. Hosting an outdoor barbecue at this point in the game may just be flirting with potential cold/freezing weather disaster. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to embrace the new season and celebrate new colours, flavours and activities that this time of year can bring! Aside from prepping to host Thanksgiving, or planning a spook-tacular Halloween; all it takes is a glance out of your new windows to source some autumn inspiration. While you may be clasping on to the last hours of summer, the season that shall not be named will be here before we all know it. Our recommendation; try to jump on the opportunity to cross some fun things off of your fall bucket list while you still can. Check out these awesome ideas to make the most of this time of year with the whole family!

What Is Nature Outside, Can Be Art Inside

Before you go crazy landscaping and preparing your new lawn and backyard for winter, you will of course need to rake and clear all of the fallen leaves. This however, does not have to be the tedious and cringe worthy task that it is typically made out to be. Challenge yourself, and whomever is helping you with the yard work, to search for the most beautiful and colourful leaves while you work. As you clear your backyard debris, you can stack the extra aesthetically pleasing foliage off to the side and save for a timeless, super easy art project! Autumn Leaf Suncatchers. The best part? You only need three simple items to make this quick, beautiful and fun for all ages project.

  1. Transparent contact paper
  2. Hole punch
  3. Leaves!

Not only is this art experience low maintenance and low cost, but this is also one of the best fall activities to do in your new home! Over the years, your finished piece can become an especially sentimental memory and keepsake. Bonus tip: use a permanent marker to add the date on one of the corners of your final project.

Fire Up Your New Oven And Bake Your House Into A Home

There is a reason why baking a tray of fresh cookies became a popular, albeit gimmicky, real estate agent sales tactic over the years. The smells and warmth of whipping up a traditional treat can stir up comfort and nostalgia like nothing else! If you have yet to really break in your kitchen, a fantastic way to initiate a new tradition, while ringing in the new season, is with some special baking. You most definitely do not have to overcomplicate things or attempt to become a student of Martha Stewart here. Think simple loaves, scones or everyone’s favourite guilt free option (because you can easily eat them in only one bite) – muffins! Nora Cooks has an incredible, one bowl (aka fast and easy) plant based recipe for spiced, soft and moist pumpkin muffins. The ingredients list is simple and the directions short, so if you have also been looking for something safe (and stress free) to do with your little ones in the kitchen, this is it! In 30 minutes you can be transformed into a pastry chef and fill up your new home with something sweet. The emblem of all things October – baking with pumpkin is a delicious fall activity you do not need to leave the house for.

Seek And See In Your New Neighbourhood

One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your new neighbourhood is to go exploring in it! Find close, scenic pathways, nearby parks and the quickest routes back home to your new house. This is a great opportunity to meet and introduce yourself to the other people who live on your street and, if you feel like doing a little bit more than simply strolling – you can make a game of it too! A fall scavenger hunt is the perfect activity to take in and notice everything your new stomping grounds have to offer, while appreciating the season’s changing colours and scenery. The Printables Fairy has a gorgeous, child friendly, one page option hunt, and you can even add an educational element by incorporating interactive questions about each item your family uncovers. Helping your children discover their new home and all of its surroundings can help to ease any leftover moving discomfort, while also being a great way to get active and enjoy the fall fresh air. A seemingly slow paced and effortless autumn activity for your new home, with some exercise and learning snuck in as well – this scavenger hunt might just be the ultimate fall parenting hack.

A Cozy And Spooky Night In At The Movies

In search of a COVID-19 friendly activity, that is also easy on the wallet, all the while allowing you to make a special fall memory in your new home? Sometimes, the best answers are the most simple ones. Movie night in! You can have your popcorn delivered, so all of your favourite flavours are still there, but you get to keep your sweatpants on and ditch the sanitizer for an evening. Sounds like heaven. Kick things up a notch and festively decorate, and select a seasonal flick from a best of list that almost has too many great options to choose from. Light some candles, toss in candy corn with your theatre popcorn, add a string of twinkle lights around the television, and make sure everyone invited has a cozy blanket to wrap themselves up in. Uncomplicated, cost effective and pinterest worthy – staying in to indulge in sweets and a comforting classic will probably become a yearly tradition for fall in your home.

If you focus on the future, or have a tendency to get bogged down by stress and your never ending to do list, you can miss what is happening right in front of you. Moving and becoming acclimated within a new home is tough for anyone, let alone when you are also trying to make it happen for your entire family, pets included! In the midst of folding up packing boxes, starting school, and remembering to take the right exit on your new way home – take a moment to appreciate the season you are in. Fall and spring can be blink and they are gone blips on the yearly weather map. Smell the crisp air, touch the leaves, and indulge in the pumpkin spice. The coziest time of year might just be when you feel most at home.


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