Maybe a move is imminent because of accepting a different job offer, or the allure of heading out on an adventure is just too good to resist, either way the question now remains – how do I pull off a move to a new city? Living during a global pandemic has turned things upside down for the majority of us, and it might just be the worst possible time to be out on a job hunt in modern history. If you find yourself being transferred, or have finally found your dream job (in a different area code), the opportunity of employment security could be what gives you the courage to make a big leap and a big move! It is different, it is unknown, and it can most definitely seem scary. However, it has also been done many times before you, and is sure to be again. With a little bit of planning and foresight, there is no reason you cannot take an overwhelming and potentially intimidating life change and make it positively awesome. Similar to every other move ever done around the world; you will be less stressed and more capable of living in the moment if you do yourself the favour of being prepared! Check out these sweet and simple tips to cross all of your t’s, dot all of your i’s, and enjoy every minute of this new and exciting chapter!

Find The Perfect Place

When every major circumstance in your life will be uprooted and new, finding a home that you can feel comfortable in will be more important than ever. The only problem is, it can be quite challenging to know that you have found a great place if you are not able to see it in person! This is intensified on several levels if you are actually looking to buy a house versus renting. How can you minimize the risks of moving into a new space, sight unseen? If you are heading back home, or somewhere familiar where you already have connections, seek out someone in your personal circle whose opinion you completely trust. Ask them to attend showings, get a feel for the neighbourhood, and meet your real estate agent. Working with a larger agency that has offices, both where you are living and where you are moving, can help in this area too. If you are venturing out into the great unknown completely solo, you do not have to do it blindly. Most importantly, remember that professional pictures on listings can be misleading. Get actual room measurements, ask for the make, model, and year of all appliances, and speak to your building or property manager on the phone or facetime – not only via email. If you are feeling hesitant, trust your gut and ask for a shorter lease. Better yet? Find out what your company offers in its relocation packages, they may cover a hotel or airbnb for you until you find your perfect place in person. Knowing where you will be hanging your hat, even in the interim, is the first big step to pulling off a happy move to a new city.

Book A Long Distance Moving Company (And Storage)

Leaving can be emotional, a road trip can be long, and staying at motels along the way can be less than relaxing! Pulling a cargo trailer behind your car the entire way will probably not make the overall situation any easier. Neither does waiting weeks and weeks for your things that you had shipped. If there is any investment to make, hiring a long distance moving company that you trust, and renting out a space in a great storage facility at your destination, can remove massive amounts of burden off of your shoulders. Just say no to keeping your personal belongings in your car or attempting to get comfortable in your new place with boxes piled up everywhere. Entrusting your things to professionals will ensure their security, and help you focus on the task at hand. Picture this: you pull up to your new house, and within a couple of hours all of your stuff is inside, unpacked. You did not have to lug things around all by yourself or rope your friends and family into welcoming you home, while simultaneously moving all of your furniture. You can now rest and get settled in; the ultimate flex when moving into a new city.

Do Future You A Favour

It can seem menial and tedious on top of everything else you are trying to get organized, but setting the future you up for success in the city you are moving to is key. This means forward your mail. No, not the day before you leave. If you are moving into an apartment, book the elevator in advance! If you need one, rent a parking spot. Speak with your doctor, dentist, therapist, etc. and ask them if they have recommendations for other professionals where you will be living. If not, prepare them to have your files and documents transferred when you do find a replacement. Will you need to change over your license plate and insurance? Find out where you can do that and if it can be taken care of ahead of time. Notify your bank and credit card providers of your change of address. Arrange for your internet and cable to be installed in your new living space immediately. Essentially, if you are paying a bill somewhere or regularly seeing someone in a professional scope – write it down and check it off! Limiting your to do list post relocation is a gift you give yourself in the midst of your move to a new city.

Say Goodbye Properly

While planning and preparing are certainly paramount, giving all of your energy to things that will only take place in the future could be a recipe for some regret. Take the time to honour where you have been, before you get where you are going! Before the dust settles, say a proper goodbye. Visit your favourite spots and let special people know where they can find you in the future. COVID-19 may put a damper on a giant farewell bash, but an intimate dinner party with your closest friends has the potential to mean even more. Is there something you have always wanted to do where you are currently living, but you could never quite find the time? Take a day and do it! Leave knowing that when the dust settles, you will only have fond memories, instead of wondering what could have been. A completed bucket list for your old home, will make your move to a new city even sweeter.

Get Acclimated

Moving and jumping right into a brand new routine can be exhausting. If possible, try to avoid rolling into town less than 24 hours before you begin your new job. Taking a few days to discover your new neighbourhood off the clock is the final piece of acing a move to a new city. Walk around the block, check out your local parks, and try some of the restaurants close to your new home. If that seems like too much, or is not a part of your natural routine – task yourself with finding a (maybe only temporary) comfort spot! Of course feeling good at home is important, but strolling down the road for a coffee, or at least knowing where you can grab one quickly before work, will go a long way in providing some classic comfort. If your barista is friendly, ask them about the best local grocery store, dry cleaner, or bar. On the surface it may seem trivial, but these small, basic rhythms can help ease you into your new surroundings before you know it.

Whether it is down the street or across the country, a move is a lot. It is out of the norm, and involves an incredible amount of consideration in addition to what is probably an already busy life. Ask for help, stay organized, and when you can; take it one day at a time. Moves can be scary, great, terrible, wonderful or all of the above. But you will never know how it could turn out, until you try. Happy packing!


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