When it comes time to furnish your home, used furniture can be a great option. You can find pieces that fit your style and needs without spending a fortune. And if you’re looking for used furniture in Okotoks, Alberta, there are plenty of places to find it.

Here are some places to find used furniture in Okotoks!

Mission Thrift Store

The first store on our list is Mission Thrift Store. This used furniture destination in Okotoks is a thrift shop, so everything inside is used and sold at a discount. The organization donates net revenue to Bible League Canada, which distributes bibles to needy countries worldwide.

Mission Thrift Store has all kinds of used furniture for sale, including beds and bedroom furniture, living room pieces, and dining room sets. You’ll find things like used appliances and pieces of artwork here too. If you’re looking for used furniture in Okotoks, Mission Thrift is a great choice.

Address: 216 Stockton Ave, Okotoks, AB T1S 1B7

Phone Number: (403) 995-8099

All Through the House

For a fancier used furniture option, try All Through the House in Okotoks. An antique store in Okotoks, the store mostly carries unique decorative pieces and hardware for your home. Are you looking for a certain piece to fit your used furniture in Okotoks? All Through the House may have what you’re looking for.

Although the store’s focus is decor transfers and hardware, they also have some antique furniture pieces in from time to time. Stools and intriguing centrepieces are just a few things to look out for. Regardless of what used furniture in Okotoks you’re searching for, All Through the House is worth checking out.

Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society

Another great organization with a noble mission, Foothills Salvage and Recycling Society offers used furniture at discounted prices. Their goal is to repurpose used goods and reduce the amount of used furniture sent to landfills each year. They have a huge selection of used items including used furniture in Okotoks!

The used furniture at Foothills Salvage and Recycling society comes from a variety of sources, including donations from the public and local businesses. They provide furniture to a variety of other used furniture establishments, so if you can contact them directly if you have questions about used furniture you can get there.

Address: 4534137, Hwy 783, Okotoks, AB T1S 1B6

Phone Number: (403) 648-3764

Vintage Villa

Unlike the other places mentioned on our list, Vintage Villa restores used furniture and gives it a new life. You can bring them your used furniture that’s in need of a new look and come back later to find it looking good as new. Vintage Villa takes your tastes and visions into consideration when giving your items a makeover.

Give Vintage Villa your specifications and let them work their used furniture magic. If you have some used furniture on hand, they’ll be more than happy to take a look at it and potentially offer a good price.

Address: 104 Crystal Shores Manor, Okotoks, AB T1S 2H6

Phone Number: (587) 999-2811

Other ways to find used furniture in Okotoks

Although there are various stores that sell used furniture in Okotoks, there are other ways to find used pieces. Here are other ideas for used furniture in Okotoks.


One easy way to find an abundance of used furniture in Okotoks is through the classifieds at Kijiji, a free online used-items marketplace. In addition to used furniture in Okotoks, you can find used appliances, used cars, used bikes and more on Kijiji. Just visit the website and search from millions of used items for sale by owner to find exactly what you want. You can also check out the used furniture available in your local area by entering your postal code.


Similar to Kijiji, Craigslist is another used-items marketplace that can help you find used furniture in Okotoks. Search by furniture and see what used options are available. With items being posted to Craigslist daily, you stand a great chance of finding used furniture in a variety of styles.

A great perk of using online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji is their ease of use. If used furniture in Okotoks is what you want, they can help you find it from your personal computer or smartphone! These platforms even have free sections, so you don’t have to spend a single cent on used furniture.

Used furniture in Calgary

Considering Calgary is only a short drive from Okotoks, used furniture in Calgary can also be a great option. You may have to pay a small delivery fee depending on the used furniture store you visit, but used furniture in Calgary is usually available for a lower price than new items. In addition, many of the used furniture stores in Calgary offer free delivery as well.

If you’re looking to learn more about what used furniture options are in Calgary, you can read our other article here!

What are the benefits of buying used furniture?

You may be wondering what the benefits are of used furniture. You may be used to used cars or even used clothes, but used furniture is a whole other world.

Here are some reasons why used furniture should be an option when furnishing your home!

  • The price point for used furniture is much lower than new furniture.
  • You can find used furniture in styles that you wouldn’t be able to afford if they were brand new.
  • Buying used reduces the carbon footprint associated with making furniture because used items have already been made once.
  • Finding used furniture can be a fun and rewarding experience!

Find some used furniture in Okotoks!

No matter where you look, there’s a way to find used furniture in Okotoks. From used appliances to used furniture in Okotoks, there are many options nearby. Start your used furniture search by visiting any of the used furniture stores mentioned in this article.

If you’re looking for used furniture in Okotoks, check out these used furniture stores near you!

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