The town of Canmore is home to some of the best schools in Alberta. With an approximate population of only 14,000, many of the schools in Canmore are closely-knit communities. This is one of the best things about living in Canmore because no matter where you live, you will be part of a great school community. The schools in the town are some of the most acclaimed and have been noted as being some of the best elementary, middle and high schools in Alberta!

To determine which school is best for your child, there are a variety of things you need to take into consideration. You should try and visit each school before making your final decision, since every child is different, so what one child loves about a school another may not enjoy at all.

Ask yourself: Do I want my children to go to public or private schools? Which type of education do I feel most comfortable with? What level of school is my child at now and what type of learning environment do they need? Is it important for my children to be in a small community or would I prefer them to go to a bigger, more involved school?

Canadian Rockies Public Schools

As the primary governing school district in Canmore, Canadian Rockies Public Schools is home to the town’s high school and middle schools. This public school district prides itself on empowering students to become their best selves through their schooling experiences.

The Canadian Rockies Public Schools stand out due to the unique opportunities they offer to students. Firstly, the district has a prestigious international student program. This program helps students learn about other cultures and ways of life while also building valuable relationships that will last the entirety of their lives.

Unique to the Canadian Rockies Public Schools District is their PATHways Program. The program’s mission is to form partnerships between students and faculty that will successfully meet the needs of a student who misses school due to their involvement in an aspect of performance. Flexible learning and academic scheduling are just some of the perks of this program.

Now, let’s get right into talking about the best schools in Canmore, Alberta.

Canmore Collegiate High School

Canmore Collegiate offers programs for grades 9 through 12. With approximately 600 students in attendance, Canmore Collegiate is one of the biggest secondary schools in Canmore and it boasts a fantastic academic record. The school excels at teaching a variety of classes, including art, music, business studies, sciences and more. While Canmore Collegiate provides an exceptional academic experience, they also focus on providing students with many recreational opportunities. For example, the school’s athletic program is also very diverse and includes sports like football, soccer, and basketball, to name a few.

Address: 1800-8th Avenue, Canmore, Alberta T1W 1Y2

Phone Number: 403-678-6192

Lawrence Grassi Middle School

Among the best schools in Canmore, Lawrence Grassi Middle School offers an English program and a French Immersion program from grade 4 to grade 8. The school is well known for its diverse curriculum that allows students to take a variety of courses. The school also offers multiple extracurricular activities, including music bands, sports, and mentorship programs. Lawrence Grassi Middle School strives to help students develop critical thinking skills, better problem-solving skills and strong communication skills. At this school, students learn to think independently and foster their creativity.

Address: 610 – 7th Avenue, Canmore, Alberta T1W 2H5

Phone Number: 403-678-6006

Elizabeth Rummel School

Elizabeth Rummel School is an elementary school in Canmore, Alberta that offers excellent English and French Immersion programs to children in kindergarten through grade 3. As one of the few schools in the area to offer these programs, their reputation has grown steadily and they are always at or near the top of every list ranking schools in town. Their staff strives to help young students develop strong reading, writing, communication, math and science skills. Furthermore, the Learning Support program at Elizabeth Rummel helps students identified as requiring additional support to keep up with classwork. Every child has different needs, which is why each education program is tailored to their individual learning style.

Address: 1033 Cougar Creek Drive, Canmore, Alberta T1W 1C8

Phone Number: 403-678-6292

Alpenglow School

Next on our list of best schools in Canmore is Alpenglow School. Attached to Canmore Collegiate High School, Alpenglow provides an alternative program for kindergarten to Grade 6 students in Canmore within the Canadian Rockies Public Schools. What makes this school special is its use of Waldorf teaching methods. This style of teaching encourages students to be creative and engage in a wide array of activities. The Waldorf education system is designed to provide a well-rounded and creative foundation for your child’s future.

In addition to utilizing the Waldorf teaching method, Alpenglow also values nature in its curriculum. The school relies on nature immersion and experiential learning in their curriculum. Nature study, gardening, and outdoor sciences are just a few examples of how nature is integrated into the school’s programming. Lastly, the community also plays a major role at this school – all students are encouraged to respect and care for the environment that they live in. Students will typically participate in outdoor activities, including hiking and canoeing.

Address: 1800-8th Avenue, Canmore, Alberta T1W 1Y2

Phone Number: 403-678-6192

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy

Lastly, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy is another one of the best schools in Canmore. This Catholic school teaches classes ranging from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12. Our Lady of the Snows is a faith-filled environment that challenges students to succeed academically. There are various that contribute to the high success of the school’s programming. In particular, an active and supportive parental community is central in nurturing their students’ growth and faith development.

Address: 3100A Stewart Creek Drive, Canmore, AB T1W 3M6

Phone Number: 403-609-3699

What School is Best for Your Child?

There are many great options for schooling in Canmore, Alberta. Although choosing a school can be overwhelming, getting informed about the requirements of each school can make this process much easier. For more information about each institution, you can contact the schools directly.

Canmore has many wonderful schools, but choosing the best one can be difficult. To help parents choose a school that is right for their child, here are some questions to answer: How old is your child? Which school has the curriculum you want for your child? Will the transportation system work with your family’s schedule? Location is another important factor since living close to the school will make it easier for your child to get there every day.

Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre

An awesome benefit of attending a school in Canmore is having access to the Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre programming. Since the town is perfectly situated in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, outdoor exploration is a huge part of life here. Students in Canmore have the option to get hands-on experience in environmental studies, health and wellness, arts and culture through the CROLC.

The goal of the CROLC is to increase student engagement and appreciation of the natural environment through a wide variety of outdoor activities. Programs offered through the CROLC involve exploring National Parks, Historic Sites, and local ecological sites. Over time, the intention is to expand the learning opportunities to include experiential learning through various other innovative outdoor expeditions.

Phone Number: 403-609-6072

In Summary

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best schools in Canmore, Alberta! Although all of these institutions are quality schools, they differ in their teaching methods and philosophies. Depending on your child’s learning style and preferences, you may want to enroll them at one school or another. So, we recommend learning about the specific characteristics of each institution to help you decide what type of school is best for your child. Good luck!

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