How do I celebrate safely in my new home this holiday season? Traditionally, one of the ways to celebrate both the excitement of living in a new space and the hard work it took to get you there, is a big house warming party with all of your favourite people. Hugging all of your guests, and everyone sharing the same dips! It seems like a different life. If you moved in December in any other year, you could have probably combined this with yet another customary reason to let loose – the holiday season! Alas, 2020 is like nothing we have ever experienced before and not only are large gatherings strongly not encouraged, in many places they are flat out banned altogether. So, instead of sinking into anger, denial, or resentment – let’s look at some new ways to keep your festive spirit roaring and make some merry memories! There is an opportunity throughout these upcoming holidays to create new and unique traditions, and still share your beautiful, freshly unpacked living space with every single person who matters most. Check out our ideas to jingle all the way, in spite of the ongoing global pandemic.

Santa On Speed Dial

Despite the significant downsides and challenges happening in our present day, one of the ‘glass half full’ positives has to be the technology that can keep us all connected, no matter how far apart we actually are. It was not too long ago that if you were going to see and speak to Santa Claus, you had to line up at the local mall (for what now seems like a questionable amount of time indoors, spent with a questionable amount of people). Not anymore! Now, Kris Kringle can come straight to your phone, in the comfort of your new home. A lot of these fun services are free, and can be upgraded to become more personalized for varying rates. Companies are offering text messages, video chatting, and pre-recorded video messages. And of course, it would not be 2020 if Zoom visits were not available as well! Your children will still get to experience in the magical moment of talking to the man of the hour, and you get to skip the stress of packing everyone into the minivan. Make plans to virtually chat with Saint Nick, a sweet and easy way to safely celebrate at home!

Explore The Seasonal Spirit Of Your New Neighbourhood

Decorating your own house is one thing, taking in the sights and sounds of your new neighbourhood’s holiday vibe is another! A socially distanced way to charge your festive batteries: load up on hot chocolate for the entire family, get cozy in the car and go see what is lit in your area. Pick favourites, perhaps even an all out winner, or take it one step further and bring holiday bingo sheets along for the ride! Whomever spots x amount of reindeer first, gets the last candy cane. Pro tip: blast a holiday playlist of classic favourites over the speakers to keep all passengers spirits high throughout the entire ride. A Christmas lights neighbourhood tour is the perfect way to stay in your bubble while rejoicing in the season.

Cocktails And Zoom Get Togethers: Holiday Edition

Although the likelihood of us collectively deleting all video communication/meeting apps from our devices when this pandemic is over is extremely high, for now they still have merit. Once your kiddos are done catching up with Santa over the phone, and are tucked in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, it is party time. A virtual gathering allows you to proudly show off your new home and comfortably ring in the holidays with your friends. Search engines will turn up countless ideas to make your online function amazing, but some of our favourites include the following.

#1 – Coordinate the purchase of the same meal kit between yourself and some friends and prepare the food together. Compare methods, feelings about flavours, and make it competitive with who can come up with the fanciest, Food Network worthy presentation.

#2 – Winter Cocktail Party runs for 90 minutes and is hosted by a professional bartender, “leading your group in holiday games and activities, seasonal drinking games, and cocktail making.”

#3 – It is tried, tested, and true – but not yet overdone. Yes, the good old fashioned, ‘themed’ virtual meet up. Dress like your favourite Christmas movie characters, holiday decorations, or other seasonally inspired outfits. It is simple, but will be something special to plan for and look forward to.

Go All Out For Dinner

If you have hosted a large holiday meal in the past, or been asked to prepare several items for one, you know that the additional groceries charges can add up very quickly. Celebratory meals tend to come with more courses, sauces, desserts, bread options; arguably food consumption at an annual high. A potential positive to the limitations of our new reality is that you are most likely not going to be serving as many people this year. Challenging yes, but also an opportunity to think outside of the box in terms of menu and maybe even kick things up a notch in regards to quality and selection. Make the most of not having to accommodate for all kinds of diets and preferences, and cook an exciting holiday meal in your new home.

Stock Up On Cozies

It might not be what you asked for or wanted, but we are all going to be spending even more time within our own four walls called home this holiday season. If you are still rocking jeans, work attire, or feeling moved to get decked out in your Christmas best, more power to you. If you want to exploit a way to be both festive and extra comfortable, this is your moment. Instead of a new suit for the office party or a sparkly dress for new years, check out this year’s coziest ensembles here, to best enjoy your new home in. Get the whole family in on the matching mood, and elevate your game with new slippers and a robe too. Yes, this Christmas will most likely be more low key, but breaking traditions and being away from loved ones is also stressful; dress accordingly. Staying comfy on your new couch, in your new home, is a fantastic way to safely celebrate the season!

Moving into a new home can come with a lot of emotion, and when we are not able to lean on our usual modes of comfort or assurance, adjusting can be even more difficult. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, look for opportunities to celebrate wherever you can. While you are trying to get by, you just might create memories that will last a lifetime.

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