Buying a house in Canmore is an exciting – although sometimes stressful – adventure. There are many questions to consider when buying your first home, such as how much you can afford, if buying or renting is better financially, and how much work is involved with owning a house. The good news about buying your first home in Canmore is that the buying process is similar to buying a house anywhere in Canada, and if you prepare well for this adventure, it can be a great one.

Today, we’ll be going over a few of the steps you’ll take when buying a home, and providing some tips to make sure you’re prepared.

Deciding What You Can Afford

A key factor in buying a house is knowing what you can afford. Even if you think it’s possible to borrow more than this amount, do not borrow more than you can afford. Canmore home prices are rising steadily, but it’s always better to buy a house that is more affordable than buying one that stretches your budget to the max. There are various online resources that provide housing affordability calculators, and if you visit your local bank or speak with a real estate agent they will also be able to provide you with this information.


Begin researching your options well before buying your home. There are many different variables that go into buying a home, and the more you know about buying a house in Canmore before buying one, the better chance of success you will have. What about living in Canmore is appealing to you? Is it a small-town feel, or is it the quaint shops and restaurants?

Finding a specific area within Canmore that appeals to you will help narrow down your buying options. Consider what amenities you want near your home and make note of it.

Find an Agent

Contact an experienced Canmore real estate agent for buying tips and buying resources. A professional can help you understand the buying process, and they will be able to advise you on buying your first home.

Canmore is a small community, which means buying a house in Canmore will be an easier time than buying one in Calgary. Your realtor should have good working relationships with buyers and sellers alike. This will help expedite the buying process, as your realtor can speak firsthand about buying conditions and buying trends.

Consider the Costs

Costs associated with buying a house in Canmore can include buying fees, transfer taxes and land title registration fees. Along with these costs, there are also monthly costs to consider such as utilities (gas and electricity), city taxes and municipal drain fees. Measure these costs against buying a house in Canmore, as opposed to renting one.

Understand the buying process thoroughly before buying your home. Gather the necessary information you need for buying a house in Canmore and read up on buying tips. This will help make buying your first home less stressful and more exciting!

Organize Your Finances

Have your finances in order before seeing potential homes with a Canmore real estate agent – this means having money saved up for buying expenses, checking your credit score to ensure you’re not buying more than you can afford, and researching the buying process so that you know what buying a house will entail.

The following are financial factors to consider when buying a house in Canmore:

Mortgage Qualification

Buying a home will require you to qualify for a mortgage. The lender will want to know your suitability as a borrower and your ability to afford monthly mortgage payments. Your credit score is an important factor that lenders use, as well as the type of property (is it an established or new home?), and the buying price of the home.

Buying Fees & Closing Costs

The buying process in Canmore is similar to buying a house anywhere in Canada, with buying fees and closing costs to consider when buying a house. As this information can be very specific to each buyer (or even each property), your realtor will have a better idea of buying fees and closing costs.

Get a Home Inspection

After deciding on one or more houses in Canmore to potentially buy, be sure to sign up for home inspection services before purchasing. This way, any faulty components of the house can be fixed or otherwise negotiated before buying it. This is an important tip for buying a home, as it will help reduce expenses.

Inspecting the interior and exterior of a house before buying it is a smart choice. The house inspection will typically include checking the roof, ceiling, walls and floors for signs of water damage. Checking for signs of mould and making sure the electronic system works are other things to check off.

Sign an Agreement

Sign a sales agreement for buying the home you have been looking at, and submit your offer with a deposit to secure buying it. If the seller doesn’t accept your offer, you may submit another offer or walk away from buying this particular property.

When buying a home, you are also getting the rights to any renters currently in place. Tenants should be given notice that their living arrangements are changing at least one month before you close on the house. If possible, try to find replacement tenants for your current ones to limit any downtime.

Moving day

When buying a house in Canmore, you’ll want to move into your new house on or before the closing date. If you cannot do this, ask the seller for an extension, but be sure to move in as early as possible.

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Consider Renovations

The house may need renovations, so prepare for home renovation costs just in case. After buying the house of your dreams, make sure to care for it by buying furniture and buying materials for repairs, which you may need to do from time to buying time.

Some Other House Buying Tips

Buying a house is an important step in most people’s lives. Here are a few tips that will help you walk into this next phase of your life with confidence and the knowledge that you’re making a shrewd investment:

See the Bigger Picture

When viewing properties, look beyond the cosmetics and see if there’s anything structurally wrong with the house (mould, roof not being properly sealed from leaks, etc.). Many houses have been so cheaply altered by previous owners that they’re now inefficient and may not be very comfortable to live in.

Talk to Your Bank

It’s crucial that you talk to your bank before you start looking at houses, or before making an offer on a house. Many banks have different rates depending on how much money you have available for the downpayment. The last thing you want is to find the perfect house only to realize you don’t qualify for the mortgage because of differing rates.

Remember – It’s an Investment

Remember that buying a house in Canmore is an investment. It might not be one that will make you rich, but it’s your home – so it should feel like an indulgence. Unless you know what you’re doing, it can be hard to tell what would be considered a good house for investment purposes.

Ask Around

If you’re not sure about the area, ask your realtor (the person who’s actually selling/renting out the house) what kind of people live in that neighbourhood and whether it would be an appropriate place to raise children. If they don’t know or say ‘no’, then perhaps it isn’t the right neighbourhood for you.

Find the Right Realtor

If you don’t already have a realtor, find one and talk to them before starting your search. This is the person you’ll be working with throughout the process of buying a house, so it would help if they knew what kinds of areas and houses you’re looking at before actually going out there


Buying a home is an exciting buying time in any person’s life! It can also be stressful, as there are many buying steps to consider. If you are looking to buy a house in Canmore it is important to research the area and the available options for your lifestyle and family.

It’s relatively easy buying a house in Canmore with these buying tips in mind. If you think buying a house in Canmore is right for you, make sure to contact the Sparta Movers! We look forward to helping you move.

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