Contrary to popular belief, visiting hot springs doesn’t have to be a winter excursion. In fact, these relaxing aquatic attractions also make for a wonderful summer experience. As warmer weather approaches, many of us are looking to partake in fresh outdoor activities. Luckily for Calgarians, some of Canada’s best hot springs aren’t far from the city. Considering the size of the country, it’s quite miraculous that many of these attractions rest beside highways and other popular destinations. For this reason, travelling to any of the hot springs on our list will make for a convenient yet exciting road trip for you and your loved ones. 

Without further ado, here’s our list of the top five hot springs near Calgary. 

Banff Upper Hot Springs

This first hot spring is at the top of our list because it’s quite literally above the rest. Sitting at an altitude of 1,585 metres, the Banff Upper Hot Springs are the highest in all of Canada. In addition to being the highest hot springs, they are also some of the most historic. Commercial operations at the Upper Hot Springs started way back in 1886, which was the year after the establishment of Banff National Park. 

Another key feature of these hot springs is the amazing scenery. The sights at Banff Upper Hot Springs are nothing short of breathtaking. The nearby mountains, including the highly photogenic Mt. Rundle, make up for quite the panoramic view. Only an hour and a half from Calgary, these are deemed the best hot springs near Calgary by many. If wadding in 38°C water while experiencing one of the greatest views of the Rocky Mountains sounds up your alley, you’ll definitely want to check this place out.

Where: 1 Mountain Ave, Banff AB T1L 1K2

Distance: 129 km West of Calgary 

Travel Time: 1 hour & 30 minutes from Calgary

Radium Hot Springs

Situated in Sinclair Canyon, Radium Hot Springs is located literally 5 metres from the Banff-Radium highway (we’re not kidding). Fortunately, though, there’s a nearby creek that tends to drown out the sound of any passing cars. Nevertheless, the Radium Hot Springs is certainly highly accessible to travellers. Although they are three hours from Calgary, visiting the Radium Hot Springs is worth the drive.  

The Radium Hot Springs is the largest hot springs in Canada, making them a special tourist destination. One neat trait of Radium Hot Spring is that the mineral water is odourless and clear. In addition to the hot springs, there is also a colder swimming pool on-site in case you decide to cool off. 

The temperature of the hot springs is usually kept between 37°C and 40°C, which makes for a pleasant soaking experience. In addition to the hot springs themselves, there is also a colder swimming pool on-site in case you decide to cool off. There’s plenty to explore near the Radium Hot Springs, including hiking trails and the amenities of a full-service town.  

Where: 5420 BC-93, BC V0A 1M0

Distance: 260 km South-West of Calgary

Travel Time from Calgary: 2 hours & 53 minutes 

Fairmont Hot Springs 

Found in the Columbia Valley, the Fairmount Hot Springs is one of the top hot springs near Calgary. This area is known for its sunny weather throughout the year, making it a great option if you like basking in the sunshine. Visitors at the Fairmount Hot Springs are granted access to a series of connected pools, which temperatures vary from 30°C and 39°C. Like most of the places on our list, the Fairmont Hot Springs provide amazing views of the Rocky Mountains. 

The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is one of Canada’s most popular all-encompassing experiences. The resort has a lot to offer to those who want to see more than just hot springs. Some summer activities include kayaking, camping, and golfing. Of course, skiing and snowboarding are also offered nearby during the winter season. All in all, the Fairmont Hot Springs is a solid choice for those looking for a memorable adventure.  

Location: British Columbia V0B 1L1

Distance: 297.5 km South-West of Calgary

Travel Time from Calgary: 3 hours & 16 minutes

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort

Although the next hot spring is a bit of a trek from Calgary, it’s still one of the best options within driving distance of the city. The Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort is definitely a must-see spot, especially if you happen to be in the area anyway (if you’re skiing at Nelson’s Whitewater Ski Resort, for example). 

Having opened officially 1930s, the main attraction at Ainsworth sets it apart from other hot springs. Moreover, the Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort features a 160ft unique horseshoe-shaped cave. Many visitors describe the experience as if they are swimming in the ‘bowels of the earth’. Ultimately, this distinctive geological feature of Ainsworth allows for a surreal soaking experience. 

Not only do you get to explore a natural cavern at Ainsworth. Here you’ll also be able to destress while being able to appreciate the stunning view of Kootenay Lake. Visitors may also access other hot springs in addition to the one located in the cave. 

Where: 3609 Balfour-Kaslo-Galena Bay Hwy, Ainsworth, BC V0G 1A0

Distance: 590 km South-West of Calgary 

Travel Time from Calgary: 7 hours & 23 minutes

Lussier Hot Springs 

Lastly, the Lussier Hot Springs is the last (but not least) best hot spring near Calgary on this list. Situated in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, this location is home to wild and natural thermal outflows. Consequently, at this hot spring destination, you’ll be up close and personal with nature. Visitors are free to pick their own spots to swim in, as there are many options to choose from. The Lussier Hot Springs offer an immersive outdoorsy experience that is sure to make you feel one with nature. 

A particularly neat feature of the Lussier Hot Springs is that they never actually close. Although it can be crowded at prime times, you can relax in the springs at any time of day (or night). In summary, this hot spring location may be ideal if you’re interested in having a more private experience. 

Where: Cranbrook, BC V1C 7E2

Distance: 345 km South-West of Calgary

Travel Time from Calgary: 4 hours & 6 minutes

In Closing

Some of the best hot springs in the country are found just outside of Calgary. From grand mountain views to tiny caves, there’s a variety of great hot spring options to consider. 

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