Are you looking for the best dog park to visit with your puppy pal? Well, it just so happens that Calgary is an incredibly dog-friendly place. There are countless off-leash dog areas in the city for you and your canine companion to explore together. In fact, a whopping 3,000 acres of Calgary’s park space is designated for off-leash dog parks. Markedly, this number represents just over 17% of the city’s total parkland! Here’s a comprehensive map of all the off-leash dog spaces in the city to get a visual understanding of this. Evidently, dog-lovers will never run out of dog parks to visit. Although there are many options for you to check out, some dog parks stand out more than others. So, here’s our list of some of the best dog parks in Calgary.  

Nose Hill Park

To start our list of best dog parks in Calgary, we have the wonderful Nose Hill Park. This multipurpose park is located in the northwest part of Calgary and is a mutual favourite amongst humans and their four-legged friends. In terms of terrain, Nose Hill is quite hilly. The park has various hiking trails, as well as some dedicated off-leash spaces. One of Nose Hill’s most notable traits is its immense size. The park is recognized as the 4th largest urban park in all of Canada, which is quite the feat. After all, Nose Hill provides visitors with 11 square kilometres to walk their dogs. In addition, the park also has some amazing views of the mountains just beyond the city. Nose Hill is great for people of all ages due to its plentiful benches and accessible parking. 

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.                                                                                                           

Nose Hill Park Location: 5620 14 St NW, Calgary, Alberta

River Park

River Park is located in Calgary’s southwest on the ridge above Sandy Beach. This location serves as both an outdoor hangout space for the local community and an off-leash area for dogs. All kinds of people frequent River Park, making it a very social space for people both with and without dog companions. The space is mostly flat and grassy, with perimeter trees for shade. Additionally, there are some slopes towards the northern tip of the park. Although River Park isn’t just for canines, there are doggy water fountains sitting throughout the space. At River Park, you don’t have to stress if you forgot to bring water for your dog.

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

River Park Location: 4500 14A Street SW, Calgary 

Sue Higgins Park

Formerly known as Southland Park, Sue Higgins Park is the mother of all dog parks in Calgary. Located along the banks of the Bow River, the destination is an excellent option for dog-lovers in southeast Calgary. At 62 hectares, the park is home to the largest off-leash area in the city. It’s also completely fenced, which is great for those especially concerned about their dog’s safety. Sue Higgins Park is truly created for dogs. You’ll find everything a dog or guardian could ever desire at this destination. Some of the park’s most notable features include weave poles, moguls, open fields, shady trees, and open sun. Furthermore, there are both popular spots and seldom-used areas for all social preferences. For dogs who love swimming, there are multiple access points to the Bow River. As a result, there is a lot of fun to be had at Sue Higgins Park.  

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Sue Higgins Park Location: Southland Drive and Deerfoot Trail SE

McHugh Bluff Park

McHugh Bluff Park sits alongside Memorial Drive in northwest Calgary. The park spans across two residential communities making it truly convenient for residents. McHugh Bluff Park is also quite close to the city centre, making it a popular location for commuters, joggers, and dog walkers. The area provides a great opportunity for city folk to get some quick cardio in on busy days. On top of convenience, McHugh Bluff Park has some amazing views. The Rocky Mountains, SAIT Campus, Bridgeland and Kennington make up the epic scenery. Despite these amazing qualities of McHugh Bluff Park, it is not really ideal for off-leash walking. The steep slope of the park and the uneven ground should be navigated cautiously to avoid injury. Overall, McHugh Bluff Park has a bunch of unique features that make it a must-see dog park in Calgary. 

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. 

McHugh Bluff Location: Crescent Rd NW & Centre Street N 

Connaught Park 

In addition to being Calgary’s newest dog park, Connaught is also one of the best. It’s an urban park, which sets it apart from most other parks in the city. Although the size of the park is rather small, its design is nifty. There are two fenced areas, one for tiny pooches and another for the big guys. Some of the amenities include shaded picnic tables, benches, and a water fountain serving both dogs and humans. Connaught Park is ideal for inner-city dwellers who may not have transportation to access suburban off-leash areas. 

Park Hours: 5 a.m – 11 p.m.

Connaught Park Location: 14th Avenue and 11th Street SW

Roxboro Off-Leash Park 

Located near the centre of the city, Roxboro & Erlton Park is one of the best dog parks in Calgary. This doggy destination is a bustling place throughout the week due to its placement in the inner city. The vibe at Roxboro & Erlton Park is quite social, but there are also more private spots for relaxation as well. The park offers plenty of trees for shade and grants access to the Elbow River for swimming. At Roxboro & Erlton Park, it’s not uncommon to observe individuals unwinding by the water with a book in hand. Moreover, there is a tranquil wooden trail that provides lots of enticing scents for nosey pups. The park borders residential streets, a tennis court, playground, and cemetery. It is important to note that Roxboro & Erlton park isn’t fenced off. If you decide to visit, be sure to watch over your companion animals. 

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Roxboro Off-Leash Park Location: 3010 Roxboro Glen Rd SW, Calgary

Bowmont Park Off-Leash Park

Bowmont Park is an expansive natural environment park in northwest Calgary. It lies along the northern bank of the Bow River, making it another great place for both you and your dog to cool off. The access point to the river is deep and fast-moving, so only strong doggy paddlers should enter. Thankfully, there are also small stormwater pools in an off-leash area near the west side of Bowmont Park. In addition to aquatic exploration, the park has lots of grassy terrains to offer as well. Namely, there are many off-leash sections scattered throughout the area. It’s a multipurpose park that houses playgrounds and sports fields for locals. There are paved pathways, gravel pathways, and wooded hiking trails for people to explore with their canine partners. Bowmont Park also has some unique man-made sights, including multiple bridges, one of which is for trains.

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m 

Bowmont Park Location: 8660 Bearspaw Dam Road NW, Calgary

Edworthy Park 

Sitting in a valley along the Bow River, Edworthy Park is the last dog park on our list. If your dog loves to run around, they’ll surely fancy this park. Edworthy Park is super spacious, which makes it perfect for energetic dogs. For the most part, the terrain is largely prairie vegetation with some scattered trees. Also, there are two dedicated off-leash areas to let your dog free to roam. This lovely space is located in southwest Calgary and borders the community of Wildwood. Edworthy Park includes the beautiful Douglas Fir Trail, as well as the historical Lawrey Gardens. Overlooking the city, you’re sure to get some breathtaking views if you decide to visit. Additionally, one of the off-leash areas rests beside the Bow River. Simply put, Edworthy Park is one of the best dog parks in Calgary because of the diverse experience it offers. 

Park Hours: 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Edworthy Park Location: 5050 Spruce Drive SW


There’s plenty of amazing dog park options in Calgary to stroll through. If you’re interested, you may view a complete list of all the off-leash areas here. 

Calgary is full of adventure for you and your canine companion. Grassy plains, riverside paths, and foresty trails are just some of the kinds of neat places to explore. Ultimately, determining which dog park in Calgary is the best comes down to personal preference. After all, everyone has different tastes (that goes for both humans and dogs). 

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