The more belongings you have to move, the greater your moving costs. Knowing how to downsize and de-clutter are great pre-move strategies.

Some items are more cost effective to replace than to move, and there are many people who claim that minimalism will change your life for the better!

This article will give you simple tips on how you can have a fresh start when moving into your new home with less items.

Throw Out Broken or Damaged Items

If you’ve been meaning to fix that chair leg or take that broken blender to appliance repair, it is time to come to terms with your good intentions and let them go.  Inexpensive furniture that is broken or damaged may be cheaper to replace than to repair, so don’t bother moving it.  Also, if you have been planning to replace a particularly old or mediocre household appliance, after a move is the optimal time to replace any items.

There is no point in keeping items that you can not consistently use, and for that reason broken or damaged items are the first thing to get rid of when downsizing!

Donate Items to a Charity or Host a Garage Sale

Items which you haven’t used for over 2 years, if moved to a new home, will likely collect dust in your new home until your next move. Why keep items that have no purpose in your life when someone else could benefit from them?

With that being said, these items that you have not used for 2 years or more need to go. Sometimes unused items are in great condition, they simply don’t benefit your life. Having a garage sale will allow you to raise some funds to cover the moving costs, while giving your items to someone who will appreciate them.

Whatever you can’t sell, consider giving away or donating to a local charity.

Clear Out Your Bathroom and Linen Closet

A fresh start in a new place will provide an excellent opportunity to replace small, easily obtained items like toilet brushes, plungers and shower curtain liners. These items are likely pretty gross if you’ve had them for a while, and they’re cheap to replace.

While you’re in the bathroom, take a look at the towels and washcloths.  If they are stained, raggedy, have holes or simply have seen better days, consider some new towels for your new place.  Linens, sheets, bedding, pillowcases and blankets should undergo the same scrutiny.  If you haven’t replaced your toothbrush recently, now is a good time.

Take this time to go to your medicine cabinet and toss expired medicine too.

Tidy Your Kitchen and Garage

Perishable food that will not survive a move and expired food should not be moved to your new home. Also, food that has been sitting in your cupboard for months untouched should go too. To reduce waste, you should focus on using up all of the food in your fridge prior to your move in date as it will not survive the trip! Chances are there will be a trash can in your new home, so this is a great item to leave behind and replace.

In terms of the garage, leave the dust and dirt from you old home behind along with your old broom.  Cheap shelving is another item you don’t have to feel bad about leaving behind.  The garage can sometimes serve as a catchall for all the random items you don’t know where to put.  Consider the cost effectiveness of moving each item and whether it is easily replaced or if you even want to replace it at all! Chances are, the garage will be full of toss away items.

Leave Window Fixtures

Check your lease, listing agreement or sales contract for particular details about your window fixtures.  Custom window fixtures aren’t cheap or necessarily easy to replace, but every home is different. You will most likely have a different number of windows and windows of different size.  Consider a move an occasion for upgrading your window fixtures.

Raid Your Closet

Let’s be honest here, we all have our favourite clothes and the clothes we leave because we might wear it someday. You will never wear those clothes that you are keeping because of their potential, never. Moving is a time to clear out the clothes that are catching dust and there are many ways to do so!

If you’re having trouble letting go, we suggest you take some time to watch the series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Marie gives tips and tricks on how to detach yourself from items like old clothes so that it is easier for you to downsize. Once you have gone through your clothes and have decided what to get rid of you have a few options:

  • Sell your clothes online or to second hand stores
  • Donate your clothes to a charity in your area
  • Throw out your clothes if they are too warn to give away.

Downsizing is Worth it

We hope that these tips will help you eliminate any items that are easily replaced or ready for retirement. When you downsize you will feel lighter and more clear headed, which will set you up for a successful move.

For more tips and tricks for your next move, check out our other articles here!

If you would like assistance with your upcoming move, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Sparta Movers today for your free moving quote or call us at 855-360-6683.

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