Would you like to know what your mover wishes you knew in order to make your moving experience a success? 

A big part of a successful move is preparation! Understanding what your mover wishes you knew could improve how prepared you are and help the move run extra smoothe!

A lot of the preparation before the movers come involves packing. In this article we are going to dive in to some tips and tricks to help your packing be the best it can possibly be from the point of view of a mover!

What Your Movers Wish You Knew: Tip #1

Packing up the moving truck is like a big game of Tetris! Finding the perfect placement for each item can be challenging. If you would like the process to be as smooth as possible for your movers, pack everything in square boxes. When the majority of the boxes are square, it’s much easier to stack the truck with minimum risk for damage. When there’s less risk, the movers can move a lot quicker which reduces stress on you too! Lastly, it will save you money to pack everything up efficiently before hand!

What Your Movers Wish You Knew: Tip #2

Fill your boxes ALL the way up! When the boxes are full, they are less likely to get crushed when the other boxes are stacked on them. You can easily fill all of your boxes if you choose proper sized boxes for the amount of items that you have. On the other hand, do not overfill your boxes because if the items are sticking out of the box it will be difficult to move and items could become damaged.

What Your Movers Wish You Knew: Tip #3

Tape the boxes shut instead of folding the box flaps. This change will make your boxes sturdier and there will be less chances of mishaps. If your move requires more than one stop or many boxes, different coloured painters tape is a great way to mark what items go where!

What Your Movers Wish You Knew: Tip #4

If you have heavy small items such as books or boots, pack them in small boxes. This makes the boxes much easier to move than large heavy boxes. This will reduce the time it takes to move your items to and from the moving truck and it lowers the chance of injury or other mishaps occurring. 

What Your Mover Wish You Knew: Tip #5

If you are moving light fixtures, take the light bulbs out and place them in a box that is labeled “fragile”. The remaining pieces of the fixtures should be detached into smaller parts if possible. If these steps are not completed, the risk of damaging the light fixtures is quite high. The base of these fixtures tend to be quite heavy as well and should be packed in a seperate box.

Now You’re Prepared!

Understanding these tips that your mover wishes you knew will help your move go smoothly and stress-free! Please note, if you have too much on your plate during your next move we are more than happy to supply you with packing services.

If you would like to learn more about the moving services we offer and the associated costs, please do not hesitate to contact Sparta Movers today here!

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