Anyone who has been to a hot spring before knows that it can be a magical experience. The hot water soothes your sore muscles and the hot steam cleanses your pores. But not all hot springs near Edmonton are created equal, which is why it’s important to know about all options available.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the nicest hot springs in the province and provide some information about each one. Keep in mind that the order of this list is not indicative of their rank of importance, they are all simply excellent hot springs.

So, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top hot springs near Edmonton!

Alberta Hot Springs: What Are They?

Hot springs are hot pools of water that often heat up naturally by magma deep within the Earth. Many hot springs feature hot pools but others feature hot rivers and even hot waterfalls, so Alberta hot springs can be many different things!

Western Canada is home to some of the most famous hot springs in the world, and Alberta is no exception. While BC has more natural hot springs, Alberta still has plenty of places to take a hot dip.

Hot springs can be very relaxing and therapeutic, and many people visit hot springs near Edmonton to soak while relieving stress. Others come for the healing properties of the hot springs, as hot water is known to help soothe sore muscles and joints.

Banff Hot Springs

Some of those most popular hot springs near Edmonton, Alberta are the hot springs of Banff.

Banff is a city in the province of Alberta and it borders Jasper National Park to the southeast. The hot springs of Banff are known for their abundance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur and sodium chloride. This hot spring is one of Canada’s most popular hot springs, and it is a hot spot for tourists.

There are two hot springs at Banff, and we will discuss each below.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

As the most well-known hot springs near Edmonton, the Banff Upper Hot Springs are definitely worth a visit. Situated in Banff National Park, this natural hot spring is a great place to relax and take in the stunning mountain views.

The Banff Upper Hot Springs are situated in Sulphur Mountain and are fed pristine mineral water that maintains a hot temperature around 37 to 40°C.

These hot springs are run by Parks Canada and offer a variety of amenities. Swimsuit rentals, a gift shop, and changing rooms are a few of the offerings here.

Fairmount Banff Springs

Next, we have the Fairmont Banff Springs. This hot springs resort is also located in Banff National Park, and it’s one of the most popular destinations in all of Canada. The artificial hot springs here are said to be some of the best in the country, and they offer an incredible experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their traditional Kur pool is for Willow Stream Spa guests who are looking for a therapeutic experience, while there are a few other plunge pools available as well. The Fairmount Banff Springs is a great choice if you’re looking for a rejuvenating wellness experience.

Mist Mountain Hot Springs

The Mist Mountain Hot Springs is truly one of nature’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away near the Kananaskis Improvement, these hot springs offer a serene and tranquil setting that is perfect for a relaxing day trip.

The spot is home to Alberta’s true non-commercial hot springs, which makes it a popular spot for those who are looking for some peace and quiet. The hot springs are said to have healing properties, making them a great spot to soothe away any aches and pains.

Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Another wonderful spa hot spring near Edmonton, the Kananaskis Nordic Spa is one of the province’s best hot springs. Similar to the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmount Banff Springs, this spa is artificially made. That means the hot springs are controlled and maintained for your enjoyment, ensuring perfect water temperatures every time you visit.

The spa happens to be Canada’s first Nordic spa, which is perfect for those who love the outdoors. You’ll enjoy beautiful views of the Kananaskis Valley and the Rocky Mountains while you relax in one of the many hot pools, steam baths, or saunas.

Miette Hot Springs

The last Albertan hot spring on our list is the Miette Hot Springs, located in the foothills of Jasper National Park. These hot springs are known for their stunning scenery, as they sit in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The mineral hot springs themselves are amongst the hottest in the Rockies, with temperatures reaching up to 40°C.

Parks Canada also offers a variety of amenities for those who visit the hot springs. You can enjoy a swim, relax in the sun, or explore the beautiful surroundings. There’s also a cafe on-site where you can buy snacks and drinks.

Which hot springs are right for you?

No matter which hot springs near Edmonton you choose to visit, you’re sure to have an amazing time. But, you can ask yourself a few questions to help you choose the hot springs that is perfect for you.

What are your relaxation needs?

Some hot springs near Edmonton focus on providing a relaxing environment, while others are more about adventure and excitement. If you’re looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate, then choose one of the more peaceful hot springs near Edmonton. If you’re looking for something more exciting, choose a hot spring that has more of an adventure vibe.

What are your activity needs?

Are you looking to do some hiking while enjoying the hot springs? Or, would you rather take a leisurely stroll around the property? Some hot springs near Edmonton have trails and activities available, while others are more secluded hot springs. If you’d rather not hike, choose a hot spring near Edmonton with other activities on the property.

What are your dietary needs?

Some hot springs near Edmonton have plenty of healthy options available, allowing customers to eat clean and feel good while enjoying their hot spring experience. Some hot springs may be more geared towards those who are looking to indulge in a bit of a treat. If you have dietary restrictions, be sure to inquire about the hot springs near Edmonton before visiting.

What is your budget?

Not all hot springs near Edmonton are created equal – some hot springs may be more expensive than others. It’s important to know your budget and find a hot spring near Edmonton that is affordable.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to find the hot springs near Edmonton that are perfect for you!

What are your favourite hot springs near Edmonton?

The hot springs near Edmonton all have different features and attractions, so it can be hard to choose just one!

We encourage everyone to explore the hot springs throughout Alberta and come up with their own personal preference – but we hope this article will help you on your hot springs journey!

Ultimately, the hot springs near Edmonton are some of the best hot springs in Western Canada, and are definitely worth a visit!

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