Is living in Chestermere right for you?


Many people have a lot of misconceptions about living in Chestermere, Alberta. Some think that the place is a small town with no culture or nightlife to speak of. Others might say that there are too many hills and not enough flat land for good biking or walking. But Chestermere is more than just an average suburban town! It has all the amenities, services and entertainment you need without being overcrowded or overpriced. And if you love nature, then this is your dream location!

In this article, we’ll be covering the best things about living in Chestermere and why it may be right for you! So without further ado, let’s get started!


Great for growing a family

The majority of people living in Chestermere are raising a family, which means there’s plenty of opportunities for children. For example, in recent years there have been multiple schools and kindergartens built to accommodate the needs of the residents. Furthermore, Chestermere has all the space kids need to grow up safely and develop a healthy lifestyle. Being a smaller town also means less traffic, so you can let your children walk to school or play freely in the neighbourhood. Kids can have access to great growth opportunities without having to worry much about travel or safety.


Lots of space

One of the nicest qualities of Chestermere is how much space there is. Without the major traffic of a massive city, everyone has room to grow and spread out. Getting to where you need to go doesn’t take hours, so you get to enjoy a comfortable commute even from the farthest points in town. There are also a lot of public parks, which makes it simple to get out with your family. Whether you’re going to the store or grabbing a bite to eat, it won’t take you long to arrive. And on the weekends, all that lush green space provides hours of outdoor activities and recreation for anyone who wants it!


Relaxing atmosphere

Chestermere has a relaxed and friendly vibe. The population is very diverse in terms of ethnicity, religion and culture. You get to experience the joys of communal living without being overcrowded and stressed out by major city life.

The people of Chestermere represent a busy and generous community. They are always offering to lend a hand, so you’ll never be alone if you need help getting something done. But at the same time, it’s not like everyone is constantly breathing down your neck. It’s easy to strike up conversations with new neighbours or go for leisurely walks in the neighbourhood.

From the small-town atmosphere to the breathtaking views, this is a quiet and simple way of life that you can’t find anywhere else.


Plenty of recreation

If you like having things to do, living in Chestermere may be right for you. Although the town is quite small, it has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to choose from. There are also a number of nearby attractions such as hiking trails, beaches, and family entertainment centers.

One of the neatest public facilities is the library. Not only can you borrow books, but there are also tons of DVDs, video games and other fun things to do. You can even learn a new skill or language! The library offers programs for children, as well as a book club for adults.

And in case you didn’t know, Chestermere is right next door to the great city of Calgary! That means access to all the best places that the city has to offer without having to put up with the hassles of a busy metropolis.


Chestermere Lake

Chestermere Lake is the main draw for many people who live in town. There are several beaches and playgrounds where you can go swimming, cycling or just enjoy a walk. If you really love water sports, there’s good news! Swimming and kayaking are common activities and the lake is known for being especially clean. There are also docks where you can park your boat or jet ski and enjoy a nice day on the water!

While there are many great summer activities, the lake is also popular in the winter as well. Snowmobiling and skating are common pastimes and the snow-covered trees create an idyllic winter wonderland. And if you really love winter, then there’s even more good news! All it takes is a short trip over the bridge to get in on all of Calgary’s best winter activities.



Nature lovers love living in Chestermere. With its forested hills, lush green grass and enormous lake, this town is a beautiful sight to behold. There’s nothing quite like taking in the fresh air on your morning dog walk or having a quiet picnic after work.

Chestermere even has a wide variety of parks to explore, many of which surround Lake Chestermere. John Peake Memorial Park is popular for its watercraft rentals and kid play place. Meanwhile, other local parks like Anniversary Park are simply a great place to relax and swim in the lake.

With a beautiful landscape and relaxed atmosphere, Chestermere is a great place to call home. If you have kids, then you’ll never have trouble finding somewhere for them to play or things for you to do as a family. And if you love nature or being active outdoors, there are endless opportunities at your fingertips.


Close to Calgary

Living in Chestermere is a great decision because it’s so close to Calgary. If you need to find anything from shopping to entertainment, Calgary has got your back. The big city is only a 30-minute drive away and has everything you could ever want. And if you’re like most people, you probably love living in town but also need to go into the city for work or other business.

Fortunately, Chestermere is so close that even a short commute won’t be a problem! And if you live in the right neighbourhood, all it takes is a short drive across the bridge for you to get access to all of these great places. Major roadways like Highway 1, Highway 1A, and Stoney Trail are all close by, which means you have convenient routes to everywhere. So whether it’s shopping, dining out or working, you’ll always be close to Calgary.



Lastly, avid golfers will be delighted to know that Chestermere has an 18-hole golf course called Lakeside Golf Club. Having a local golf course is a huge boon for any town because it makes the area much more attractive to businesses, industry and families looking for nice homes nearby.

This is only one example of how having lots of open space encourages job creation and economic growth. And by adding a golf course, Chestermere ensures that the town maintains its natural beauty.


Is living in Chestermere right for you?

Living in Chestermere is ideal for people who enjoy an active lifestyle and lots of options for recreation. Whether you’re looking to spend your weekends swimming in the lake or taking in some winter sports, this is the perfect place to raise a family. Chestermere will give you an easy, relaxed lifestyle with lots of fun and friends. You can live in a quaint town while still being in close proximity to Calgary. So if you’re looking for a place to call home, this could be it!

It’s no surprise that living in Chestermere is an attractive option for many Canadians. With its great location and a wide variety of amenities, this is a lovely place to call home. Whether you’re looking for somewhere cheerful to live or just want easy access to Calgary, Chestermere can give you the best of both worlds!

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