Finding a daycare in Canmore, Alberta that best suits your needs can be difficult. There are all kinds of options and decisions to be made, from the actual hours of operation to the cost and location. The following article can help you get started on your search for a good daycare in Canmore, Alberta. To gain a further understanding of each daycare, we recommend you contact them to get a sense of the daycare’s philosophy and values. We’re confident you’ll find what you need with this list of the best daycares in Canmore!

Canmore Community Daycare Society

First on our list is the Canmore Community Daycare Society. Known for their dedication to children, they provide best-in-class care. The organization aims to create a safe and nurturing environment for children, which is best achieved through a mix of outdoor and indoor space. They offer a variety of programs, including a summer camp, to ensure that your child is as happy and well-rounded as possible. In addition to daycare services, the organization also offers junior kindergarten.

Canmore Community Daycare Society also provides healthy food options for children. The daycare has a garden where they grow their own vegetables and offer a variety of healthy snacks. This guarantees that your child is receiving the best nutrition possible.

Canmore Community Daycare Society Address: 606B 7 Ave, Canmore, AB T1W2H5

Phone Number: (403) 678-5762

Mountain Munchkin Daycare

At Mountain Munchkin Daycare, you can be sure that your child will be given the best care possible. The daycare has a variety of programs, meaning they can accommodate all different age groups and needs. They offer both full-time and part-time slots to best serve families with varying schedules. Their staff are experienced educators who have backgrounds in early childhood development as well as other relevant fields such as education and programming.

Mountain Munchkin Daycare has a list of core values they live by. They believe in providing best-in-class care, and this is reflected in their core values. Some values include physical literacy, empathic community, and nature to name a few. They also provide best-in-class nutrition, which is evident in their healthy food options.

Mountain Munchkin Daycare Address: 20 Grotto Way Canmore, AB T1W1J9

Phone Number: (403) 678-5268

Bow Valley Babysitting

Another one of the best daycares in Canmore is Bow Valley Babysitting. This daycare provides spectacular care for young children. The organization provides an intimate setting for children to best flourish. Based out of the operator’s home, the daycare best suits those who want to be cared for in a home-like environment. Bow Valley Babysitting also has an outdoor area where children can play and best socialize with their peers. They offer both part-time slots as well as full-day, meaning that they are able to best accommodate individual family needs.

Bow Valley Babysitting Address: 1 Grotto Pl, Canmore, AB T1W1J3

Phone Number: (403) 675-2229

Little Footprints Dayhome

Little Footprints Dayhome is run by an Early Childhood Educator with over two decades of experience working with kids. The daycare best suits small groups of children. They offer a variety of services to best meet the needs, like half-day programs or drop-in care for short periods. Their goal is to educate children, in a caring environment and playful manner that reflects what their typical home life would be.

Little Footprints Dayhome Address: 322 Grotto Rd Canmore, AB T1W1K3

Email: addynix@yahoo.com

Which daycare in Canmore is best for your child?

When choosing a daycare for your child, there are various things to consider. Here are some factors to take into account:

Location of the daycare

How far away is the daycare from your house? This is important if you need to drop your child off or pick them up. Also, does the daycare offer transportation?

Cost of care

You need to take into account the cost you will be paying for daycare. This can help you determine if the daycare is affordable or not. Do they offer any subsidies, especially for lower-income families? Are there other programs in place to ensure that everyone can afford their services?

Child-to-staff ratio in the daycare

How many children are there per staff member? This will help you determine if your child would get enough one-on-one attention. Does the daycare have a maximum number of children? All of the best daycares in Canmore offer different levels of care.

Programs offered by the daycare

Do they offer programs to help your child reach their full potential? Do they follow a curriculum or are they more play-oriented? What about before and after school care? Do they provide animals for your child to interact with?

The food offered at the daycare

Does the daycare provide healthy food options for your child? Are they able to accommodate allergies or other special needs with their food choices?

Safety in the daycare

Is the daycare safe for your child? What kind of security measures do they have in place, like locked exterior doors, and proper supervision so that children cannot wander off?

Age groups offered by the daycare

Are you looking for a daycare for infants or toddlers? Do they offer after-school programs and if so, to what age groups do the programs apply? These are important things to take note of when choosing a daycare in Canmore.

In Summary

There are various wonderful options when it comes to choosing the best daycare in Canmore. No matter what your needs are, there is a childcare provider who can best meet them. The important thing to note when choosing a daycare in Canmore is that you consider the factors mentioned above and determine which one offers the best combination of services for your child.

When choosing a daycare in Canmore, you want to find one that provides an enriching environment for your child. The key is taking into account what your child needs and finding the best provider who can best meet those needs. For those looking for a great daycare in Canmore, any of the places on our list are sure to help you meet your expectations.

Canmore is a great place for families with small children, and the best daycares in Canmore are able to further enhance the satisfaction of living there. If you want to learn why Canmore is a great place to raise your family, check out our other article!

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