Tipping the Unsung Heroes: Your Calgary Movers

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Boxes piled up, the excitement of a new home, and the simultaneous dread of the actual move. Moving is one of life’s top stressors, right up there with weddings and job interviews. But what happens after the last box is unpacked? The real heroes of our tale – the movers – have played their part, and now there’s that awkward dance: to tip or not to tip?

Why Tip Your Movers in Calgary?

The thing about tipping is, it’s like giving someone a pat on the back. An acknowledgment of the blood, sweat, and occasional tears they’ve invested in your move.

Lisa Orr, an etiquette authority based in Toronto, asserts that tipping is customary in places where one avails of enhanced services. However, she points out that one wouldn’t typically gratify professionals like doctors, accountants, or dentists, highlighting the distinction between personal and specialized services.

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Recognizing the Extra Mile

We’ve all had experiences where service was so above and beyond that it made our day, right? And we’ve had those experiences where, well, it was just okay. Tipping becomes that barometer of our satisfaction.

  • Above and beyond: Did they handle that fragile box marked “Grandma’s china” like it was their own?
  • On-time efficiency: Were they punctual, ensuring no added stress to your moving day?
  • Professionalism: Was there a respect and courtesy that made the move smoother?

Acknowledging the Challenges

Moving isn’t a walk in the park. Picture this: a giant piano, a 10th-floor apartment, and—oh, the horror—no elevator! Some moves are like climbing Mount Everest, and tipping becomes our way of saying, “Hey, I see you. And I appreciate that Herculean effort.”

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How Much Should You Part With?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but we’ve got some guiding principles to help you out.

The Standard Guidelines

  • 10%-20% of the move cost: It’s the commonly accepted range. Like at a restaurant, think of it as a reflection of your satisfaction.
  • Tipping each mover individually: Consider their unique contributions. Was one particularly attentive or did another have a sense of humor that lightened the mood?

Other Ways to Show Appreciation

Money is great, but let’s get creative!

  • Refreshments: Imagine offering a cold drink on a scorching day or a hot coffee when the wind chills. Simple, but speaks volumes.
  • Positive Reviews: Words can be as valuable as dollars. If they nailed it, shout it from the (digital) rooftops!

Some General Percentages to Consider

For the Basics

If the move was standard, no frills, and you’re satisfied: 10%.

For the Superstars

Were you blown away? Did they make moving seem like a breeze? 20% is your number.

For the Mount Everest Moves

For those particularly grueling moves where you wouldn’t blame them for wanting to throw in the towel: More than 20%.

A satisfied customer handing a tip to a smiling mover in Calgary

When Things Go South

Poor service? Unprofessional behavior? Remember, tipping is a choice. And sometimes, the most powerful statement is withholding it.

Wrapping It Up

Movers are the unsung heroes of our moving saga. They lift, they haul, and they help turn our new house into a home. Tipping becomes our little token of gratitude. Remember, it’s not about the money; it’s about the message.


  1. Is tipping movers customary in Calgary? Yes, while not obligatory, it’s a kind gesture acknowledging their hard work.
  2. What if I can’t afford to tip 10-20%? Offering refreshments or writing a glowing review can be an alternate way to show appreciation.
  3. Do I tip based on the difficulty of the move or the service quality? Both! Consider the challenges of the move and your satisfaction with the service.
  4. Should I tip each mover individually? Yes, recognizing each mover’s unique contributions is a thoughtful gesture.
  5. What if I’m not satisfied with the service? You’re not obligated to tip. Consider giving feedback so they can improve.



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