What is pick-up and delivery storage? Quite simply, an amazing, personalized service that takes all of the blood, sweat and tears out of keeping items in a storage unit. Before moving, you may have gotten serious about cracking down on what really needs to make the trek to the new place. However, of course not everything you streamlined is heading to the garbage or donation bin, so where is it going? A storage locker! Picture this; on top of the already chaotic and overwhelming stress that is moving in general, you need to plan a separate trip to the new storage locker too. Pack everything up, load your car, and drive out there. Push the moving dolly through the maze of doors and start unpacking your boxes into the locker. Try to keep things somewhat organized and mentally track where everything is going (for whenever you come back), and definitely don’t forget to remember that you need to bring your own lock or all of your stuff is going to just be open for the taking. Sounds great right? Wrong. Welcome, YYC Storage!

What does pick-up and delivery storage offer? YYCstorage.ca provides their clients with all of the benefit and efficiency of having your non everyday items out of the way, without any of the headache. They pick-up, safely transport, securely store, and bring your stuff back whenever you need it – without you ever having to visit the storage unit.

When is pick-up and delivery storage available? We come to YOU! No scheduling when you will be able to make it over to the unit, worrying if all of the items you would like to store are going to fit in your vehicle, or wondering if your buddy with the truck is going to let you borrow it. This service is available seven days a week and can be done on moving day, beforehand or afterwards. We can even bring the boxes and pack for you too. Pick-up and delivery storage is the ultimate game changer.   

How are my items stored? Firstly, they are loaded into moving trucks professionally; with blankets and straps to ensure safe transport. Our vehicles are insured to be carrying your property, and our experts are insured to be looking after it. Our storage units start at 5×5 and move up in 5 foot increments, indefinitely. Every unit and our entire facility is secure 24/7 and  always heated. You can have peace of mind with pick-up and delivery storage.

Just when you thought it could not get any better, at YYC Storage, after we have picked up your items, they are uploaded to your personal, digital dashboard. Manage your stored items online, from the comfort of your desktop or mobile phone. This is pick-up and storage with customized convenience. If you ever need a particular item out of your unit, select it from your inventory and let us know when you would like it delivered. It is really that easy. Having trouble remembering what you have stored? Just scroll!

Your clutter free basement, attic, and garage will thank you for choosing our pick-up and storage service. Not only will you have more space, but you will also have more time – there is nothing more important!

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