Finding the best daycare for your family can be overwhelming at times. If you happen to have young children, you may be wondering about the best daycares in Calgary. Fortunately, the city has many great childcare options for you to consider. 

In Alberta, the government’s Children and Youth Services department sets the standard for childcare in the province. This ensures a consistent level of safe and healthy environments for children across Calgary and beyond. As explained on the department’s site, daycare programs serve infants, toddlers, and pre-school-aged children (two and a half to six years of age). 

Panda Child Development Centre 

One of the best daycares in Calgary is Panda Child Development Centre. The organization has 2 locations in the city. The daycare centre specializes in delivering quality programming for children. At Panda CDC, providing an inclusive environment for all families is crucial. As a result, Panda CDC prioritizes relationships between their teachers and children, and children’s parents. Additionally, Panda CDC offers a play-based program with learning opportunities for every age. For this reason, the daycare has lots to offer to Calgarian families.  

ESG Child Play Care Centre

Education and fun go hand-in-hand at ESG Child Play Care Centre. Another great childcare option, there is only 1 daycare of its kind in the Calgary area. ESG has a comprehensive curriculum for children of various ages. Thus, the daycare allows for the most optimal, age-appropriate daycare experience. ESG recognizes that all children are unique and that some may speak English as a second language. For this reason, part of ESG’s mission statement is to teach children to respect and celebrate the values and cultures of all countries. All in all, ESG Child Play Care Centre is certainly one of the best daycares in Calgary.

Kids U (McKnight)

Kids U is another great childcare organization known for its inclusivity and quality services. The daycare provides both a stimulating and nurturing environment for children. Kids U inspires open collaboration to shape a child-centred, inquiry-based learning environment. Consequently, Kids U strives to cultivate enthusiastic and globally-minded thinkers through their programs. Considering that there are 7 Kids U locations in Calgary, there is bound to be an option that works for every family. Ultimately, the daycare’s value of diversity plays a key part in providing families optimal growth and development opportunities for children.  

Inglewood Child Development Centre

Formerly known as Alexandra Children’s Centre, Inglewood Child Development Centre is amongst the best daycare providers in Calgary. The organization promotes a play-based philosophy that allows for holistic learning and development. In brief, this play-oriented program emphasizes the importance of children’s play in the learning and exploration process of young children. Ultimately, the Inglewood Child Development Centre is an excellent daycare option that excels at holistically nurturing children.

Dominican Sisters’ Daycare Centre 

An organization established by Dominican Sisters (Christian Catholic nuns), the Dominican Sisters’ Daycare Centre provides faith-oriented childcare for families in Calgary. Having been in business for over 40 years, this daycare is surely one of the most well-established childcare facilities in the city. As a holistically driven establishment, the Dominican Sisters’ childcare program celebrates the Catholic faith. As such, the teachings at the centre include special attention to ethics and moral values in the development and education of children. Overall, the Dominican Sisters provide a unique Christian-based daycare experience for Calgarian families. 

Cedarbrae Childcare 

The Cedarbrae Childcare Centre is another great holistic daycare option in Calgary. They offer programs for children of all stages, including both full-time childcare and after-school programs for older children. Cedarbrae ensures that each child is cared for as a whole person. As a result, their curriculum supports children’s emotional as well as social, intellectual, and physical needs. Furthermore, the daycare also has little to no rotation in their staff, which means that families can make meaningful connections with the educators that they work with. 

Little World’s Learning Centre

Little World’s Learning Centre provides a unique bilingual daycare program (English and Spanish) for children in Calgary. The program instills values like inclusivity and cultural diversity in children. Little World’s Learning Centre supports children’s development through an environment that is both structured and play-based. The organization offers an environment where children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically.

Bow Valley Child Care Centre

Having opened in 1986, Bow Valley Child Care Centre offers a high-quality childcare service to families in the Calgary area. The facility is run by its original Executive Director and continues to maintain exceptional long-term staff and management. BVCC prioritizes the relationships between early childhood professionals and the children they care for. Thus, the curriculum stimulates the children through creating unique learning experiences, promoting physical literacy, and enhancing creative expression. Supporting the emotional and social needs of children through positive role modelling is integral to the childcare experience offered at BVCC. 

Little Treasures Inc. 

Little Treasures provides an early childhood education intended to help children make a successful transition into mainstream schooling. In short, the program is a rigorous and fast-paced skill-based experience that ensures appropriate development activities for each stage of early childhood. Little Treasures adopts an approach that embraces child-led and structured programming. Consequently, children who attend Little Treasures Inc. excel at developing knowledge, thinking skills, and creativity. Offering childcare services in 3 locations throughout the city, Little Treasures Inc. has been in practice for over 10 years. Being a relatively newer daycare ensures that their childcare program utilizes the most modern strategies to help children flourish. 

As can be seen, there are many daycare options for families to consider in Calgary. Ultimately, it’s up to each family to conduct further research and to choose the best daycare that they feel is best for their children. If you are curious to learn about childcare options in your specific neighbourhood, you can use Alberta’s Childcare Lookup Tool that lists all the licensed childcare facilities near you. 

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