If you’re looking for a great workout and some beautiful scenery, look no further than the best hikes around Kelowna. There are hikes of all levels of difficulty and experience, so everyone can find something to enjoy. From leisurely strolls through nature to more challenging hikes that will test your endurance, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Kelowna.

Are you looking to explore what Kelowna has to offer? Here are 8 of the best hikes around Kelowna that you don’t want to miss!

Myra Canyon Trail

One of the most popular Kelowna hikes is Myra Canyon Trail. Considered to be a somewhat challenging hike, it’s definitely worth it for the views. The trail features bridges and trestles that offer breathtaking sights of the canyon below. Myra Canyon Trail is 25-km round trip and takes about 6 and a half hours to complete. Flat terrain makes the trail perfect for biking, as well as hiking.

If you’re looking for a great workout and some beautiful scenery, look no further than Myra Canyon Trail.

Knox Mountain via Apex Trail

Next on our list of the best hikes around Kelowna is Knox Mountain via Apex Trail. With a short length of 4 km, this trail is perfect for a quick hike or run. The trail is considered to be moderately difficult with some elevation gain. Knox Mountain via Apex Trail is an inner-city hike, meaning that you won’t have to leave Kelowna to enjoy it.

Break a sweat at Knox Mountain and take in the incredible views of Kelowna!

Canyon Rim Trail

Another amazing Kelowna hike is the Canyon Rim Trail. Providing great views of Lake Okonagan and Kelowna, this is a must-do hike if you’re in the area. Canyon Rim Trail takes less than an hour to complete, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time but still want to get some hiking in. The trail also features a waterfall which is an added bonus. Overall, Canyon Rim Trail is an easy hike with ample opportunities for sightseeing.

Paul’s Tomb

Continuing our list of the best hikes around Kelowna is Paul’s Tomb. This is a great hike if you’re looking for something on the easy side. Located beside the water, Paul’s Tomb is a beautiful spot for a picnic or to just take in the scenery. The best time to visit Paul’s Tomb is in spring or summer when the weather is ideal for hiking. The trail is only 4.8 km and takes under 1 hour and a half to complete.

For waterside views and an easy hike, be sure to add Paul’s Tomb to your Kelowna hiking itinerary!

Mill Creek

Another easier hike in Kelowna is Mill Creek. The trail is short at only 2.6 km but perfect for a stroll through nature. Mill Creek is a great place to see some wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for birds and other animals. The trail is a popular spot for all kinds of activities, including running and biking, so you might see some other people out and about.

Peaceful and scenic, Mill Creek is a great place to relax and get some fresh air.

Kelowna Waterfront Trail

As one of the best Kelowna hikes, the Kelowna Waterfront Trail is perfect for a leisurely walk or bike ride. The trail stretches for 5.6 km along the waterfront, offering stunning views of Okanagan Lake. The best time to visit the Kelowna Waterfront Trail is in summer when you can take advantage of the warm weather. You’ll pass marinas, beaches, and all kinds of Kelowna attractions.

Make sure to check out the Kelowna Waterfront Trail for some of the best views in town!

Mission Creek Greenway

At 5 km in length, Mission Creek Greenway is another great option for a Kelowna hike. The trail follows Mission Creek and is popular with birdwatchers. You might see some ducks, geese, and other waterfowl along the way. Cross country skiing is also possible in winter. The trail takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete by foot, so it’s perfect for a quick morning or evening hike.

Myra Bellevue Small Loop

Last but not least, Myra Bellevue Small Loop is another one of the best hikes around Kelowna. Offering panoramic views from Rose Lookout, this is a great trail for sightseeing. Myra Bellevue Small Loop is a moderate hike at 5.8 km and takes under 2 hours to complete.

If you’re looking for incredible views, look no further than Myra Bellevue Small Loop!

Does Kelowna have hiking trails to suit everyone’s needs?

Absolutely! With so many amazing trails, it’s hard to choose which ones to hike. We hope this list of the best hikes around Kelowna has helped you narrow down your choices.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore!

What do I need to hike in Kelowna?

If you’re new to hiking, it’s best to start with some basics:


Bringing proper footwear on your hike is crucial.

Your shoes should have good tread to grip the ground, support your ankles, and protect your feet from obstacles. If you’re hiking in cold weather, make sure your shoes are waterproof and insulated.


Wearing the right clothing on your hike will keep you comfortable and safe.

Start with a base layer of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep your skin dry. Add layers as needed for warmth, and pack a waterproof jacket in case of rain. Sun protection is important even on cloudy days, so don’t forget to pack a hat and sunglasses.


In addition to clothing and footwear, there are a few other things you’ll need to bring on your hike.

A backpack is essential for carrying all your gear, and you may want to pack a lunch and snacks to keep your energy up. Bring a map and compass (or a GPS device) to help you stay on track, and consider packing a first-aid kit in case of emergencies.

Those are just a few of the basics you’ll need for hiking in Kelowna. With proper preparation, you can hit the trails and enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer.

Happy hiking!

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