How do I decorate my new home for Christmas? For better or worse; fa la la la la is on its way. Although it does seem to come around more quickly each year, we are most definitely inching closer into 2020’s winter decoration territory. And if you live north of the equator, for safety and general warmth purposes, the earlier you start the better! However, after you have moved, unpacked, and started to settle in – the thought of unloading seasonal decor can easily seem less than appealing. Nevertheless, there is nothing quite like seeing your new home festively twinkling as snow begins to fall. Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and starting simple and small is the best way to keep things as stress free as possible. Check out our guide below and get ready to feel the holiday spirit wash over you!

All The Lights

If tradition is in the air, the perfect place to start your winter holiday decorating adventure is with the classics. Christmas lights. Pro tip #1: the first time around in your new place, resist the temptation to win the brightest house on the block award. Shutting down your neighbourhood’s power grid, a la National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, is not going to win you any new friends. First things first, pick a design, a focal point to work around, and arm yourself accordingly, ie. is an extension cord(s) necessary? Are you keeping things all on the lower level or will you need an extendable, larger ladder? Decide whether you would like your aesthetic to be modern, all white and streamlined, or traditional and multi-coloured. There are bulbs that flash, lie flat, play along to music, and dangle like icicles. Big decisions. Next, you are always going to want to test them out. Modern technology now, thankfully, prevents one broken bulb from ruining an entire string, but spotting the duds ahead of time is still best. For securing your lights, just say no to a shop stapler! Yes, it’s a simple and quick approach – but also one you will most certainly regret when it comes time to take everything down.. All purpose light clips should work on your gutters, railings, shutters, and more. Pro tip #2: invest in a self timer for your lights. They’ll joyfully spring into glowing action at the same time every evening, and you won’t need to head into the cold to pull any cords in the middle of the night to shut things down. A sparkly exterior is the fool proof way to kickstart decorating your new home for Christmas.

Keeping Things Ladder Free

An unpopular yet understandable opinion: climbing up any amount of unsecured steps in the snow and ice can bring you uncomfortably closer to facing Darwin than ever before. If you are feeling hesitant about lighting up your new roof, and live in an environment where colder temperatures have already snuck in, you do have many other outdoor decor options! Of all the things to come out of modern day innovation, the themed, outdoor blowup/inflatable has to rank right at the very top. If your new home has a flat surface out front, and enough outlet space/power, this fun and oversized choice could be perfect. Too much? Perhaps set your sights on a sturdy set of light up lawn deer, or a handsome and sweet Frosty The Snowman. If your main focus is to keep things unconventional and out of the box, find some wacky inspiration here. Looking for something completely hassle free? That also takes up next to no space? A Christmas light projector is fantastic! Whichever direction you go, your electronically charged outdoor Christmas decor choices are many, and if you want to steer clear of hanging up traditional lights, trust your gut! There’s no sense decking out your new home for the holidays if you can’t stay feeling safe and comfortable while doing it.

Full Force On Your Front Steps

Before the madness of shopping takes over, or the daunting task of coordinating a formal holiday meal sets in, jump on the opportunity to delight in the little joys of the season. Going all out on your new home’s front porch can be just the ticket. And if you thought pumpkins were fun to play with in the fall, you can really kick it into next gear for Christmas. Love the smell and nostalgia of a real tree but don’t want to deal with the incessant watering and needle vacuuming? Make a date to visit your local tree farm; warm apple cider, pictures for Instagram and all. Chop down and/or select a tree and display it front and center at the entrance way to your home – the best of both worlds! Simple and classic never fails when transforming your house into a winter wonderland. While the domestic goal is usually to keep indoor decor clean and functional (and out of the curious reach of pets and small children), it can be exciting to take more risks with your new outdoor space. These items will be exposed to the elements, so there’s no need to be delicate.

DIY Wreath

A great, low-budget way to roll out the red carpet for the holiday season and score some decor in the process – make your own wreath! Although a beautiful statement piece, retail wreaths can come attached to some fairly shocking price tags. Braving a DIY will bypass that and awaken your inner jingle bells. Stock up on materials at the dollar store, make some hot chocolate, and press play on Bublé. For minimal effort, you can create a showstopping, festive item, and get the full Christmas decorating experience in the process.

Overall: start early and with one project at a time. Remember, this is your home – there are no rules except for the ones you make. And while they sometimes get a bad rap, the Christmas holidays are supposed to be fun. Ho ho ho!

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