moving hacks man suffering back ache moving boxes in his new houseWe often hear that a DIY move is much cheaper than hiring professional movers, and sometimes it is. But there are a lot of people who have come to realize that moving isn’t as easy as it appears. It’s an intense physical endeavour that is made more difficult, and dangerous, if you aren’t an experienced mover. For these reasons, we have compiled a list of DIY moving tips to help you avoid any mishaps.

All it takes is one small injury to make the DIY move outrageously expensive. Below are some of the best DIY moving tips to avoid injuries and keep you safe.

Muscle Strains

As much as we’re told to lift with our legs and not our backs, it’s understandable that strained and pulled muscles are the top injury concerns on moving day. The real problem with these kinds of injuries is that you can still feel them years down the line. Moving during winter in Canada increases probability of muscle strains with frequent temperature fluctuations while walking between the moving truck and your house. Reduce the risk of muscle strains by:

  • Learning the proper lifting technique
  • Wearing a back brace can help provide support and keep you in the correct posture while lifting
  • Shortening the distance that boxes have to be carried
  • Asking for help when needed

Smashed Fingers and Toes

Heavy boxes plus moving, shoving and lifting is going to eventually equal a finger or toe smashing. Jammed, bruised and broken digits are among the most common moving injuries. The biggest issue is people trying to lift an item that’s too heavy, usually because they forgot to test the weight first. It’s also important to have a clear line of sight when you’re walking with a box so you don’t wedge a finger between the box and a hard place.


During the rush of moving day it’s easy to forget to keep chugging water. Dry or humid, dehydration is much more likely during the summer months, however one should keep the risks of dehydration in mind at any time of the year. Summer is the most popular time of the year for moving even though the weather is blazing hot in some parts of the country.

Make it easier on yourself by keeping the utilities on, so water is readily available and bringing a reusable water bottle with you on moving day. We’ve found that back packs with a water bladder really come in handy because you can keep your hands free while sipping.

Cuts and Scrapes

Moving around at a fast pace, sharp edges, scissors, glass, etc. – there are a lot of things on a moving day that can cut you. Most cuts and scrapes are minor injuries that just need to be cleaned and covered. A basic First Aid kit will handle the job. But other times the cut is more of a gash that needs a few stitches.

The best thing you can do is wear gloves, long sleeves and jeans on moving day. This will significantly reduce the chance of slicing your skin. Be very careful when handling glass and objects with unfinished edges. They pose the greatest risk of cutting someone.


We hope you found this article helpful and now you are ready to take an educated approach. Of course, you can avoid all these potential injuries by hiring professional movers. We, at Sparta Movers, are ready for action whenever You are!

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