We all need space in our lives! Whether you are remodeling your home/office, simplifying or selling your home, selling your home and still waiting for possession of your new place, storage can give you that extra breathing room that you’re craving. It’s not easy letting go of your things, but the right storage service will keep your mind at peace and your belongings safe and sound.

How do you choose the right storage service to meet your needs? Your belongings come in all shapes and sizes so it’s no wonder there are so many options for storing them you can choose from. Before you start calling around, consider the following three storage options with their unique pros and cons.

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How does it work: A full-service moving & storage provider will move your belongings to their warehouse facility, store everything there typically on a month-to-month basis, and then will assist with moving everything out, when you need it back.
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• Secure storage facility
• All your stored items typically get itemized, so it is easy to keep track of what is stored
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• These facilities are often not specially designed for storing household and office items. Damage by rodents is often a concern.
• You must know and trust the contractor, as you will not be only one with the access to your stored belongings
• You have to schedule a time to access your storage or have your items delivered to you.
• Be ready to pay extra fee to access your belongings in storage.
• You don’t have 24-hour access to your belongings and sometimes on weekends either.

Things to Consider:
• You are stuck with the same contractor for the entire process. What if you don’t like their services after they moved everything into their warehouse?


How does it work: Storage units are small garages, lockers or closets rented to tenants on a short term basis, often month to month. Sizes vary typically between 50 sq-ft and 400 sq-ft per unit. You can always get as many units as you need to find enough space for all your belongings.

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• Self-storage facilities are typically equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and alarm, which makes this a very safe choice
• Most self-storage facilities come with climate control to avoid temperature related damage
• You can access your belongings 7 days a week, in some facilities 24-hours a day, without having to make an appointment. No extra fee for visits. It is very convenient when, for example, you have a last-minute ski trip, then you simply drive over to your unit, get your gear and you are on your way.
• You are the only one with the access to your stored items, unless you give a spare key to someone.
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• Self-storage facilities are called “self” storage, as you are expected to arrange for transportation and labor to move your belongings in and out. You can always contact a local moving company to assist you with all the heavy lifting.
Things to Consider:
• Most self-storage facilities today reside in multi-storey buildings and offer an array of access options, such as interior units with main level access, exterior units with drive-up access, as well as upper level units with interior elevator access. When you are using storage for a shorter term (1-3 months), and when you hire a moving contractor to move your belongings in and out of the storage, consider paying a little premium and get interior units on the main level and/or units with exterior drive-up access. This way moving in and out will be a breeze, which will result in lower moving expense, and the savings will outweigh that little extra storage premium you pay for quick access.
• There are multiple self-storage facilities out there. Choose the one nearest to you to minimize your travel efforts and cost, especially when you hire a moving company to transport your belongings
• Enjoy additional storage and moving discounts, when moving with Sparta Movers to a local self-storage facility near you. Thanks to a wide network of partners, which Sparta Movers collaborate with to make moving and storage services more affordable!



How does it work: A unit is dropped off and left on site at your home/business, while you load it with whatever you want stored. These units stay on-site, while you load and unload items into it. Once you’ve packed up your unit, you can arrange to have the company come pick up your unit and take it back to their facility, where they keep it until you want your items back.

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• Portable storage units are convenient because they are left directly on your property, meaning you can load and unload your belongings at your own pace. Consider contacting a local moving contractor who will be able to provide professional labor to carefully, efficiently and safely move your items to or from a portable storage unit.
• When these units are picked up they are typically taken to a secure location.
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• This option is not climate-controlled as most portable units are stored outdoors at contractor’s yard.
• Standard container sizes and set prices means that you pay for unused space if container is partially filled
• Portable storage units tend to be smaller than onsite storage units, meaning if you need to store your entire home you will need multiple units.
• These units are also not aesthetically pleasing and may negatively impact the curb appeal, which is a big deal when your home is for sale.
• No cameras or security are provided while it’s on your property.
• Access to your belongings once it’s off your property may cost extra.
• You must load and unload your belongings into the storage unit yourself.
If this detailed article has not yet pointed you in the right direction, then ask yourself the following questions to help narrow down your search:
• How much storage space do I need?
• How long do I want to store my items for?
• How often do I want to access the items I have in storage?
• Do I have the time or manpower to move my items to and from storage unit?
• When returning for your belongings, will you be taking out everything or just an item or two?

Answering these questions will help determine which type of storage is best for you. Do you need storage for your automobile, RV, boat or other specialty items? Call Sparta Movers for an unbiased advice at 403-402-7992.

Sparta Movers partners with all the major storage service providers and will help you with moving your items safely, on time and on budget. Let us know about your specific needs and we will suggest the right storage option for you!


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