When considering a move to Red Deer, it’s natural to wonder about the pros and cons of living in this Alberta city. For those thinking about making the move, it’s important to consider how the various factors of living in Red Deer will impact their daily lives. Here’s a closer look at some of the main pros and cons of living in Red Deer:


Pro – Business Opportunities

Red Deer is an ideal place to relocate if you’re searching for a new job. The city has plentiful options in various fields, such as oil and gas production, agriculture, and manufacturing. This gives people the chance to seek out new career opportunities or gain experience that can help them progress in their current field. Aspiring entrepreneurs may also benefit from Red Deer’s ample business prospects.


Pro – Quick & Easy Travel

Red Deer is an ideal location for commuting with its close proximity to major transportation routes. With access to Highway 2, you can easily travel through the rest of Alberta and beyond in no time at all! Not only does it save on travel costs, but also provides a great chunk of your day back by cutting down commute times.


Pro – Low Cost of Living

On top of these exciting benefits, Red Deer also offers an affordable cost of living that can be unbeatable. Home prices are lower than those found in larger cities such as Calgary or Edmonton – a major incentive for renters who want to save on their monthly outgoings. For those looking to rent instead, there are plenty of options available that can help you find an affordable space.


Pro – Outdoor Recreation

With its abundance of outdoor activities, Red Deer is a paradise for those who love being active and embracing nature. From various hiking and biking trails to lush parks and natural areas, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors here. No matter the season or your preference in activities, you’re sure find something enjoyable when living in this beautiful city!


Pro – Good Education

Another pro of living in Red Deer is the quality of education available in the city. It has a large selection of schools at all levels, from elementary to post-secondary, that offer a wide range of courses and programs. Red Deer Polytechnic is a popular choice for those who wish to continue their studies in the area, and there are also several private and charter schools available.


Pro – Diverse Economy

Finally, the diverse economy of Red Deer is yet another big advantage for those looking to make the move here. Not only does it boast a strong agricultural sector, but also an expanding oil and gas industry as well as various retail and other services. This gives citizens a wide variety of job opportunities to choose from and helps drive the local economy.

The central location of Red Deer also plays a part in the city’s economy, as it is easily connected to major transportation routes and highways. This makes it an ideal spot for industry and business ventures, as well as for commuting purposes.


Con – Weather

Despite the many benefits of living in Red Deer, there are some drawbacks as well. Winters here can be extremely cold, while heat waves during the summer months can be oppressive. Weather conditions like these can make things difficult when spending time outside, so it’s important to plan accordingly if you’ll be doing any outdoor activities.

Like most other Canadian cities, intense weather conditions can lead to power outages, closed roads, and other unforeseen issues. If you’re not used to the extreme weather in Red Deer, it can be a shock when you first arrive.


Con – Crime

Unfortunately, Red Deer has a higher-than-average rate of crime. Red Deer Advocate Magazine recently reported that the city is one of Canada’s riskiest, with a notable rise in petty and violent crime. Red Deer has been placed 10th on the list for most dangerous cities based on its Violent Crime Severity Index (VCSI) score of 75.25%.

If you’re considering moving here, it’s important to be aware of the crime rate and take extra precautions to ensure you move to a safe neighbourhood. Even though crime is a major issue in Red Deer, it’s still possible to live safely with the right measures.


Con – Hospital Wait Times

One of the biggest challenges Red Deer residents face is long wait times in hospitals and medical centers. Records show that the wait times for specialist care in the city are some of the longest across the nation. Because the Red Deer Regional Hospital is a Level 3 Trauma Centre, it receives a large number of emergency cases that can add to wait times. For those requiring urgent care or routine medical services, this can be a major inconvenience.


Con – High Property Taxes

Another con to consider is the property taxes in Red Deer. The city’s property taxes are higher than the provincial average, which can be a burden for homeowners. This is something to keep in mind for those on a tight budget or those who are looking to save money on housing costs.


Is living in Red Deer right for you?

Overall, the pros and cons of living in Red Deer will depend on an individual’s priorities and preferences. While the city offers opportunities for business and an affordable cost of living, the weather and crime rates may be less appealing to some. It’s important to carefully consider these factors before making the decision to move to Red Deer.


Tips for Moving to Red Deer

Now that we’ve gone over some of the pros and cons, let’s take a look at some tips to help make your move to Red Deer smoother.


1. Research neighbourhoods

Take the time to research different neighbourhoods in Red Deer and pick one that best suits your needs. This will help ensure you move to an area that’s safe and comfortable.


2. Look into job opportunities

Be sure to look into the job market in Red Deer before moving. If there are good opportunities in your field of expertise, you may be able to find a job and make the transition to living in Red Deer easier.


3. Get to know the city

If you’re moving from out of town, make sure to get to know Red Deer before committing to living here. Familiarize yourself with the city’s layout, tourist attractions, facilities and services, so that you can get a better understanding of what it’s like to live in Red Deer.


4. Prepare for the weather

Red Deer’s extreme weather conditions can be a shock to newcomers, so it’s important to be prepared. Invest in winter and summer clothes, as well as a supply of emergency items in case the weather gets too intense.


5. Hire a team of movers

Hiring a professional moving company will make the process of settling in Red Deer much easier. This way, you won’t have to worry about packing and transporting your belongings yourself.

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